Series: Beast Wars II
Faction: Maximal
Subgroup: Miscellaneous
Beast Wars II Moon gallery

Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Moon is an incredibly cheerful creature with a perpetually sunny disposition. From the moon orbiting Gaea he observes the battle between the Predacons and Maximals and gathers data along with his partner Artemis. He takes the brunt of Artemis' frustrations but never retaliates. He also ends every sentence with the word "-moon".
Abilities: Moon can transform into a rabbit-like robot and usually prefers to remain in this form. In robot mode he is capable of teleportation onto Gaea to observe events from ground level. He can also use a device to make himself invisible and thus prevent any contact with either side of the war.
Weaknesses: In no way is Moon a fighting machine. He is an observer and nothing more.
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