Sentinel Maximus

Series: Universe, BotCon Exclusives
Faction: Autobot
Subgroups: ExclusivesMega Vehicles
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Tech Specs

One of the Heralds created by Primus when it first withdrew its consciousness to the core of Cybertron, SENTINEL MAXIMUS has emerged from the shadows of Time to serve as a guardian over Cybertron during its darkest hour. With direct access via interdimensional datalink to the nearly limitless knowledge of Vector Sigma, he is a master battlefield tactician and an ideal leader. His perfect syngergy with his MINI-CON APE-LINQ is driven by a totally unified consciousness; the two 'bots act as one in all things. The vast processing power at his disposal allows him to download holographic items into reality, and he power upgrade granted him by Primus prior to his ancient battle with a diabolical and long forgotten entity from the southern polar regions of Cybertron make him a nearly unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Total: 75
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: The Covenant of Primus foretells the coming of an Autobot born of beast and forged from the ancient fires of the cosmos. Possesing both the knowledge of those heroic leaders that have come before and the qualities that define a master battlefield tactician, Sentinel Maximus has risen in the darkest hours of Cybertron's past to protect its future. With a spark fusion catalyzed by the ancient Cybertronian supercomputer, Vector Sigma, Primal Prime and Apelinq made the ultimate sacrifice to bind their fates together to save their fellow Autobots against the diabolical Cryotek. Now in a powered armored transport, the vast arsenal at his disposal is second to none. Able to download virtual holographic items into reality, in addition to his power upgrade make Sentinel Maximus a perfect balance between soldier and leader. When greater speen and stealth is required, Sentinel Maximus can transfer his operating system into the auxiliary Autobot, Hyperlinq.
Abilities: In vehicle mode, stored Energon reserves can be redirected to his forward-mounted, dual-beam, quantum cannon. An aft-mounted digital ramp can be materialized for rudimentary launch pad for hard light constructs. In robot mode, wields shoulder mounted incendiary missile pods and hip-mounted concussive blasters. The extent of the former Apelinq's Transfer Interlink has yet to be explored, although the size of these construct seems to be constrained moreso than in previous times. The duration of their corporeal nature seems to have been diminished as well. Sentinel Maximus' operating efficiency seems to have increased tremendously. Some of his troops still believe he has a direct link to Vector Sigma.
Weaknesses: Sentinel Maximus has no known physical weaknesses. His speed is not the best over rough terrain, but his only real fault is his great compassion for others.
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