Series: Beast Machines, BotCon Exclusives
Faction: Maximal
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Tech Specs

Formerly a head official in a leading Maximal research facility, Apelinq now uses his considerable skills and talent commanding a highly-trained, elite team of Cybertronian commandos. Specializing in computer xenoscience, Apelinq spearheaded much of the advances unifying conventional technologies with alien cybersystems. He has as much leadership experience in combat situations as he does in laboratory administration. Highly skilled in interfacing wetware interlinks with Cybertronian software, Apelinq utilizes the principles of computational transfer to download solid objects into reality. The limitations of this hybrid technology are not yet known. Preferred mode of travel is his "virtual digiboard". In robot mode, wields dual impact maces, capable of shattering most vanadium-reinforced armor.

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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: After recieving a series of field commendations for meritorious conduct at the close fo the Autobot/Decepticon war, Apelinq looked forward to a peaceful civillian career among his fellow scientists and engineers. As the Pax Cybertronia brought a fragile peace to the war-torn landsacpe of his homeworld, Apelinq went on to become one of the brightest independent researchers in Cybertron's private sector. The Maximal High Council, however, soon developed other plans for Apelinq and a number of his former comrades. Called back to duty as the platoon commander of a near-legendary Autobot strike force, Apelinq hesitantly accepted his role in a new war - one that went on behind the scenes of Cybertron's shining new cities and seemingly egalitarian government. As the politics of peace became all the more real to Apelinq, he resigned himself to a singular duty - the preservation of Cybertron's future.
Abilities: Apelinq is an uncommon mix of scientific genius and battlefield daring, a warrior-philosopher who holds true to the traditions of many of the great soldiers of Cybrtron's past. His analytical abilities are astounding, and while he is a very capable fighter he finds it far more rewarding to outwit his fore than to defeat them on the battlefield. In robot form, Apelinq is armed witha linear blast pistol capable of blowing a hole through reinforced concretel he also carries studded impact maces that are capable of shattering all but the strongest of armor.

Apelinq's most versatile and perhaps most effective weapon is his Transfer Interlink, an enigmatic matter trasfer device of his own design. With it, Apelinq is capable of "downloading" extremely complex computer-generated imagery into physcial matter, allowing him to do battle using nearly anything that his core processor can accurately mdoel. Apelinq's arsenal is also completely available to him in his beast form, an agile simian form augmented by a jet-powered hoverboard - also of Apelinq's own design.
Weaknesses: The true limitations of Apelinq's Transfer Interlink are as yet unknown, and his frequent reliance on the device could in fact weaken his response to certain types of threats. While possessing great courage and a brilliant intellect, Apelinq is not especially intuitive, and will occasionally involve himself in situation that are far beyond even his impressive abilities.
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