Series: Victory
Faction: Decepticon
Subgroup: Breastforce
Victory Deszaras gallery

Tech Specs

Succeeded Overlord as the fifth Destron Leader. Together with Leozack and company, he formed the Breast Force, and has been ravaging through the universe for eons. Savage and cruel, he despises humans, yet has a soft spot for children.

Total: 79
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: After the mysterious death of Overlord, Deathsaurus rose up to become the next Destron Commander. Deathsaurus is a remorseless and ruthless killing machine. The lives of others mean nothing to him as long as he obtains what he desires. He founded and led the group of Destrons known as "the Breast Force" who are now the bulk of his army. He has had a deep seeded hatred toward the Cybertron Supreme Commander, Star Saber ever since he single handedly rendered the Destron Space City inoperable. This seething hatred toward Star Saber makes Deathsaurus all the more dangerous.
Abilities: Deathsaurus can transform into a bird-like Dragon to increase his fighting strength. Being a Breastmaster he has the ability to remove two breastplates which transform and attack at his discretion. His breastplates are the symbols of evil known as "Tiger-breast" and "Eagle-Breast". Deathsaurus' wings can detach and change into razor sharp blades to be hurled at opponents and return to him when through. Deathsaurus also uses high-powered energy weaponry to aid him in battle. As a last resort, Deathsaurus can use his ultimate attack called "the Death Wing". Using the wing-cutters on his back he can absorb sunlight and convert it into dark energy that can then be fired at his enemy. This attack will corrode any type of metal, leaving the opponent either dead or dying.
Weaknesses: Like the previous Emperors of Destruction, Deathsaurus suffers from arrogance. His lust for power and confidence in his own abilities often times blind him from common sense. His stubborn attitude prevents him from accepting advice in battle even from his most trusted warriors. Though only speculated, it is rumored that he also has a soft spot for children despite his hatred of the human race.
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Cartoon Appearances

Deathsaurus appeared in the following 30 cartoon episodes:

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