Series: BotCon Exclusives
Faction: Autobot
Subgroups: Basic VehiclesExclusives

Tech Specs

Fallback was once the independent-minded Autobot known as Outback. Having once believed he would be nothing but a casualty of war, he was proven wrong when, even after almost being destroyed, he survived and was granted a new exo-form. having been given a second chance at life, Fallback decided to take on a new name and a new purpose: to follow in the footsteps of great Autobots such as Ultra Magnus and Rodimus Prime and become the best Autobot warrior he can be. Though still not a big fan of rules, Fallback has learned to respect them and utilize them to his advantage.

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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Abilities: Fallback's body is composed of armor designed to resist most forms of artillery fire. His primary weapon is an axe forged from solid Energon. This can also double as an energy cannon. In vehicle mode, he can go up to 180 MPH with a range of 1,000 miles. His tires are reinforced, allowing them to travel on the roughest of terrain without damage.
Weaknesses: Fallback still sometimes reverts to his old way of thinking, and thus falls into situations where he is outnumbered.
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