Sightings for Cindersaur

Series: Power of the Primes
Character: Cindersaur
# Sightings: 33 Total Sightings
Last Sighting: January 30th, 2019 5:42pm CST

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Cindersaur has been sighted at the following locations:

# Date Found By Store Location Remaining
33.2019-01-30 5:01pmPrimus1972Walmart #2640Salem, Massachusetts [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: $2.50 on Clearance
32.2019-01-06 12:01amcooldudemuWalmart Supercenter #0400Conroe, Texas [Discuss]2 remaining
31.2018-11-09 7:11pmClefjsTarget Streetsboro #2157Streetsboro, Ohio [Discuss]1 remaining
30.2018-10-19 12:10pmBebers1323Walmart Supercenter #3720Arbutus, Maryland [Discuss]1 remaining
29.2018-10-17 12:10pmMaqueseWalmart Supercenter #1825Manassas, Virginia [Discuss]2 remaining
28.2018-10-14 7:10pmAcademyofDrXTarget Hagerstown (Grocery) #1257Hagerstown, Maryland [Discuss]1 remaining
27.2018-10-09 11:10amScottyPWalmart Supercenter #2247Cary, North Carolina [Discuss]5 remaining
26.2018-10-01 1:10pmo.supremeWalmart Supercenter #3712Citrus Heights, California [Discuss]3 remaining
25.2018-09-27 4:09pmClefjsWalmart Supercenter #2313Streetsboro, Ohio [Discuss]4 remaining
24.2018-09-26 2:09pmClefjsWalmart Supercenter #2323Stow, Ohio [Discuss]3 remaining
23.2018-09-23 1:09pmcarytheoneWalmart Supercenter #0839Baton Rouge, Louisiana [Discuss]3 remaining
22.2018-09-22 8:09amPrimus1972Target Salem #1803Salem, Massachusetts [Discuss]2 remaining
21.2018-09-19 12:09pmBebers1323Target Alexandria Hybla Valley (Grocery) #1533Alexandria, Virginia [Discuss]4 remaining
20.2018-09-04 6:09pmEmeraldbwingTarget Munster (Grocery) #1913Munster, Indiana [Discuss]2 remaining
19.2018-09-04 6:09pmEmeraldbwingMeijerPortage, Indiana [Discuss]2 remaining
18.2018-08-29 3:08pmEmeraldbwingWalmart Supercenter #2544Portage, Indiana [Discuss]4 remaining
17.2018-08-28 10:08pm-Crossfire-Walmart - Wal-MartColumbus, Ohio [Discuss]3 remaining
16.2018-08-26 5:08pmEmeraldbwingWalmart #1576Schererville, Indiana [Discuss]3 remaining
15.2018-08-22 12:08pmBebers1323Target Prince Georges Plaza (Grocery) #1890Hyattsville, Maryland [Discuss]2 remaining
14.2018-08-22 4:08amZ3ROhourWalmart #1983Ceres, California [Discuss]0 remaining
13.2018-08-17 1:08pmcarytheoneTarget Jackson #0921Jackson, Tennessee [Discuss]3 remaining
12.2018-08-04 7:08pmreluctantyouthMeijer - Store #207Normal, Illinois [Discuss]4 remaining
11.2018-07-30 1:07pmEmeraldbwingTarget Highland (Grocery) #0731Highland, Indiana [Discuss]2 remaining
10.2018-07-30 1:07pmEmeraldbwingTarget St John (Grocery) #2048St John, Indiana [Discuss]4 remaining
9.2018-07-28 9:07ammax45sTarget Ellicott City (Grocery) #1042Ellicott City, Maryland [Discuss]1 remaining
8.2018-07-25 5:07pmSideswipe72Vernon Hills Super Target #0833Vernon Hills, Illinois [Discuss]2 remaining
7.2018-07-24 8:07pmBounti76Fort Union Super Target #1751Salt Lake City, Utah [Discuss]1 remaining
6.2018-07-21 6:07pmBounti76Smith's Food and Drug - Smith's Marketplace; Pharmacy; Gas/dieselSalt Lake City, Utah [Discuss]3 remaining
Comments: 3 of her left on the shelf
5.2018-07-21 4:07pmtransformers_vaTarget Richmond W (Grocery) #1041Richmond, Virginia [Discuss]0 remaining
4.2018-07-20 9:07pmNoodleconsTarget Somerville (Grocery) #1441Somerville, Massachusetts [Discuss]0 remaining
3.2018-07-20 1:07amNoodleconsTarget Everett (Grocery) #1229Everett, Massachusetts [Discuss]0 remaining
2.2018-07-18 9:07pmCentaurus PrimeTarget Albuquerque NE (Grocery) #2031Albuquerque, New Mexico [Discuss]1 remaining
1.2018-07-07 2:07pmEmeraldbwingMeijerValparaiso, Indiana [Discuss]4 remaining
Comments: Got one, Three left
This item was added to the Vector Sigma Database on May 6th, 2018 5:24pm.

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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #221 - Appliance Wars
Twincast / Podcast #221:
"Appliance Wars"
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Posted: Sunday, April 14th, 2019

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