Heavy Metal War - The Ultimate Online Battle Between Good and Evil

Mission #171722:
Rescue Bumblebee

The Autobots have won the mission.

Transformer Level Final Condition Score    
  Team:   Autobot Spartans
  Cdr:   Dragonslayer
4Severely damaged
(4% health)
2,438 xp  
Pontiac Solstice
  Team:   Xenocons
  Cdr:   Xenos Prime
4Stasis lock
(0% health)
1,536 xp  

Mission log

  Action Status
00:02Carnifex misses Rev with a Red Lightsaber.
00:12Rev hits Carnifex with a Energon Crossbow.Carnifex is injured (64% power remaining).
00:25Carnifex transforms into a Mega Land Animal and rams Rev.Rev is injured (59% power remaining).Monster
01:11Carnifex hits Rev with a Red Lightsaber.Rev is severely damaged (4% power remaining).
01:41Rev transforms into a Medium Vehicle and rams Carnifex.Carnifex is severely injured (27% power remaining).Pontiac Solstice
01:49Carnifex attacks Rev with a Red Lightsaber. Rev transforms into a Medium Vehicle and avoids the attack!Pontiac Solstice
02:05Rev hits Carnifex with a Energon Crossbow.Carnifex is severely damaged (4% power remaining).
02:16Rev hits Carnifex with a Energon Crossbow. Carnifex has gone into stasis lock!

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