Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

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STR: 8
INT: 0
SPD: 2
END: 4
RNK: 0
CRG: 0
FRP: 0
SKL: 0
Class: Sharkticon
Desc: Allicon

Mission: 57%
Arena: 100%
Kills: 102 (0.03 per day)

Not currently ranked.

Drone 10

"Life is a blaze. Live hot or be snuffed out."

Level 3 Autobot

Team: WIP
Commander: sumowrestler
Faction: Autobot
Level: 3
Total XP: 894,521xp
Doing: Inactive

Drone 10's Bio

Solar and Silver wing are spark sister and brother, respectively. They both graduated with top honors in their respective medical fields. They also are qualified fliers and had won many races. Solar Wing is more energetic and social of the two. She would talk for vorns on end and has the looks and personality to keep most mechs attention. By far she has the better bedside manner out of the siblings. This often times gets her into trouble with the male patients. She has been known to grab whatever blade weapon she has on hand if they get too friendly

One day the siblings were enjoying a leisurely flight at the suggestion of Silver Wing. It was a nice flight until they were attacked by a flock of strange bird like creatures. They looked Cybertronian but neither could place the alt mode these creatures shared. It didn't take long for the vulture like creatures to ground the siblings. Silver Wing being the protective brother tried to shield his sister with his body while opening fire on whatever he could get a good shot on. He did hit a few but they kept coming. Silver Wing didn't last long even with Solar Wing repairing as fast as she could. Soon her brother was laying on top of her. As much as she wanted to hide, she didn't want her brother's to go to waste so she started fighting with her blades. As the creatures got closer, shots came raining down from the sky knocking many of the creatures out of the air. The flock scattered and the craft landed. A monkey and a dragon came out who both transformed. The monkey walked over to examine the fallen bird creatures and took scans as well as samples of tissue and fluids. The dragon introduced himself as Draconus who offered his ship to help heal her brother with a cr chamber. Solar Wing accepted the offer and took her brother into the ship.

While Silver Wing was healing, the crew found another victim of an assault and this time being a Predacon. Draconus rescued this one as well and Solar Wing put aside her Maximal pride to work on this new patient. Once she was done and her brother out of the chamber, Draconus explained the situation in more detail.

Drone 10's recent battles
Resources: Defend the Luna IV mining colony! Done - 3408:52:24
Destroy The Invaders Done - 3415:49:37
Destroy Straxus' Smelting Pools!! Done - 3440:53:31
Inferno: Hell Unleashed Done - 3451:41:26
Destroy Straxus' Smelting Pools!! Done - 3453:02:30
Drone 10 does not currently have any arena logs available.

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