Tasmanian Kid

Series: Beast Wars II
Faction: Maximal
Subgroup: Basic Beasts
Beast Wars II Tasmanian Kid gallery

Tech Specs

The idol and prankster figure of the Cybertrons, Kid nonetheless desires more than anyone else to be recognized as a full-fledged warrior. The actions that result from his ambitions often end up making a situation worse. He loves adventure and will often stay out overnight without permission, getting his fill of nature - and getting Lioconvoy mad at him as well. He has sharp teeth known as "Tasmania Fangs" and specializes in biting attacks.

Total: 49
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Marvel's Transformers Universe Profile

Profile: Though he prefers to be called just "Kid" he truly desires to become a full-fledged warrior. The others find this hard to believe since he spends most of his time throwing pranks, cracking jokes and just causing trouble everywhere he goes. Kid is often quick to try and prove himself to the other Maximals so they will hopefully view him as the warrior he wishes to be. His beast mode is also not his first choice. He was attempting to scan an eagle when a Tasmanian devil stepped in front of his DNA scanner. Never the less he thinks of the little creature as his friend and talks to it as if it could talk back. Though Kid usually causes trouble he always means well and is kind to the core.
Abilities: In beast mode Kid can transform into a large Tasmanian Devil. He is very quick on his feet and an excellent climber. This attribute comes in handy in thick jungle missions. His special attack is his use of the "Tasmanian Fangs" which are sharp enough to shred any enemy to bits if they are foolish enough to close in on him.
Weaknesses: Though not malicious by any means, Kid's carelessness and inexperience often make a bad situation worse. The other Maximals think he needs to mature a bit.
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