Series: Beast Wars II
Faction: Maximal
Subgroups: CombinersJointrons
Beast Wars II DJ gallery

Tech Specs

Eldest of the three Jointron brothers, DJ has a habit of wetting himself whenever he's had too much oil to drink. Hidden in his wings are two Seven-Year Swords. If he uses them in a normal, straightforward way, he can chop even large trees in two at a single stroke, but he seems to prefer playing music with them by snapping them together. DJ also creates special soundwaves that can be heard 10,000 km away.

Total: 50
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: DJ is the eldest of the three Jointron brothers and the most mature. Unfortunately, that is not saying much. Like his three brothers, DJ often injects bad Spanish sentences into his talk. Often times only confusing whoever he's speaking with. He enjoys music much more than any of the other Maximals and will play it whenever possible. Being a Jointron he is perpetually in a partying mood and rarely gets serious about anything. Because of the often times obnoxious personalities of him and his brothers, the Jointrons have been situated in a base far far away from the other Maximals.
Abilities: When transformed DJ becomes a cicada. He can unleash two "Seven-Year Swords" hidden behind his wings that are sharp enough to slice even the tallest of trees in half. He can also generate powerful soundwaves that can be heard 10, 000 kilometers away. Along with his brothers, DJ can fuse to become Tripledacus.
Weaknesses: Though he'd never admit it, he tends to wet himself when he's had too much oil to drink. How embarrassing.
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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #280 - A Roar That Grasps Victory
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