Series: Beast Wars, Beast Wars Metals
Faction: Wrecker
Subgroup: Deluxe Beasts
Beast Wars Metals Ramulus gallery

Tech Specs

Ramulus' stasis pod crashed in a mountainous region of prehistoric Earth during the onset of the quantum surge. Isolated, damaged and forced to develop his own survival tactics, Ramulus trusts neither Maximal or Predacon alike. He is reluctant to fight, but brash and impulsive once provoked. Characteristically calm and reliable when venturing through unexplored territory on his own. Relishes adventure and argues that the Maximal's success depends on their continual repositioning and relocation. Longs to see Cybertron. Ramulus weilds a double slagmaker cannon in robot mode and his fractured Spark crystal generates disruptive ion pulses.

Total: 55.5
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Ramulus was unceremoniously brought online when his stasis pod crashed in a mountainous region of ancient Earth. Assuming he had been abandoned by Optimus Primal and the crew of the starship Axalon, Ramulus survived by his own means until he crossed paths with Primal Prime and a ragtag group of guerilla fighters. An intuitive scout and pathfinder, Ramulus quickly became one of Primal Prime's most dependable warriors. Normally quite calm and congenial among his comrades (often to the point of biting sarcasm), Ramulus has been known to be highly aggressive and indignant when provoked. In combat situations, this usually becomes a problem only for his opponents - though their contempt for his behavior is likely to be the last thing on their minds.
Abilities: In beast mode, Ramulus' heavily armored skull and massive horns enable him to decimate nearly any standing structure in his path. In robot form, vanadium alloy razor blades mounted on each of his wrists allow Ramulus to carve through most forms of Cybertronian battle armor. His most powerful weapon, which he affectionately refers to as his .Slagmaker cannon is actually a modified high-yield tachyon gun that can effectively melt any object in its path. Ramulus' internal navigation circuitry is a cut above that of his comrades, enabling him to swiftly and precisely interpret landscape features - augmenting his already impressive abilities as a scout.
Weaknesses: Due to chronic stress fractures in Ramulus' laser core, his Spark frequently generates disruptive ion pulses that can temporarily incapacitate many of his internal systems. If he is excessively aggravated or harassed, Ramulus can be easily goaded into taking unnecessary personal risks.
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