Series: G1 1988
Faction: Decepticon
Subgroup: Headmasters
G1 1988 Fangry gallery

Tech Specs

A fearsome, foul-mouthed nightstalker. Rebels against authority in any form. Lashes out at anyone who even suggests his next course of action. His Decepticon superiors have more difficulty controlling him than the Autobots have fighting him. Binary-bonded to Brisko, a former Nebulan cartographer with a photographic memory. Shoots semi-automatic ion pulse gun. Tail converts to compressed air cannon that produces 200 mph gale force winds. Able to fly short distances in wolf Mode.

Total: 56
Transformers Tech Spec: Fangry
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Fangry is rebellious, fearsome and foul-mouthed. Ideal qualities for a Decepticon, you might think. But where normally these traits would be directed against the Autobots he battles, Fangry's wrath and fury are generally aimed at his own leader! This odious nightstalker automatically rebels against anyone in authority and actively lashes out at anyone foolish enough to tell him what to do. Orders given to Fangry tend to be couched in suggestions or requests, so as to avoid the terrible rages that normally follow. His Decepticon superiors have more trouble controlling him than the Autobots have fighting him! Back on Cybertron, fellow Decepticons often tricked unsuspecting neutralists, giving them orders to pass on to Fangry and then watching as he tore them apart. Fiercely independent, Fangry has utter faith in his own judgment and tactics. If he can't do it his way, he won't do it at all! When Fangry was binary-bonded to Brisko, a former Nebulan cartographer with a photographic memory and a selfish streak, the results were volatile to say the least. Brisko is very much into looking after number one, and when Fangry's sometimes transparently inept plans seem to endanger them, he exerts control over the shared mind, steering them away from trouble. Fangry hates this and wishes fervently to be rid of Brisko. As he's Fangry's head, Brisko is confident this will never happen. Knowing Fangry better, fellow Decepticons aren't quite so sure!
Abilities: In robot mode, Fangry carries a semi-automatic ion pulse gun, which fires a concentrated beam of energy capable of melting outer armor plating and slagging interior circuitry. His own armor plating is very dense and tough. In wolf mode, Fangry is less well protected but much more mobile and not such an easy target. His back wings enable him to fly short distances. His tail converts to a compressed air cannon that produces 200 mph winds. A fine tracker in his own right, Brisko's photographic memory of terrain and maps makes him almost impossible to catch or surprise.
Weaknesses: Fangry's obsessive reliance on his own skills, combined with his inability to listen to advice often puts him in terrible danger. His solo gambits can wreck carefully laid team battle plans and often result in harm coming to his teammates. Disliked by his fellow Decepticons, the chances of someone coming to Fangry's aid are slim.
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Cartoon Appearances

Fangry appeared in the following 23 cartoon episodes:

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