What are your top five worst toys of 2017?

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What are your top five worst toys of 2017?

Postby william-james88 » Sun Dec 31, 2017 3:06 pm

What are your top five worst toys of 2017?

Here are mine. I chose to make it only about new moulds that came out this year along with only toys I bought so that I truly knew if I did not like them or not. Of course you can do as you wish let's just have fun.

5. Legends God bomber and Magnus prime: combined they are fine, but individually I think these are the ribeyes at this point to be most this year. Both have their own faults. God bomber does not stay well together in Altamonte and pieces will fall after and conversion, it is very annoying. I also do not know what Takara could not paint his face and there are issues with his shoulder canon being very loose when positioning or hooking on in different modes. My issue with the prime figure is that it has the most asinine design decisions I have ever seen for this line. The heel spurs close if the toy starts falling backwards, this is playing dumb. I also hate the feed to sign and I have no clue why it wouldn't of this when it doesn't even look show accurate. It looks like ass. once again, thank God that these two combine into what I think is a pretty good looking design. It definitely helps me not regret my purchase.

4. TLK Barricade: I already wrote a whole review As to how this toy blows. Overly simplistic a ton of back cable and very short. I do not feel this is a worthwhile. Especially one bath at full price. The fact that Hasbro rights premier addition on the box is just plain Insulting. This toy definitely makes me understand why some collectors avoid movie toys like the plague.

3. Crash combiner sky hammer: I am all for toys aim the kids, that's what toys are for. But this one didn't even work with it's gimmick. The alt mode on one of them won't even hold together. I also find a toy overpricedfor how simple it is.

2. TLK Steelbane: it isn't just the floppiness that is an issue. It is also the fact that it looks pretty bad in both modes. I hate seeing all the robots junk like his feet in dragon mode along with how the tail connects. Plus there is the really loose and will advise connection for how the chest forms in robot mode. He also ends up looking very small and it's hard to keep a decent pose. Plus there is that have been to Chester just looks odd.

1. RID Activator Bumblebee: easily the worst price/play value ratio I have ever seen. A very cheap feeling toy that does very little for the price of a Voyager. I get that these are for kids but I also feel parents are being very much ripped off here as are the kids.
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Re: What are your top five worst toys of 2017?

Postby steals_your_goats » Mon Jan 01, 2018 9:19 am

Weapon: Twin Swords
5) TLK Hound. I really thought I was going to like this one but he's just a big fat disappointment. His weapons are so boring compared to what he got with the AOE version and his feet are terrible. I find that I can't even pose this one without him falling over due to his terrible feet.

4) TLK Berserker. Another one I thought I was going to like but I just can't. I can't transform this guy without panels popping off and when trying to pose him his arm panels fall off 9/10ths of the time. And unlike Hound who kinda makes up for a lackluster bot mode with a cool vehicle mode Berserkers is just a mess. It's so small and panel heavy it just never looks good.

3) TLK Barricade. Pretty much everything you said already. Nothing new to add.

2) TLK Skullitron. Once again same as what you said with Steelbane but I actually wish I had gotten Steelbane instead because he has a much nicer head sculpt. The decaying face of Skullitron is just a muddy mess that doesn't work as a deluxe size. Decent concept but terrible execution.

1) TLK Dragonstorm. God I hate this thing. Only leader I regret getting (and I own every single leader figure to come out since thrilling 30). Like Skullitron his concept is incredibly cool, two badass knights that combine together into a huge 3 headed dragon, that should make toy of the year! But it falls so incredibly short. The dragon mode is such a horrible mismatch of random paint colors and then flat grey unpainted plastic topped off with burned macaroni and cheese colored dragon heads. But I feel that even with a better paint job the dragon mode was always doomed due to the dumb decision to make the front legs significantly shorter than the back so it always looks like he's bowing. Bowing is not intimidating. And don't even get me started on the tail.

Now onto the bot modes the only thing that could save this figure and it fails here as well. They're both horribly light and hollow and usually hollowness doesn't bother me but when it's easily covered up but isn't it becomes an issue. Just look at the back of Stormreign. They didn't even try. All they had to do was add a swivel so the back could clamshell up and it would've been significantly better. Dragonicus is the only good thing about this set and even he is slightly ruined by the dragon heads being shoved into his forearms. I will give credit where credit is due though the combination transformation is quite cool and the individual knight head sculpts are beautiful but everything else is so bad.

Now this may come across as biased since all the figures are from the last knight but these are just the figures that I find to be the worst of what I bought this year. And I bought a lot of figures this year. I completed my Combiner Wars collection, purchased nearly every Takara legends figure and whatever Titans return figures I didn't get from Takara I bought from Hasbro, and put a pretty good dent in my Masterpiece collection but The Last Knight figures were the most disappointing of the entire lot.
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