Series: Universe
Faction: Decepticon
Subgroup: Deluxe Beasts
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: With the appearance of a made scientist's evil experiment and an intellect on par with the Autobot professor Perceptor, Reptilion is the longest serving general under the influence of the moster planet, Unicron. Reptilion was snatched away from a routine exploratory mission and forced to work on the dark god's decimated planetary propulsion systems. His skills in propulsion technology were without peer and was oftentimes seen hard at work at developing more efficient forms of travel using warp gate technologies. Rarely seen or heard, Reptilion chooses to keep to himself most of the time and only involves himself with teh gladitorial battles when he requires a break from his work. Witnessing Autobot executions provides a remarkable creative outlet for this sinister general. Reptilion has no further ambitions but to serve his dark master faithfully.
Abilities: In battle, he is able to use his experience and mathematical abilities to predict projectile trajectories, detonation constants, and simulate a variety of other combat calculations. Armed with long rage tactical missiles capable of carrying a wide variety of warheads. Able to accurately calculate a target's position from thousands of kilometers away. Special vanadium armor plating withstands even the most severe blasts. It is particularly ironic that this once noted scholar has been corrupted by the influence of evil and uses his brilliant mind to subjugate the universe for his master.
Weaknesses: Reptilion's only weakness is his preference to work and operate alone, isolated in the deep regions of Unicron's engine systems. A potential enemy could exploit this and isolate him from the other generals and support troops.
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