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Fun News of Toysrus Stores Still Thriving Around the World

Transformers News: Fun News of Toysrus Stores Still Thriving Around the World
Date: Thursday, February 28th 2019 9:21pm CST
Categories: Toy News, Event News, Company News
Posted by: william-james88 | Credit(s): Facebook

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The Toysrus bankruptcy of last year is still a very sour spot for fans as well as Hasbro's CEOs and fellow investors, where it monopolizes shareholder meetings even in the latest quarterly discussions. However, I thought it would be fun to look at how well Toysrus is doing in the places where it is still thriving, in the wake of the international stores fully separating themselves from the original American company with a look at Canada and the Philippines.

In the Philippines, the store in Robinsons Galleria now has a giant Cybertron/Galaxy Force Optimus Prime tearing through the Transformers display. This works perfectly with the upcoming leader class figure.

Transformers News: Fun News of Toysrus Stores Still Thriving Around the World

In Canada, Toysrus is making sure kids have something to do for March break (next week) with activities every day. They can be seen below. This was posted on their Facebook page along with a video showing them keeping a yearly tradition. They had a contest to find the next Chief Play Officer. The announcement happened to take place at your fellow editor's local Toysrus store.

You can watch the video here

After months of searching, we are pleased to announce our newest Chief Play Officer, 11 year old Méganne Dagenais!! We surprised Méganne at her local Toys “R” Us Canada store in LaSalle, Quebec, to announce she had won the coveted role to be our brand ambassador. Check out the video to see! #CPO #Play

And here are the March Break activities:

Dragon Trainers Unite!
Five years have passed since Hiccup and Toothless united the dragons and Vikings of Berk.
Join “Us” for a puzzle make and take and tote bag giveaway to celebrate their return!
Max. 70 per store.

Design & Create a Bracelet
Spin up some fun with the KumiKreator™ from Spin Master! Your child and their bestie can enjoy an interactive product demo that will have them and our product expert spinning up a unique bracelet!
Max. 100 per store.

It's Morphin' Time!
Your kids can become a certified Ranger. Take part in our Power Rangers training activities and learn to think, act and dress like a Ranger. PLUS free swag!
Max. 50 per store.

Build a LEGO® City Dragster
Ready, Set, Go! Join the racing crowd at this awesome LEGO® make and take activity!
Max. 100 per store.

Express Yourself with Beads
Spell it out and express your individuality with the Alphabet Bead DIY activity! Kids can create a unique bracelet or keychain and take it home!
Max. 100 per store.

Allspark Studios Narrative Director Position Accepting Applicants

Transformers News: Allspark Studios Narrative Director Position Accepting Applicants
Date: Thursday, February 14th 2019 12:05am CST
Category: Company News
Posted by: RobRobRobRobRob | Credit(s): LinkedIn

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Special news today, fellow Seibertronians, for there appears to be a vacancy in Hasbro’s Allspark Studios for a Narrative Director Position! Also known as the “Creative Steward”, the job listing went up yesterday out of Hasbro headquarters in Burbank, California, and as of writing has received a total of 35 applications.

For those unaware, The Narrative Director is expected to help develop the brand over several forms of media by aiding Franchise Brand teams in Writing, Editing, and various other duties, though a more thorough description is provided in the listing itself. The job is full-time and of Mid-Senior Seniority. It is suggested applicants have a Bachelor's degree in English, Creative Writing or Journalism, as well as 5-7 years experience in comparable fields. If you are interested and happen to fit into these requirements, perhaps this could be your chance to involve yourself with the Transformers brand at a level higher than most.

Transformers News: Allspark Studios Narrative Director Position Accepting Applicants

Machinima begins process of closing down

Transformers News: Machinima begins process of closing down
Date: Tuesday, February 5th 2019 10:44pm CST
Categories: Cartoon News, Company News
Posted by: Emerje | Credit(s): Hollywood Reporter, Variety

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You'll recall we recently wrote about Machinima shutting down sources to all of their videos including their series of Prime Wars Trilogy animations. Now after some recent events we seem to have a better understanding as to why. Thanks to various news outlets such as the the Hollywood Reporter and Variety we've learned that Machinima has officially begun closing down as of this month.

Apparently this has been a long time in coming. In 2016 Machinima was bought by Warner Bros. Digital Networks which was in turn bought by AT&T in 2018. This past December AT&T began a restructuring process that reorganized many of their media outlets under their own Otter Media (Crunchyroll, VRV, Rooster Teeth, Fullscreen Media, Gunpowder & Sky, and Hello Sunshine) while Machinima is being absorbed into Fullscreen. As a result 81 of Machinima's 100 employees have been laid off as part of an overall 10% reduction in AT&T staff.

Fullscreen calls their work "high-intensity marketing for the social-first generation" which probably does describe the Transformers Prime Wars animations fairly accurately. Most likely once they've ironed out new license agreements we'll see Machinima's videos return online in one way or another, but for now everything is up in the air. Whether or not we see a War for Cybertron animated trilogy has yet to be seen.

So what do you think? Is this a crushing blow to Transformers animations or no great loss in disposable media? Sound off in the Energon Pub forums below!

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