Series: Beast Wars Neo
Faction: Predacon
Subgroup: Basic Beasts
Beast Wars Neo Hydra gallery

Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Hydra hates being left alone. Unfortunately for him he has been stationed by himself on a distant bunker in the middle of nowhere. He can be very friendly, often times a little too friendly. His joyful attitude around other Predacons tends to weird his guests out. In an almost pathetic turn of events his best friend happens to be the maid droid stationed with him at his bunker. Being his only companion, he is very protective of it. Hydra may suffer from cabin fever but he is still a talented warrior whom the Predacon�s can always count on when they need additional support.
Abilities: In beast mode Hydra transforms into a soaring pterodactyl. In this form he can glide silently over the heads of an enemy and unleash an onslaught of grenades. In robot mode he carries a proton blaster which can automatically lock onto even the quickest of targets. He is also a master technician; able to handle a super computer like it was a Game and Watch.
Weaknesses: Hydra�s exposure to solitude and severe level of cabin fever has left him a little on the crazy side. His unleveled mental circuits often impair his judgement.
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