Series: BotCon Exclusives
Faction: Maximal
Subgroups: Basic VehiclesExclusives
BotCon Exclusives Rattrap gallery
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Tech Specs

His career as a spy for Maximal Command has sent Rattrap traveling from the murky depths of the CYBERTRON severs to the forests of alien worlds. His experiences have forged a deep rooted confidence in the diminutive MAXIMAL, but they have also fostered an attitude that often grates on his teammates. used to working alone and getting his own way, RATTRAP will be the first to whine when someone proposes a course of action he does not prefer. Despite his complaining, Rattrap is a smart and cunning warrior and those who underestimate him often regret it. While his primary weapon in both robot and vehicle modes is a dual barreled machine gun cannon, he carries an impressive array of devices that aid him in his missions including decoy beacons and time delayed explosive bombs. He joined the AXALON crew in hopes of taking a break from his intrigue-filled life, seeing it as a vacation from his normal duties. OPTIMUS PRIMAL recognized Rattrap's rich experience base and was more than happy to accept him into the crew - a decision he sometimes regrets.

Total: 56
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