Star Saber

Series: Victory
Faction: Autobot
Subgroup: Brainmasters
Victory Star Saber gallery

Tech Specs

Leader of the Cybertron forces. The best swordsman in the universe, this mightiest of the Brainmaster warriors contains within him the symbol of good known as the "Courage Brain."

Total: 77
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Star Saber is considered to be the greatest Seibertronian swordsman to ever function. After leaving the Planet V he traveled from one end of the universe and back, enforcing justice wherever necessary. He has engaged in battles not only with the Destrons, but with any being who acts as a menace to the helpless. His righteous and honorable fighting style may be derived from the symbol of good that he carries within himself called "the Courage Brain". After traversing the galaxy for eons he returned to his fellow Seibertronians and become a part of the Cybertron army. When his predecessor God Ginrai stepped down from his position as Supreme Commander, Star Saber was first to be asked to take his place. This was an honor since he was asked by Ginrai himself. With the Saber Blade at his side and his troops ready to follow his every command, Star Saber is a formidable match for Deathsaurus and his Destron soldiers.
Abilities: Star Saber is not only the greatest swordsman in the universe but the most powerful Brainmaster as well. Star Saber can transform into a large jet capable of moving at incredible speeds and utilizing the powerful Saber Lasers. His weapon of choice is, and will always be, the Saber Blade. The Saber Blade is a massive sword he carries capable of slicing through the toughest of Destron armors. As a final attack Star Saber can gather the energy of an entire planet into his blade, transforming it into "the Planetary Impulse Sword". When powered up this attack can deliver a blow capable of destroying practically anything in its path. Star Saber can also merge with fellow Cybertron, Victory Leo (the reborn God Ginrai). The combination creates the powerful robot known as Victory Saber. In this form he is almost invincible.
Weaknesses: Though one of the most powerful Transformers to ever exist, Star Saber suffers from the same weakness as all the Supreme Commanders that came before him, a love for life. There is nothing more important to Star Saber than the lives of others, a weakness that can be easily manipulated by Deathsaurus and the wicked Destrons. Star Saber also is protective of his adopted human son, Jan. Like any father, his son's well being is of the highest priority to him.
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Cartoon Appearances

Star Saber appeared in the following 35 cartoon episodes:

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