Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

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STR: 9
INT: 5
SPD: 10
END: 10
RNK: 0
CRG: 6
FRP: 2
SKL: 0
Class: Space Shuttle
Desc: Space Shuttle
Space Shuttle

Mission: 74%
Arena: 66%
Kills: 749 (0.2 per day)

OVERALL GAME RANK: #281 / 1,053
279 Icefang (L6)
Cdr: Phasewing
280 TrashMouth (L6)
Cdr: The Potentate
281 Darksteel (L6)
Cdr: Phasewing
Space Shuttle
282 The Headmasterless C (L6)
Cdr: White_Noise
Smashing Pumpkin
283 Zombi Cheerleader (L6)
Cdr: Psychout


"My confidence is comparable to the strength of the strongest tempered metal."

Level 6 Autobot

Team: Warhawks [RDD]
Commander: Phasewing
Faction: Autobot
Level: 6
Total XP: 16,851,096xp
Weapon: XS2 Ionised Null-Ray
Doing: Inactive

Darksteel's Bio

Alt. Mode(s): Large Armored Spaceship, Giant Armored Base
Sub-Class: Triplechanger
Function: Security Officer, Interstellar Transport, Stationary/Mobile Base
Weapon(s): 2x Dual Hi-Particle Beam Cannons, 6x Rapid-fire Piercing Turrets, Laser-guided Multi-purpose Missile Systems

Str: 9
Int: 7
Spd: 6
End: 9
Rnk: 7
Crg: 9
Frp: 7
Skl: 6

Bio: Huge and imposing like a Guardian Robot, many can be intimidated by his sheer size. Stern and taciturn to a fault. Keeps discussed topics on objectivity. Does not recognize anyone's authority but Phasewing and her crew. Houses the team almost at all points when they are not out on excursions. Astralscale and Emergency keep him in top shape. Utilizes an average transformer-sized holomatter of his robot mode to interact with crew and guests.

Abilities: Highly sturdy to most forms of weaponry except those of extreme caliber. Shuttle mode used for deep space travel. Base mode for a land-based living module for the Warhawks, though the shuttle mode can do this as well. Able to use concentrated firepower in robot mode. Able to render control of ship operations(booster/speed, steering, weapons, etc) to his crew-mates in emergency cases where he cannot do it himself.

Weaknesses: Must consume a great quantity of fuel beforehand to operate at peak performance for long distance space travel. Risks potential permanent loss of control of his body should someone overtake his manual controls.

(no relation to bayverse tf of the same name... didn't even know he was a thing... /nope.jpg)

Darksteel's recent battles
Destroy Straxus' Smelting Pools!! Done - 09:08:29
Lumberjack match Done - 13:18:07
Destroy Straxus' Smelting Pools!! Done - 16:41:49
Inferno: Heresy Done - 37:21:52
Lumberjack match Done - 38:48:01
Darksteel does not currently have any arena logs available.

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #216 - Prime Galaxy
Twincast / Podcast #216:
"Prime Galaxy"
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Posted: Sunday, January 27th, 2019

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