Sightings for Cybertron Mode Ratchet

Cybertron Mode Ratchet
Series: Transformers Animated
Character: Cybertron Mode Ratchet
# Sightings: 105 Total Sightings
Last Sighting: January 12th, 2011 9:38pm CST
Description: Toys R Us Exclusive

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Cybertron Mode Ratchet has been sighted at the following locations:

# Date Found By Store Location Remaining
104.2011-01-12 9:01pmWheelTracksToys R USLouisville, Kentucky [Discuss]0 remaining
103.2010-12-30 8:12pmjlogano20Toys R USRochester, New York [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: over 20
102.2010-11-07 10:11amShadowdodgerToys R USAuburn, Massachusetts [Discuss]0 remaining
101.2010-10-21 5:10pmjlogano20Toys R USRochester, New York [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: had over 15
100.2010-10-14 8:10pmicenemesisToys R USMuskegon, Michigan [Discuss]3 remaining
99.2010-10-08 6:10pmThe Other OneToys R USAlhambra, California [Discuss]5 remaining
98.2010-10-07 8:10amDinobot4everToys R USColumbia, South Carolina [Discuss]3 remaining
97.2010-10-07 1:10amBounti76Toys R USSalt Lake City, Utah [Discuss]5 remaining
96.2010-09-22 5:09pmbarricade2218Toys R USFort Wayne, Indiana [Discuss]1 remaining
95.2010-09-21 9:09pmWizsotoToys R USUnion, New Jersey [Discuss]5 remaining
94.2010-09-21 8:09pmWizsotoToys R USWatchung, New Jersey [Discuss]5 remaining
93.2010-09-16 1:09pmCoLDBOTManToys R USDublin, California [Discuss]5 remaining
92.2010-09-08 1:09pmAstronopolisToys R USRochester, New York [Discuss]4 remaining
91.2010-09-07 6:09pmGuuhatsu JinketsuToys R USFort Myers, Florida [Discuss]0 remaining
90.2010-09-06 4:09amZ3ROhourToys R USSalinas, California [Discuss]0 remaining
89.2010-09-04 8:09pmkitchamanToys R USLivingston, New Jersey [Discuss]4 remaining
88.2010-09-04 3:09pmrockman_fanMiscellaneous Stores - JP Gift - Japanese Toys & GiftsArlington Heights, Illinois [Discuss]0 remaining
87.2010-09-03 1:09pmreluctantyouthToys R USDavenport, Iowa [Discuss]4 remaining
86.2010-08-31 10:08pmitscramtasticToys R USSalisbury, Maryland [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: They've had tons of these since they were released with Arcee.
85.2010-08-29 4:08pmAgamemnonToys R USHopkins, Minnesota [Discuss]1 remaining
84.2010-08-27 8:08pmMegatron WolfToys R USRiverhead, New York [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: to many, no ironhides
83.2010-08-25 9:08amBrychanusToys R USAnn Arbor, Michigan [Discuss]5 remaining
82.2010-08-20 7:08pmwhackoToys R USNashua, New Hampshire [Discuss]2 remaining
81.2010-08-20 6:08pmMachtironToys R USConcord, New Hampshire [Discuss]3 remaining
80.2010-08-13 2:08pmSoundwave1286Toys R USSterling, Virginia [Discuss]5 remaining
79.2010-08-11 7:08pmbarricade2218Toys R USFort Wayne, Indiana [Discuss]1 remaining
78.2010-08-05 7:08pmZ3ROhourToys R USModesto, California [Discuss]0 remaining
77.2010-08-03 3:08pmkenm2474Toys R USSpring, Texas [Discuss]4 remaining
76.2010-07-30 7:07amdarkjedi187Toys R USCanton, Ohio [Discuss]2 remaining
75.2010-07-29 7:07pm80sgeekToys R USBrookfield, Wisconsin [Discuss]5 remaining
74.2010-07-29 5:07pmbarricade2218Toys R USFort Wayne, Indiana [Discuss]2 remaining
73.2010-07-26 3:07pmZ3ROhourToys R USModesto, California [Discuss]0 remaining
72.2010-07-24 4:07pmMadpowaToys R USIselin, New Jersey [Discuss]3 remaining
71.2010-07-10 9:07amBIG WHITE PRIMEToys R USReno, Nevada [Discuss]4 remaining
70.2010-07-09 1:07amZ3ROhourToys R USModesto, California [Discuss]0 remaining
69.2010-07-08 3:07pmsideswipedToys R USFairview Heights, Illinois [Discuss]5 remaining
68.2010-07-03 4:07pmautobot-joltToys R UsNorth Olmsted, Ohio [Discuss]5 remaining
67.2010-07-03 12:07pmShin-ReaperToys R USBuffalo, New York [Discuss]1 remaining
66.2010-07-03 8:07amreluctantyouthToys R USPeoria, Illinois [Discuss]2 remaining
65.2010-07-02 8:07pmdarthzaraToys R USSan Jose, California [Discuss]5 remaining
64.2010-07-02 7:07pmbackpackToys R UsNew York, New York [Discuss]5 remaining
63.2010-07-02 10:07am--B--Toys R USExton, Pennsylvania [Discuss]5 remaining
62.2010-07-01 2:07pmadamasscToys R USJohnson City, Tennessee [Discuss]5 remaining
61.2010-07-01 1:07pmkitchamanToys R USLivingston, New Jersey [Discuss]5 remaining
60.2010-07-01 11:07amJBPrimeToys R UsRiverside, Illinois [Discuss]5 remaining
59.2010-07-01 8:07amPrfktTearToys R USBrockton, Massachusetts [Discuss]3 remaining
58.2010-06-30 5:06pmSuperkreepToys R USMiami, Florida [Discuss]5 remaining
57.2010-06-30 2:06pmlbrosfilmToys R USScranton, Pennsylvania [Discuss]4 remaining
56.2010-06-28 4:06pmMadpowaToys R USBrooklyn, New York [Discuss]5 remaining
55.2010-06-28 4:06pmMadpowaToys R USBrooklyn, New York [Discuss]5 remaining
54.2010-06-26 5:06pmtriKlopsToys R USBellingham, Massachusetts [Discuss]5 remaining
53.2010-06-25 11:06pmTheStrategistToys R USCincinnati, Ohio [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: Handfuls of this guy
52.2010-06-25 10:06pmTheStrategistToys R USCincinnati, Ohio [Discuss]5 remaining
51.2010-06-25 5:06pmtriKlopsToys R USNorth Attleboro, Massachusetts [Discuss]3 remaining
50.2010-06-25 5:06pmtriKlopsToys R USWarwick, Rhode Island [Discuss]5 remaining
49.2010-06-25 4:06pmkitchamanToys R USLivingston, New Jersey [Discuss]3 remaining
48.2010-06-24 5:06pmBattleRoller23Toys R USFort Lauderdale, Florida [Discuss]5 remaining
47.2010-06-17 9:06amOmegasupremetheboysToys R USFort Wayne, Indiana [Discuss]4 remaining
46.2010-06-15 2:06pmdumbprimeToys R USClearwater, Florida [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: about 10
45.2010-06-15 5:06amMe.Grimlock.KingToys R UsDieppe, New Brunswick [Discuss]2 remaining
44.2010-06-12 8:06pmTerratronToys R Us (Canada) LtdNewmarket, Ontario [Discuss]3 remaining
43.2010-06-10 7:06aminfinitimagnusToys R USOrlando, Florida [Discuss]5 remaining
42.2010-06-01 10:06amkitchamanToys R USLivingston, New Jersey [Discuss]4 remaining
41.2010-05-28 7:05pmtriKlopsToys R USNorth Attleboro, Massachusetts [Discuss]2 remaining
40.2010-05-23 6:05pmJetOptimus23Toys R UsLewisville, Texas [Discuss]5 remaining
39.2010-05-19 2:05pmSoundwave1286Toys R USSterling, Virginia [Discuss]5 remaining
38.2010-05-19 7:05amOptimus PezToys R UsDanbury, Connecticut [Discuss]3 remaining
37.2010-05-17 7:05amNaked MagnusToys R USWestminster, Colorado [Discuss]5 remaining
36.2010-05-16 4:05pmLastBloomToys R USMishawaka, Indiana [Discuss]4 remaining
35.2010-05-15 8:05pmxymoxToys R USGlendale, Arizona [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: 8 on the shelf, 7 left; Arcee gone, manager claimed they were gone by end of first day on the pegs.
34.2010-05-11 12:05pmJulie85Toys R USBrandon, Florida [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: 11 left in stock
33.2010-05-07 2:05pminfinitimagnusToys R USOrlando, Florida [Discuss]4 remaining
32.2010-04-30 10:04pmTransBatToys R USGainesville, Florida [Discuss]4 remaining
Comments: 4-5 still on the shelf in great condition
31.2010-04-29 8:04pmCollector MaximusToys R UsAtlanta, Georgia [Discuss]3 remaining
30.2010-04-29 9:04aminfinitimagnusToys R USAltamonte Springs, Florida [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: sorry. had to buy Arcee. up for grabs...
29.2010-04-24 9:04amvaporretarderToys R USSaint Clairsville, Ohio [Discuss]4 remaining
Comments: didn't buy him, picked up arcee though, much better
28.2010-04-23 8:04pmtriKlopsToys R USNorth Attleboro, Massachusetts [Discuss]3 remaining
27.2010-04-23 12:04pmryan.rhoadsToys R UsClovis, California [Discuss]5 remaining
26.2010-04-22 9:04pmparanormal trollToys R USCrystal Lake, Illinois [Discuss]3 remaining
Comments: bought 1 left 3
25.2010-04-04 9:04amrhinocamToys R USAugusta, Georgia [Discuss]1 remaining
24.2010-03-27 10:03amwolverinetoddToys R USWinston Salem, North Carolina [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Ordered online from Toys R Us website in hopes of finding Arcee & Cybertron Mode Ratchet Exclusives.
23.2010-03-22 9:03amRiddlerJToys R USPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania [Discuss]4 remaining
22.2010-03-16 12:03pmGEEWUNToys R USHixson, Tennessee [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: at leas 2 dozen were there
21.2010-03-15 4:03pmJoerhynoToys R USOrland Park, Illinois [Discuss]4 remaining
20.2010-03-13 9:03amSeibertronToys R USNiles, Illinois [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: Sighted on Friday, March 12th
19.2010-03-07 10:03amClayfaceToys R USColumbia, Maryland [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: 5 full pegs of nothing but this figure. No arcees at all.
18.2010-03-05 4:03pmSeibertronToys R USNiles, Illinois [Discuss]1 remaining
17.2010-03-01 8:03pmHamer12Toys R USColorado Springs, Colorado [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: They had around 6 Cybertron Mode Ratchets on the pegs.
16.2010-02-22 3:02pmwarwik311Toys R USJacksonville, North Carolina [Discuss]2 remaining
15.2010-02-18 10:02pmWheelJackedToys R USCuyahoga Falls, Ohio [Discuss]5 remaining
14.2010-02-17 3:02pmCrystal RodimusToys R USRochester, Minnesota [Discuss]2 remaining
13.2010-02-17 12:02pmBrychanusToys R USAnn Arbor, Michigan [Discuss]3 remaining
12.2010-02-10 10:02pmAppledsauceToys R UsChula Vista, California [Discuss]3 remaining
11.2010-02-09 5:02pmEdabanGToys R USFort Collins, Colorado [Discuss]5 remaining
Comments: 2 pegs full
10.2010-02-08 8:02amBrychanusToys R USNovi, Michigan [Discuss]0 remaining
9.2010-02-04 2:02pmMattimusPrimeToys R USSouthfield, Michigan [Discuss]2 remaining
8.2010-02-03 11:02pmrpetrasToys R USSaint Clairsville, Ohio [Discuss]0 remaining
Comments: Last one
7.2010-02-02 11:02pmDoubleOScorpioToys R USAkron, Ohio [Discuss]3 remaining
6.2010-02-01 4:02pmreluctantyouthToys R USBloomington, Illinois [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: Super Cheap Mold...Headsculpt awful...left it. No Arcee's present
5.2010-02-01 1:02pmmazingaspideyToys R Us - Toys"R"Us/KidsRUsMETAIRIE, Louisiana [Discuss]5 remaining
4.2010-02-01 1:02pmdarkjedi187Toys R USCanton, Ohio [Discuss]1 remaining
3.2010-01-29 2:01pmTalynToys R USMadison, Wisconsin [Discuss]0 remaining
2.2010-01-28 1:01pmBradicusToys R USAlbuquerque, New Mexico [Discuss]1 remaining
Comments: Found 2, took 1. No Arcee, The Ebayer I mentioned in another post beat me to em again
1.2010-01-28 10:01amhye6640Toys R USVisalia, California [Discuss]3 remaining
This item was added to the Vector Sigma Database on November 22nd, 2009 9:28pm.

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