Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

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STR: 7
INT: 0
SPD: 4
END: 2
RNK: 0
CRG: 4
FRP: 2
SKL: 2
Class: Medium Vehicle
Desc: Off-Road Buggy
Off-Road Buggy

Mission: 78%
Arena: 0%
Kills: 158 (0.11 per day)

546 Black Out (L3)
Cdr: Titan
Cybertronian Jet
547 Temperance (L3)
Cdr: ZeroWolf
548 Vertigo (L3)
Cdr: ctrlFrequency
Off-Road Buggy
549 Hpyerruner (L3)
Cdr: purpleshadowbooster
550 Nitrobolt (L3)
Cdr: Symbiote Spiderman14
Praying Mantis


"What I can see will destroy you."

Level 3 Decepticon

Team: Wired For Destruction[RDD DRK OPS]
Commander: ctrlFrequency
Faction: Decepticon
Level: 3
Total XP: 677,520xp
Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Doing: Inactive

Vertigo's Bio

It is said.. Vertigo gained his name because just by watching his antics, will send one's sensors into a spiral. He particularly enjoys dare devil flying, diving at a high rate straight down, twist, turns, barrel rolls, the more wild, the better for him.

But despite the in air antics, he is a very level headed, dependable, Decepticon, inasmuch as he can be counted on not too loose his cool easily.

This is because he is an analyzer. He takes in information and organizes it, then finds the best course of action based on current data. It's not that he has mad skills in tactics, he's just logical and focused.

He'd probably have made a lousy Autobot if that was ever option for him, despite the logical mind, he has a very anarchic attitude, at least when it came to the old ruling body of Cybertron. He loves a violent uprising.

He can also be a bit cutthroat at times, gladly using whatever information he can gather to his own gain. If he comes across a juicy bit of info on someone, he'll be sure to use it.

When Megatron rose to power, he was quick to join the Decepticon cause and quickly rose in ranks for his reconnaissance abilities and backstabbing. He sold out nearly everyone in his way to get where he is, a firm position in Starscream entourage of Seekers. He does whatever he has to in order to keep said position.

Vertigo's recent battles
Sacrifice Done - 1835:09:40
Setup An Ambush Done - 1920:33:03
Exploit Weaknesses Done - 1950:18:53
RID: Ensure that Scourge succeeds. Done - 1952:01:44
Dead or alive Done - 1953:21:29
Vertigo does not currently have any arena logs available.

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