Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

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STR: 10
INT: 0
SPD: 10
END: 10
RNK: 6
CRG: 10
FRP: 10
SKL: 8
Class: Velociraptor
Desc: BW Dinobot
BW Dinobot

Mission: 52%
Arena: 43%
Kills: 744 (1.31 per day)

Not currently ranked.


"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

Level 8 Autobot

Team: IMaginAry CONSPiracY [GAG]
Commander: Wingz
Faction: Autobot
Level: 8
Total XP: 75,901,918xp
Weapon: Gatling Gun
Doing: Inactive

Triton's Bio

Spotlight 4: Triton

What is Triton's true purpose? Read his origin short story: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vGnemHp8bDqh-ErXgK7lTlBWPJQsOlN5ZA6cQvLKicA/edit?usp=sharing
Name: Triton
Current Faction: Maximal
Quote: "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”
Team : IMaginAry CONSPiracY
Function : Sub-Commander overseeing the Aquatic Maximal Unit on Gaia, in charge of research and development.

Strength: 8
Intelligence: 10
Speed: 7
Endurance: 9
Rank: 8
Courage: 10
Firepower: 5
Skill: 5

Origin location: Planet Seibertron
Spark date: Earth date 03/20
Status: Active Maximal
Direct officer: Longrack

Having recently made his decision regarding the fate of Gaia's aquatic Maximal team, he's been assigned as sub-commander over Steelsong and Gel Shark at the new and improved base, hidden in an uncharted region of Gaia's ocean floor.

While he reports to Longrack concerning research and development, he continues to operate his own agendas behind the scenes.

Triton is most deadly when in his mantis shrimp beast mode, affectionately titled a "sea monster" by most. If his enemies happen to survive coming in contact with the many razor edges lining its body and legs, they're blown away by the force of its two raptoral appendages held at its front. Even if he doesn't land a direct hit, the sheer force behind their strikes can cause serious damage. His beast mode also gives him versatile land maneuverability as well as in the water.

In robot mode, these razors become a bulky and dangerous armor for both friend and foe alike. It also has above average endurance due to how it's layered, making close combat ramming his preferred battle strategy. Despite this, his main weapon in all forms tends to be his sharp wit and intelligence, alongside an immense amount of battle experience.

Triton has but one true loyalty: the truth. Given to him originally by the High Maximal Council, he works beneath them as an intel operative, deployed to uncover secrets and...deal with the uncovered situations. His manipulative nature allows for ease of both tasks and has granted him an outstanding reputation for being reliable. On this note, the efficiency of his results has alloted him a high level of trust from the High Maximal Council, who allow him to operate his own methods and agendas, freely, to get the job done.

Triton does, however, have a soft spot for the misjudged and mistreated, a consequence of his own history and means for personal redemption.

His original spark date and origin is unknown, but he was originally uncovered as a Decepticon, locked away in cryostasis for preservation. Due to this, he was adopted by the Tripredacus Council and reformatted to a Predacon. Lacking knowledge of his past deeds, he sought the truth. Where the Tripredacus Council attempted to use this desire to their advantage by deceptively holding his backup filed outside his reach, the High Maximal Council was more than willing to use Vector Sigma and the Matrix to uncover the location of his backup files and gave Triton the means to access them upon his own action. This access to the truth was rewarded with not only a loyalty to the Maximal Council as an intel operative and reformat into a Maximal but also with a high level of conviction. Triton is never satisfied until he knows everything, has access to everything, and has complete control over his assignments.

Originally, he was given the mission to uncover Diver's secret experiments, observe and pass judgment to all those residing on the Maximal base on Gaia, salvage potential information and members, and report to the Council's desired informant within the IMaginAry CONSPiracY. What Triton found in Diver's files, however, was too much to just leave alone. There was something that needed to be explored further, and in order to do so he needed to remain as a sub-commander to watch over Steelsong and operate his own agenda to make the truth known...a truth he will be unleashing soon.

Triton's beast mode, while undeniably deadly, shines with a rainbow of beautiful colors and patterns. In robot mode, however, he's far less attractive. If his razor sharp armor doesn't kill you, his face surely will. Aside from this, his base armor is a dark green and his optics a deep sanguine.

Triton has no confirmed weaknesses, but there is one he knows very well about himself: his soft spot for those who are misjudged, wrongfully prosecuted or mistreated, and those seeking truth. While he'll never admit it openly, he'll gladly help those who are willing to make the choice to help themselves.

Originally Created:
March, 2018

Triton's recent battles
Inferno: Treason Done - 5061:40:39
Tag Team Extreme Done - 5089:55:13
Inferno: Violence Done - 5091:39:55
Prison break Done - 5092:13:09
Stop Magmatron! Done - 5098:20:34
Arena Battle Done - 10259:37:56
Arena Battle Done - 10260:29:31
Arena Battle Done - 10262:03:44
Arena Battle Done - 10265:59:20
Arena Battle Done - 10267:44:32

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