Galaxy Shuttle

Series: G1 1989, Victory
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Miscellaneous

Tech Specs

Total: 56
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Galaxy Shuttle just may be the toughest member of the Cybertrons, and may also be the most important. It is up to Galaxy Shuttle to transport all the most precious of cargoes that the Cybertrons have. From soldiers, to weapons, to diplomats, to prisoners, Galaxy Shuttle has seen them all. It is his sole duty to guide the Cybertrons from one place to another safely, a duty he takes very seriously. Galaxy Shuttle is the embodiment of the "strong silent-type". He prefers to accomplish his task with dignified silence rather than mindless chatter. He is among the most respected members of the Cybertron forces, and for good reason.
Abilities: Galaxy Shuttle is the fastest, most superior space shuttle on the Cybertron forces since Skylynx. He can move at speeds faster than light and steer with incredible precision. For a lesser space craft, moving at such speeds would an outrageous danger, but for Galaxy Shuttle and his fearless attitude, it's just part of his job. He is also one of the largest Cybertrons, able to fit even the towering Star Saber within his hull. In robot mode he is a seasoned warrior who goes into battle with as much determination as if he were doing a transport mission. He belittles his enemies with his incredible size, intimidating even the most battle-hardened Destron.
Weaknesses: Galaxy Shuttle is perhaps too important to the Cybertrons. He is their main transport unit; thus he is kept in the best of shape. He is rarely allowed into battle due to his importance as a ship. While he is a quiet member of the Cybertrons, his occasional outbursts display his more contemptuous side. He's important, and he knows it. He is a vital element to the success of the Cybertrons, which also makes him a target for Destron attacks.
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Cartoon Appearances

Galaxy Shuttle appeared in the following 31 cartoon episodes:

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