Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

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Mission: 72%
Arena: 10%
Kills: 3736 (1.28 per day)

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Optimus Prime

"Freedom Is The Right Of All Sentient Beings."

Level 7 Decepticon

Team: Autobot Command
Commander: Super Megatron
Faction: Decepticon
Level: 7
Total XP: 346,329,741xp
Doing: Inactive

Optimus Prime's Bio

Function: Autobot Leader, Property of Democracy

“Freedom is the right of all sentient beings.”

OPTIMUS PRIME is the strongest, most powerful, and most cunning of all AUTOBOTS. Feels his role is the overseeing of all life, including Earth-life. Fights unceasingly to defeat the DECEPTICONS. Splits into three autonomous modules: 1) OPTIMUS PRIME...the brain center known as the Commander, 2) ROLLER, the AUTOBOT scout car...a spy who operates up to 1200 miles away; and 3) AUTOBOT Headquarters...the combat deck equipped with a versatile mechanic/artillery robot. Injury to one module is felt by the other two.

To the countless sentient beings in the universe, OPTIMUS PRIME is known as many things; a scholar, a scientist, a warrior, and most of all, the leader of the AUTOBOTS who are seen as selfless, compassionate, and good. Little do they know that what they know to be true cannot be any further from the truth. OPTIMUS PRIME is a consummate bully, an opportunist, and a con-bot who will do whatever it takes to keep up the AUTOBOT facade as being noble and heroic.

Eons ago, OPTIMUS PRIME was the most powerful Transformer on CYBERTRON and had plans to overtake CYBERTRON and use it as a cosmic dreadnaught to conquer the galaxy and, ultimately, the universe. Standing behind him were the AUTOBOTS, who were just as bent on conquest as their leader. In a desperate gambit for survival, those who did not fall in line with the AUTOBOTS formed their own faction – the DECEPTICONS.

Through the untold millennia of conflict and the powerful AUTOBOT propaganda machine, the heroic DECEPTICONS, who thwart the AUTOBOT of their schemes to wipe out all sentient life in the universe, were portrayed as evil, malevolent, and bloodthirsty. So effective was this lie that the DECEPTICONS became believers of this fabrication, and in time, became the monsters the AUTOBOTS portrayed them to be and exceeding the AUTOBOTS in ruthlessness, cruelty, and might.

One fateful night, far beneath Iacon - MEGATRON, the mightiest, the most intelligent, and the most powerful TRANSFORMER - was born. The irony was not lost on OPTIMUS PRIME and the AUTOBOTS, for it was the ambition and the evil of the AUTOBOTS that forced the DECEPTICONS to create a personage of evil to fight evil. Under the leadership of MEGATRON, the AUTOBOTS struggled to keep up with the might and the ruthlessness of the DECEPTICONS and came to the realization that the AUTOBOTS are now fighting a losing battle.

Seeing no way of gaining the upper hand, OPTIMUS PRIME willingly sacrifice himself, the sparks of all the past AUTOBOT leaders, and his AUTOBOT followers in an arcane ritual of evil to gain the audience of the most malevolent entity in this universe – DEMOCRACY – in order to gain access to a legendary artifact of incredible power: VECTOR SIGMA. It was not out of desperation, the need to uphold good, nor the desire to protect life that prompted OPTIMUS PRIME to take this action but rather, his own vanity that refused to allow a more powerful robot to usurp his position as a conqueror.

The supercomputer allows OPTIMUS PRIME to create more AUTOBOTS who will serve as his army to fight the enemy of their own creation, the DECEPTICONS, whose innocent blood they must spill in order to satisfy OPTIMUS PRIME's master: DEMOCRACY. At this point of the war, OPTIMUS PRIME has already internalized his propaganda into the AUTOBOTS, but with his new ability to create life, this hatred is now genetic. The AUTOBOTS have no choice but to participate in this lie without questioning their commander; but this power comes at a price...

To contain this power, DEMOCRACY created a vessel in which he uses to collect a part of his payment - the sparks of all the AUTOBOT leaders - called the AUTOBOT MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP. On the surface, the MATRIX is said to be an artifact that serves as a "repository of AUTOBOT Wisdom, Leadership, and Knowledge." Its real purpose is far more sinister than its pedestrian facade because in reality, it is actually a piece of DEMOCRACY's spark fused with the sparks of all the AUTOBOT leaders, sparks which are now in his possession.

Optimus Prime's recent battles
Inferno: Treason Done - 7237:39:22
Inferno: Treason Done - 7239:19:50
Inferno: Treason Done - 7240:24:40
Inferno: Hell Unleashed Done - 7832:52:14
Inferno: Treason Done - 7833:36:51
Optimus Prime does not currently have any arena logs available.

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