RUMOR: Supposed picture of Movie's Teaser poster leaked?

RUMOR: Supposed picture of Movie's Teaser poster leaked?

Friday, May 19th, 2006 12:45pm CDT

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Beachtractor shared an image of what he was told is a teaser poster for next year's Transformers movie. As some of you might recall, Michael Bay stated that there will be a teaser trailer and poster available by July 4th. We're assuming this is a fake. Here's why ...

I would be highly skeptical of the below image for a couple of reasons and I mean no offense to Beachtractor. The image looks like something any of us with some Photoshop skills could create. I know a teaser poster is just that ... a teaser poster ... but this doesn't accomplish anything. It's a round ball that looks like something from the G2 space cube clips that were in the G2 "re-used" G1 episodes. Plus, if you look at the list of movies mentioned to be "upcoming" movies for the UK, it lists "She's The Man" which was released on April 7th, 2006 in the UK (March 17th in the US), according to Yahoo's UK movie website.

Below is Beachtractor's original post that he made on the Forums.

Ok, so I have a friend who works for Vue cinemas here in the UK. He works in marketing and does things with their website. Obviously he gets a lot of promo stuff and he just sent me this email he got from Dreamworks marketing guy. Note the last movie in the list and see the image……

Morning all

July campaign posters and tifs:
She’s The Man
Flushed Away
Dream Girls
Match Point

FSDUs to follow.

Use as of 30/06


Movie Poster

Credit(s): Beachtractor

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