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Faction: Predacon
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Tech Specs

Like many of his PREDACON brethren, Dinobot is a proud warrior. He feels a sense of entitlement borne of being descended from the powerful Decepticon Empire. During his studies of military history, DINOBOT decided that the fall of the Decepticons largely stemmed from dishonorable infighting and power struggles within the DECEPTICON army. He resolved to live his life in an honorable fashion both in and out of battle. He believes such discipline is the key to ultimate power and victory. In robot mode, Dinobot is one of the most skilled hand-to-hand combatants among the Predacons. His study of numerous martial arts has allowed him to develop a unique fighting style of his own that conforms to his present body-form. He specializes in channeling energy through his large shovel arm, heating the blades at the edge up to temperatures of 4000 degrees Celcius, allowing him to slice through enemy armor with ease. His desire to join MEGATRON was fueled by what he perceived as cowardice and sloth by the Tripredacus Council in their lack of overt offensive action against the Maximal Imperium.

Total: 54
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