Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

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STR: 10
INT: 7
SPD: 9
END: 10
RNK: 10
CRG: 6
FRP: 7
SKL: 4
Class: Battle Station
Desc: Battle Station
Battle Station

Mission: 84%
Arena: 0%
Kills: 665 (0.24 per day)

Not currently ranked.


Level 9 Decepticon

Team: Shadow Wardens [RDD]
Commander: Overwatch
Faction: Decepticon
Level: 9
Total XP: 42,055,074xp
Weapon: Atomic Fire Breath
Doing: Inactive

Contingency's Bio

The Reprogrammed Quintesson.

*Overwatch drags a lump of scrap into the lab of Mad Science and tosses it on one of the tables.*

"What is that... Thing doing here?" Mad Science inquired of Overwatch.

"One of those beasts we encountered in our conquest of the Hydrax Plateau," Overwatch replied. "Fury was able to retrieve the body of one that wasn't completely destroyed. Funny enough, this is going to be our new team member. Think of him as a Contingency plan, should the Autobots ever actually pose a threat."

"What? And they have the nerve to call me Mad. No-"

"Just get it done," Overwatch cut off Mad Science's protests. "Use one of your spare artificial dark sparks, and program it to be loyal to our interests, and to the RDD. And get it done now."

Overwatch left the lab before Mad Science could get another round of protests in.

"Yeah, no way this could turn around to bite us in the afts later. Reanimate one of these freaking 'tanks with teeth'. At least this has to be easier than that damn Assassin droid I suppose. And Death's vessel. Not to mention Nightmare Fuel. Have you ever noticed how half this team is just experiments Overwatch has thought up? Or my miraculous success rate?"

Finishing his monologue, Mad Science set about bringing life The Shadow Wardens' "Contingency" plan. A hulking Sharkticon.

The final stage of Contingency was complete. Just as Overwatch had envisioned, the Shadow Wardens now had a battle station/sharkticon, similar to the monstorous Trypticon.

Contingency's recent battles
Inferno: Hell Unleashed Done - 5169:58:35
Inferno: Hell Unleashed Done - 5555:46:52
Lumberjack match Done - 5600:06:43
Inferno: Treason Done - 5763:52:44
Inferno: Hell Unleashed Done - 5770:56:38
Contingency does not currently have any arena logs available.

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