Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

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STR: 8
INT: 0
SPD: 1
END: 4
RNK: 0
CRG: 0
FRP: 0
SKL: 0
Class: Dangerous Air Animal
Desc: Large Bird
Large Bird

Mission: 63%
Arena: 44%
Kills: 222 (0.06 per day)

Not currently ranked.

Drone 1

"The sea is a beautiful and deadly place."

Level 3 Autobot

Team: WIP
Commander: sumowrestler
Faction: Autobot
Level: 3
Total XP: 943,871xp
Doing: Inactive

Drone 1's Bio

Long legs is the type of fembot Maximal who enjoys a nice long swim. For her, the swim could last for days. During one her rare shallow swims, she sees a fellow Maximal in trouble close to the shore. Upon closer inspection, it was a red wyvern being surrounded by a pack of robodogs. The fight slightly interested her until the wyvern transformed into a fellow fembot. There was no way she was going to let another fembot get at by a pack of dogs. There been more and more fembots coming online or arriving on Cybertron but they were still in a huge minority.

Long Legs reached up with several of her tentacles and grabbed several of the dogs smashing them together then flinging them aside. The other fembot didn't notice yet due to being outnumbered still. As much as Long Legs enjoyed being in the water, she knew she could do so little from the water unless she scared the attackers away. Unfortunately, the dogs kept circling their target so against her desire to stay under the surface as much as possible, Long Legs decided to get out of her safety zone and join the battle in earnest.

After she got onto the ground, she transformed into her bot mode. She then used her many tentacles to grab a hold of several of the dog bots to crush them to death, inject her poison into them seizing them up, or toss them into the water behind her. It took her and the other fembot several cycles to eliminate the dog pack and both fembots took severe injuries. After everything said and done, the other fembot introduced herself as Celestia and offered Long Legs to join a Maximal group called the Beast Pack. Long Legs thought about it and figured it wouldn't be bad especially if they had a doctor or at least a CR chamber.

Drone 1's recent battles
Destroy Straxus' Smelting Pools!! Done - 3303:04:42
Resources: Defend the Luna IV mining colony! Done - 3547:26:04
Inferno: Hell Unleashed Done - 3571:22:09
Enemy of My Enemy Done - 3593:02:25
Destroy Straxus' Smelting Pools!! Done - 3597:03:49
Arena Battle Done - 7172:06:41
Arena Battle Done - 7189:05:20
Arena Battle Done - 7196:50:31
Arena Battle Done - 7210:48:04
Arena Battle Done - 7219:36:30

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