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HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Extinction - Round 4: PROLOGUE!!

Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Extinction - Round 4: PROLOGUE!!
Date: Wednesday, February 20th 2019 12:04pm CST
Categories: Game News, Heavy Metal War
Posted by: Psychout | Credit(s): Psychout

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Reaver War Update! wrote:
WarPorn Industries and the RDD proudly present
The Campaign for Cybertron
SEASON 2: Extinction!


Round 4: PROLOGUE!!

Once more unto the breach, once more!!

Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Extinction - Round 4: PROLOGUE!!
So we're basically just ripping off Henry V? Oooohh kaaay...

It's been a rollercoaster of warfare here on Cybertron for the last few months.

The Reavers, ancient monsters once-Cybertronian in origin sealed away for eternity as punishment for betraying our planet and race, remain hidden within their pocket of the Dead Space. Our attempts to reforge the shattered Throne of Vir and seal them back still incomplete, leaving us no way to stop their invisible attacks.

On Cybertron herself, the Reaver Brood Virus has torn through our unprepared chemical warfare defences turning those who were ones our allies into a mindless drone 'Brood' army. This zombie-like force led by Starscream and Prowl, now unwilling puppets of the Reavers (although the jury is still out on Starscreams case) have created a devastating swarm of carnage across the planet's face using their knowledge of both of our factions.

Whilst the transformers can claim some small victories over the Brood, the cost has been incredibly high. Vast regions of the southern hemisphere are now uninhabitable, and the remainder is a combat-zone the likes of which has not been seen since the genesis of the Great War itself. This war is bringing Cybertron to its knees, moreso than our great war ever could.

Uraya has been decimated.
Vos and Tarn are naught but twin smoking craters.
Tagon Heights have been levelled.
Hydrax Plateau is dark and stagnant.
Polyhex is shattered wreckage.

One by one the rest of our cities fall beneath the
overwhelming numbers of the Reavers mindless hoard.

The indomitable fortress of Kaon is a near wasteland after the recent conflict. Iacon’s legendary defences that held the decepticons at bay for millennia now lay shattered and useless at the bottom of the Sonic Canyons, ‘commandeered’ by an infected Prowl earlier in the war, so even the Autobots beacon city may fall within days.

But hope comes from within the Dead Space itself. A duo of ancient primative Cybertronians, trapped within the twisted dimension whilst fighting the Reavers and believed lost have escaped and have passed valuable information to us, information that may help turn the tide of this war...

Amongst the ruins of Tyrest an urgent war council is being overseen by the Senate. Ultra Magnus and Shockwave, their differences put aside in this time of crisis, have drawn an inevitable conclusion:

We take our new weapons and we go on the offensive.

Ultra Magnus and Shockwave wrote:Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Extinction - Round 4: PROLOGUE!! Inaction in this situation carries 0.0% chance of survival. It is the logical choice to unify our forces with Ultra Magnus. The new weapon advantages will mean nothing if we do not go on the offensive, so you will be required to breach the Dark Space dimension. Ultra Magnus will extrapolate further.

    Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Extinction - Round 4: PROLOGUE!! Our scientists have examined the rift by the Throne of Vir and it appears that entering it is much easier than we had expected. The information we received from the escaped primatives indicates the Reavers have another shard, and more importantly that shard that can help rebuild the Throne, reseal the rift and finally stop this menace. I have gone over with Shockwave and we have worked out the best teams to do just this.

Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Extinction - Round 4: PROLOGUE!! Your strike teams will consist of five individuals, each with an essential part in this assault. Your mission is to locate and recover the primatives, download and transmit the schematics to this infamous Bite they have as we will need it to cure our own primatives, and of supreme importance transport back the shard.

    Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Extinction - Round 4: PROLOGUE!! I don’t think I need to tell you what this bite has done to us, this infection is running wild. Sparkstalker and Grotesque have been fitted with upgraded dragon altmodes, and now Shockwave has cleared them as free of infection they will lead this as a joint mission. We just have to hope that this works!
    Crisis command, over and out!

OK, have you got all of that?

The Strike Teams must consist of 5 members from your team, to be chosen in advance and prepared for battle.

Each strike team must consist of:
A Splicer. This can be any warrior or scientist that has Repair as a tactic. The splicer will be responsible for keeping your teams alive in battle, and taking data and infection details from any Brood they face.
  • Your Splicers will recover the schematics for Bite, which will allow us to cleanse and upgrade many of the remaining animal alt classes here, ensuring an attack like this can never be repeated. Repair 50 times.

A Scout. A lightning-quick soldier who can get in, pinpoint your target and Avoid damage long enough to get out again, so you can direct your heavies effectively.
  • Your Scouts will locate and extract the primitives trapped within the Dead Space dimension. Avoid 50 times in missions where you survive at the end.

An Assault Trooper. Your heaviest and strongest Ramming soldier is needed here. They will need to be able to punch a hole in the Reavers defences allowing you to get inside and do some damage.
  • Your Assault troopers will find the remaining pieces of the Throne of Vir by destroying the Reavers citadel until they uncover it. Make 50 kills with Ram.

An Artillery Unit. Heavy weaponry and the ability to Strafe here is essential, these will be needed to give covering fire to the Splicer and allow them to complete their task safely.
  • Your Artillery will keep the Brood hoard at bay, and cover your teams actions. Make 50 kills with Strafe.

A Vanguard. These troops will cover your retreat. They need to be animalistic, relentless and devastating, and must have a Bite-capable altmode as they will be undercover as Brood until it is time to pull out.
  • Your Vanguard will break cover to get you out alive and stop you being followed home. Make 50 kills with Bite.

You have 1 week to format your forces, finalise your tactics and find a setup you are happy with, as it cannot be changed once you enter the breach.

Lastly, due to the nature of this task, any selected strike team members who need to reset from existing rare or legacy altmodes can take a snapshot of their old form before they reformat and it will be returned to them when, or if, they return.
(Please check with the Senate this is possible first.)

You have seven days, use them wisely.

Tl;dr version:

Pick 5 characters, they can be dual tactic.
Assault must have Ram
Splicer must have Repair
Artillery must have Strafe
Scout must have Avoid
Vanguard must have Bite

Artillery, Assault and Vanguard must land 50 kills with their tactic.
Splicer must make 50 repairs
Scouts must Avoid and survive 50 times (multiple avoids in the same mission all count, as long as they end it alive)

Altmodes lost by resetting will be returned afterwards as long as it is possible to do so, please check first!

Level balancing
For those using characters of level 5 and below, you may subtract 10% from the characters target number for each level below 6:
Level 5 needs 45
Level 4 needs 40
Level 3 needs 35
Level 2 needs 30
Level 1 needs 25
(Level 0's will have a slightly different challenge if any wish to sign up.)

Once the round begins you are not allowed to reset your strike team characters (the rest you can do what you like with) so plan your teams out between yourselves carefully!

As usual please list your questions, comments and delusional statements below...

Game starts 27th Feb. Sign up below with your chosen 5 and get formatting!

HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Round 3 Weapons Update!

Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Round 3 Weapons Update!
Date: Sunday, February 3rd 2019 10:06am CST
Category: Heavy Metal War
Posted by: Psychout

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I hope your trigger fingers are good an itchy...
Transformers News: Re: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Round 3 Ended.
You put the lime in the coconut, then grab your empty and smelt him up...

Weapons Manufacturing Has Begun!!

15 brave Cybertronians entered the battle of Kaon and collected the resources required to create the ‘Reaver-X’ weapon class. These are now being smelted down and cast into arms that will finally turn their threat to our advantage.

Before we can go into detail, the Senate has given me these 3 warnings to pass on:
  • Regardless of how many you individually won, the Reaver-X weapons will go on general release for everybody in the usual shop. This is due to how the shop works and not because we want to maximise our profit, no matter how much more likely that sounds.
  • ...can't remember number 2, probably wasn't important anyway, eh?
  • These weapons are TEMPORARY and will only be useful against the Reaver threat. Once they are defeated, their specialised payload will be useless. [See * note below]

These tailored weapons, produced from empties by our specialists at WarPorn Industries (under licence from the Senate, thankfully with very little supervison) are almost ready for release and so you known what to expect, here is a run down of what we are able to create with what you all handed in...

    (Number- Reaver-X Weapon Type - FRP/SKL - Damage)
    51 Orbital Weapons Platforms: 10/10 - Incredible
    38 Reaver-Wrecking Railguns: 10/6 - Incredible
    61 Reaver-Annihilation Assault Rifles: 7/5 - Devastating to Incredible
    53 Reaver-Slaughter Shotguns: 5/2 - Very Heavy to Devastating
    18 Reaver-Rending Rifles: 3/0 - Very Heavy
    2 Reaver-Killer Pistols: 0/0 - Moderate to Heavy

That is over 200 new weapons created, and the brave warriors of both factions who secured the materials are:
    (Player - Average Level - Score)
    Sprockits – 11 – 30
    S.o.L. - 5 – 24
    Bun-Bun – 7 – 23
    HC - 7 - 22
    AZ - 10 – 21
    Potentate – 9 – 21
    Killjoy - 4 – 19
    Phasewing - 7 – 14
    Sumo - 3 - 11
    Sounders - 8 – 11
    Spidey - 5 – 10
    Bumblevivisector - 9 – 7
    ZeroWolf - 3 – 7
    Xenos Prime - 7 – 2
    LG – 1 – 2

Weapons will be repeased a few at a time due to manufacturing and timezone schedules, so keep watching the weapons shop get them quick before the Brood army can turn them upon you!!

Those of you who earned the cure from the special challenges; Steve2275, High Command and Absolute Zero sit tight. The Doctor will explain what it does for you soon...

* Reaver-X weapon damages will be set to 0 after CfC Season 2 is complete. Any weapon depowering outside of game tweaking will be announced in the FCBs and on the Forum at least 24 hours beforehand. The value of the weapon will not change so they can be sold back at any time. (Reason:This is because we have bigger plans for overhailing ALL weapons to come!)
Remember: all Reaver-X weapons will give an advantage in the last 2 rounds.

Edit: Approximately a 3rd of the Weapons have been completed and released.

HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Extinction - Round 3: Spoils of War

Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Extinction - Round 3: Spoils of War
Date: Friday, January 25th 2019 10:04am CST
Category: Heavy Metal War
Posted by: Psychout

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WarPorn Industries and the RDD proudly present
The Campaign for Cybertron
SEASON 2: Extinction!



Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Extinction - Round 3: Spoils of War
All's fair in love and war, but both at the same time is so much more fun!

Right, let's skip all the preamble and pleasantries: The Reavers have begun their attack and just because their first target is Kaon doesn't mean that the Autobots are safe either. You think once they have Kaon, they won't use it as a staging ground to take the rest of Cybertron?

Here is the deal; we have the schematics for a new type of weapon. The Reavers have been stuck in a dimensional anomaly between our world and the Dead Universe for millennia and our new allies trapped with them say that the radiation from the conflicting dimensions has corrupted their sparks, and their ‘virus’ is a weaponised version of this. We have created an energy source that can strip them of this corruption, removing their control and taking back our people.

This energy source is expensive however and with this war stripping Cybertron of many of her resources, we need to go out and find them ourselves. The Senate, including it's new members from the Autobots, Phasewing and Bun-Bun, have compiled a list of equipment needed and cleared it with Soundwave. Your job is to get out there, find what we need and get constructing so maybe - just maybe - we stand a decent chance at driving these mind-invading lunatics back to whatever hell they came from.

Here is the list of resources and how to collect them. There is no time limit, but the game ends as soon as the first person has finished and their final mission log is published. After that you will have 48 hours to update your logs with any mission completed before the winning log number.

Scavenger hunt for weapons

30 challenges, 3 categories of 10.
Each challenge is worth 1 point. First to collect all 30 wins.

Section 1
Materials - collecting intel and resources (target hunting challenges)
1. Get “shut out” as in a big fat 0 for XP, and energon
2. Tactic Round-Up - Stasis lock a single-tactic Ram alt, a single-tactic Strafe alt, a single-tactic Avoid alt and a Repair-capable alt, as well as Bite alt. (doesn't have to be in the same mission)
3. Stasis lock a 'traitor' alt mode (eg - Decepticon with Autobot alt or vice versa).
4. Take part in a mission with any tank alt.
5. Get Repaired
6. Win resources for your faction in the special armour missions.
7. Kill 3 bite alts (can be separate missions)
8. Kill 3 weapon alts (can be separate missions)
9. Kill 3 alts with repair (can be separate missions)
10. Take part in a mission with any member of the Senate (Burn, Psychout, -Soundwave-, Phasewing or Bun-Bun.)

Section 2
Research - develop the weapons tech (in-mission challenges)
11. Escape a mission without a scratch
12. Stasis lock a TF at least one level higher than you
13. Take part in a Train wreck (see below)
14 Be the first one to hit a target
15. Make Two moves in succession i.e. strafe then melee without someone else doing something in between.
16. Avoid three times in one mission.
17. Stasis lock a TF at least 2 levels higher than you.
18. Stasis lock 3 ground alts in a single mission.
19. Stasis lock the same character 3 times
20. Stasis lock 3 flying alts in one mission

Section 3
Testing- weapon payload tests (result challenges)
21. Take top spot in a mission. Win or lose doesn’t matter
22. Stasis lock 3 or more opponents in a single mission.
23. Stasis lock a canon named character
24. Take part in a mission where a shield was used. I.e. 2 bots were killed, but the other two survived no damage taken. Minimum 2 bots with at least 1 at 100% and 1 at 0%, none in between.
25. Win a mission where the top 3 spots are your winning side
26. Stasis lock a TF with a strafe attack
27. Take top spot in a mission, with double the score of the next place bot/con, at least 3 on 3.
28. Make the winning move in a cross level mission assuring the Victory.
29. Be outnumbered and still manage to pull off a Victory
30. Be on the winning side of the special mission, but stasis locked.

Bonus challenge: LOOT THE BODIES!!
Battlefield precision (automatic completion, but not required to win)
31. Survive a Trainwreck.
Complete this and you will have all the materials you will need to automatically complete the hunt and gain the full weapons cache, but if you want to try and win the personal weapon you will still need to complete the rest of the hunt.

Soundwave wrote:Scoring for this event:

1. Each task must be a new mission; you may not claim two tasks in one mission. So claim the harder task first if you've met the requirements for two.
2. *Definition of Train Wreck at least 4 vs. 4 in a mission with 1 TF left standing.
3. Each task can be claimed once per pair. So any doubles, accident or not will not be counted.
4. Time stamp, if it is a specific task done by a move copy the time stamp so it’s easy to find. You can be creative, but it must have the time stamp.
5. Once you have claimed a task it will be counted and recorded, no switching of missions to fit a task.
6. When the winner posts their final mission the game ends. You will then have up to 48 hours to post any completed challenges that must be in missions no later than the highest mission the winner posts.
e.g. if the winner posts mission #123456, then no missions numbered after that will count.

Due to the nature of the RNG there will be one freebie, once you have claimed that freebie you cannot switch it to a different task.

This is the Claims thread. Reserve your spot. I highly suggest copy pasting the list so you can mark them out as you go.

First person to complete wins 30 weapons for the armoury and a personal weapon for themselves. Runners up win 1 weapon per completed challenge.

Winners of the special challenges will be given their rewards by PM.

Weapons will be drip-fed into the armoury as they are manufactured so keep an eye on thsi thread the announcement.

Lastly, a warning about the 'Special' Cure Challenges:
THIS IS WAR! the circumstances of which are likely to change in an instant, so make sure you regularly check WPNN for further broadcasts, as who knows what extra challenges this hunt may bring?

Final note: We are aware that some of these challenges appear near impossible, they are supposed to be. We will look at them again after a few days and see if any need changing.

The hunt begins at MISSION #149200. Get yourselves prepared...

As always, post your questions and claims below.

HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Extinction - Round 3 [Prologue]

Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Extinction - Round 3 [Prologue]
Date: Monday, January 21st 2019 2:50pm CST
Category: Heavy Metal War
Posted by: Burn | Credit(s): HMW Forums

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WarPorn Industries and the RDD proudly present
The Campaign for Cybertron
SEASON 2: Extinction!


Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Extinction - Round 3 [Prologue]
I find a nice Chardonnay goes best with wholesale slaughter.

Its a new year!! Have you all sobered up yet? Pretty sure I haven't, but with the festivities of the holidays over it's time to get back to what we all do best - bringing you the best in quality violence!

Today WPNN are live at the Sonic Canyons, Gates of The Inferno, and bringing you an update on the battle against the Reavers, those extra-planar wankers assaulting Cybertron by turning Prowl into an even bigger asshat than he was previously.

We don't know much about these guys, but as a reminder we've put together a rundown of what has happened so far in this war.
  • The Reavers came from a dimension they refer to as the 'Dead Space', and using biting alt modes, began to infect Cybertronians with a mind - altering virus.
  • The virus, called The Brood Virus, invades the mind of whoever it infects, turning them into a drone soldier in their army, known only as 'The Brood'.
  • We have a lead to a cure but no ability to vaccinate ourselves from it, yet.
  • There were 12 'gifted' Cybertronians out there that likely hold the key to eradicating this virus, but many are currently MIA.
  • We know nothing about the ‘Dead Space’, or if it has any connection to the Dead Universe, only that an artefact called 'Throne of Vir' once held them there, until it was destroyed in an unknown event by unknown people.
  • These ‘Brood’ forces, currently comprised mostly of infected NAILs but also a growing number of infected Autobots and Decepticons, were massing at the edge of the Sonic Canyons but have begun to mobilise. Appearing to have no obvious leader, reports state that they are swarming towards the Decepticon-held region of Kaon and it's Darkmount fortress, currently under the command of Starscream.
  • Our combined forces in the Sonic Canyons are led by a uneasy truce between Ultra Magnus and Soundwave, with Ironhide and Sixshot leading the Cybertronian armies in the field with some success, until now.
  • Nothing has been heard from the self-titled 'True Reavers' since Apostate's recent ultimatum.
  • Lastly, the Autobots chief tactical officer Prowl has been confirmed as 'compromised' and is to be considered an enemy, but has not yet been spotted on the battlefield.
Transformers News: HMW: Campaign for Cybertron - Extinction - Round 3 [Prologue]

There is some good news though!
Down at the front lines of the battle, we've caught up with the Autobot interrogations specialist's who have been speaking to one of the creatures that escaped from the Dead Space, and we have their report here; over to you Autobots!

That scheming rabbit over at Traitors-R-us wrote:"Ah, yes, uh, thanks Zombi. My name is Abyssal. I am assistant Autobot Parole Officer assigned to Bun-Bun (and company's) 'rehabilitation' and as such I will be relaying the information his group has learned."
    "And I'm Killerpunch, Bx2's Intelligence Officer and sometimes Zombi Cheerleader Digital cosplayer ('Sup babe) here to help this no-charisma, nerdy, mouth-piece for "The Man" with color commentary."
What? That isn't what I was told. Bun told me you'd just be standing by if we had 'techincal issues'"
    "Well your typical-Bot complete-lack-of-personality is technically an issue for us."
"Yes, whatever, anyways...
The 'creature', well, uh, first of all, does not like being referred to as 'creature' as some of my colleges could tell you..."

    "... if they weren't still in CR. Darn thing has a taste for ex-Cons it seems."
"As best as we've been able to translate, with the surprising help of the team's resident, uhm...
    "...Abomination, Sin-Against-Nature,..."
"...erm, "Recycled Cybertronian", Kludge, with whom it seems to feel some kinship, it refers to itself as a Drnarbyt, perhaps a time-corrupted form of Dinobot, and seems to belong to one of two tribes."
    " Yeah, 'Ugly' & 'Uglier' "
"stop it."
"When asked why it came here it communicated "Trapped was. Not now. Fly some, easy leave. Not some."

    "When asked why it talked like an idiot it bit my hand off. Sensitive little varmit."
"Asked it's intentions toward the Autobots & Decepticons it seemed confused and did not answer, though the ongoing CR situation seems to point to it disliking the former Decpticons in our group more than the Autobots. It seems it has some sense after all."

    " What exactly do you mean by that poindexter?"
"Moving on...
We then presented it with a recording of the Reavers last transmission, the being became highly agitated & attempted escape. Though the injuries were extensive we were able to subdue the creature... "

    "Kludge sat on it"
"...but have learned little since."
    "Except that it's flatter & smells funny now."
*kicks KP offscreen*
"sorry about that"
"Ahem...From this limited interogation & general observation we can posit the following:
Abyssal's actual report wrote:- They seem to have the ability to transform. Some obviously can fly but there are others that cannot. All of them seem to have a terrible bite weapon. Perhaps an adaption to their harsh environment.

- These creatures seem to have been trapped in the Dead Universe for a very long time and may be ancient cybertronians or at least their descendants.

- This one at least seems at somewhat predispossed to Autobots, but this may not be the case for all of the escaping beings.

- The now-destroyed Throne of Vir had up until this point prevented these creatures, and who knows what else, from returning to Cybertron.

    "You know what I think, this is all an elaborate coverup for genetic & pathogen experiments run by Prowl & Ultra Magnus at the behest of their Primalist Masters"
"... really"
    "Yup, they made up this whole Reavers thing just so they could use us as guinea pigs and gain more control with 'Emergency Powers'. Otherwise they'da just built a big ol' forcefield around the place to keep them Ill Reaver/Drnarbyts out and make Cybertron grea..."
*Cue 'Yakkety Sax' as Abyssal chases Killerpunch around the studio trying to hit him with the mic stand*


Uh... Meanwhile, our own energon-drinking ‘interrogation’ agent has been let loose on the Autobot escapee’s counterpart believed a member of an ancient primitive tribe called the T'rra'cons. We have a copy of her report here.
Parasite's Interrogation Report wrote:Subject 'CT1' was reluctant to speak upon capture. Having demonstrated its offensive capabilities by biting Hazard in half and flying away, it was soon brought down by a combination of us concealing Zombi's Sharkticon 'pet' and tying Nemesis Wheelie up as bait.

Interrogation began with the standard questions, but revealing little. The language used by the subject is an old Cybertronian dialect, and a dermal plating sample placed it as originating from the Prototronic era, meaning that its imprisonment within the Dead Space happened before the Heavy Metal War era began and modern armour alloys were created. Still refusing to answer any questions, I invaded its mind to extract the data forcefully using my specialist fluid-extraction fangs (which are not, as Zombi likes to call them, 'Emo Twilight Teeth'), and this is where we had our first breakthrough. Having spent unknown milennia exposed to radiation and viral-nanotech simply by being in the vicinity of the Reavers, Subject CT1 ‘supplied’ us with a complete CNA-snapshot of the virus nanites. Being a neural-control specialist myself, I was able to identify and isolate a pristine sample of the virus. We now know creating a cure is possible and how, the details of which have been passed to the Senate. Establishing any weaknesses within the Reaver's was far easier. Having realised that he was unable to lie once I had infected him with nanobots of my own, and he quickly revealed that the negative radiation from the Dead Universe has been seeping into these True Reaper’s sparks and slowly poisoning them, the driving force behind their assault on our universe. If the correct radiation technology can be applied and weaponised, we will have an effective weapon against the both Reavers and Brood that shouldn’t do any permanent damage to any infected Cybertronian. Again, extensive research and testing is required and the details have again been passed to the senate. Subject CT1 interrogation completed, his altmode schematics have been uploaded to the master database along with those of his Autobot-captured counterpart, and he is now back in the cells until his mind and energon fluid levels have recovered so Chompy can finish eating him... Are you even listening Zombi?? Ugh. She's taken her head off and replaced with a lamp!? I hate Headmasters. I can't work under these conditions! I QUIT!!

Finally! ...and for those of you who also fell asleep during that, Vlad the Interrogator there just discovered 3 things:

    - There is a cure, the composition of which is being checked by the Senate.
    - We have discovered a weapon type that may be able to defeat the Reaver control allowing us to capture and cure any infected Cybertronians, however more field research is required.
    - We are running out of time. The Brood armies are already on the move towards Kaon, and we have no idea who we can and cannot trust.

Arm yourselves and prepare for the hunt, the cure and a way to take down the Brood and develop a way to stop the brood have been given to us on a plate, but we have to pick our moment.

Stay tuned to WarPorn News Network for updates!!

Here are the details of Round 3!

This round will be a Scavenger Hunt, run by -Soundwave-
A list of challenges will be issued by the Senate. Complete them all and you will win a set of temporary weapons tailored to your teams average level, available through the weapons page. These weapons will give you an advantage in round 5.

The hunt will be ended as soon as the first person completes all their tasks, and all remaining players posts will be locked, so keep them up to date! Weapons created will be allocated on a percentage basis for how many tasks have been completed upon locking. (E.g. If only half the tasks were completed, only half a weapons cache will be added to the weapons shop for that team)

The winner of the scavenger hunt will gain a permanent special weapon as a trophy, but all other weapons will be rendered useless after the campaign against the Reavers has ended, and will be deleted.

(Note that due to the way the shop works, these weapons will be on general release and can't be faction specific)

Extra Challenges!!
These will be posted by the Senate through WPNN so keep an eye out for these. There will be 3 extra challenges throughout the hunt, and for each one there will be the components to create one dose of the cure.

Special challenge winners will be able to synthesise enough of the cure to gain a single dose each. This cure will allow you to ignore one 'infection' on a single character, either from your own team or anyone else of your choice, during round 5.

Round 3 starts 25th Jan. That gives you just short of 2 weeks to prepare...

Future information about Round 4 and 5 wrote:Round 4 is a secret round, the details of which will be released later.

Round 5 is an Elimination round.
- You will be fighting for your lives against the Brood.
- There will be special missions for this round, and only scores and results in these missions count.
- Everyone not signed up is considered part of the ‘Brood’.
- When your character is killed by someone in the Brood, it is infected.
- Infected characters count as Brood until killed by a special weapon (when it is eliminated) or cured (returns to the game).
- There will be other ‘complications’ to be announced closer to the time.
- Last faction with surviving players wins.

Detailed rules will be released closer to the time, this is just so you know what the weapons and cure do.

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Posted: Sunday, September 13th, 2020

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