Bumblebee plays an Arcade game

The Ultimate Caption Contest

Bumblebee plays an Arcade game
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BG the Robit writes: Bee: Do you think she transforms so she can come home with me?
trailbreaker writes: Only white folks visit the arcades.
Angelbot writes: Hey, I've almost beaten Prowl's score!
hot rod 907 writes: Damn Nostra truck! must use oil slick, yes! a wepons truck! Dat's right, I got ammo 'n' I'm gonna pop a cap in yo ass!
soundwavegt writes: Oh yeah here we go!! Five Star Frog Splash on Triple H!!! 1, 2, 3, New world champ!! Damn I'm good at this!!!
Judynator writes: Bee: I victory!
Spike: Be done, Bee! Everybody thee holt you!
Bee: Shut up, idiot! I to play!
Unknown writes: I LOVE PINBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
SilentBlaster writes: Bumblebee was so interested in pacman that he played for a month.
Angie Prime writes: Bumblebee: Die, Wily, DIE!!
Spike: Hey! *I* wanted to be Protoman this time!!
Kamakaze Thrower writes: What Bumblebee does during free-time.
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alternator_hound writes: Girl: Look at his butt........it's just sooo...........BIG!!!! (Sir Mix-a-lot's "I like big butts" plays in the background)
Scatterlung writes: Bumblebee: D'ya think I'm related to PacMan, Spike?
Dclone Soundwave writes: (thinking) Gee, I wonder since my hands are the size of a human head, how do they fit around the joysticks?
Paynerâ„¢ writes: Spike thought it would be a good laugh to spray-paint 'kick me' on Bumblebees butt. Form an orderly line folks.....'
Roadshadow writes: Bumblebee: Just Pwned your ass, Scorpion!
Spike: It's not Mortal Kombat, BB, it's Robot Resistance. You play as Johnny Weedums and-
Bumblebee: Shut up, Spike. No one cares about you.
Not Sonic writes: bumblebee likes the taste of arcade machines
Zeedust writes: Bumblebee: "I think I'm in love."

Spike: "Um, Bee, people are waiting to play."

Bumblebee: "No! Keep your grimy hands off my girl!"
Exulted Unicron writes: Spike learns that standing next to a yellow bot playing an arcade game doesn't make you look any cooler
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Bumblebee,"OH,OH MY BACK.I threw it out again."
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Road Turtle writes: Spike, "Bumblebee! You're being surrounded by badly drawn people! And I've got club foot!"
Road Turtle writes: Bumblebee, "I suck at 'Robot Rescue', but I'm a Real Robot who Rescues for Real!"

Spike, "And you suck at that too."
shadowswiss writes: hey!!! which one of you -------s put superglue on this thing... a little help please???
BigDog Grim writes: Bumblebee - "Look Spike, what luck, an arcade with stupidly over-sized consoles for me and all the 9 foot people!"
darkwind25 writes: Bumblebee: Bleargg, gurhdkh, reigahdhasha;lh!!!!!! Aaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!
Spike: Like oh my God! Like gag me with a fork!
Bumblebee: Farrrtttttttttttttttttt, somebody farted in here!!! Aarrrggggghhh!!
scattershot78 writes: Bumblebee: " Hey Spike, I almost forgot. Prime said to get a gallon of milk and a loaf of bread on our way home."

Spike: "Yeah Bumblebee, now we've only got 2$ left after you've hogged the Robot Rescue game. Thank God your good
Acelister writes: Bumblebee: "Wait... I just spent hours on this gamewearing only a suit of armour and underwear, now its telling me that wasn't real and I have to finish it AGAIN?!"
Acelister writes: Bumblebee: "Are you sure you got to the final level?"
Spike: "Yeah, I got there tons of times. Everyone's gotten to the final level of Pac-man."
Bumblebee: "But I've been playing for 76 hours..."
Acelister writes: After cleaning out Spike's bank account, Bumblebee finally believed that the "Please Insert Coin" message would not disapear.
Road Turtle writes: Bumblebee, "Uh!!! I can beat Megatron, but I can't beat Bubble Bobble!"
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Road Turtle writes: "DO-YOU-WANT-TO-PLAY-A-GAME?"

Bumblebee, "Huh? I don't get it..."
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: Spike, no!!! Don't worry, Spike, I'll get you outta there!! Just hang on!!
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: This game is wierd. Humanoid turtles? It'll never catch on.
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: BB: All your base are belong to us? Who talks like that?
Spike: Soundwave.
BB: right, forgot about him for a second.
Mikemann writes: BB- Game make Bumblebee angry! Bumblebee smash!!!

Spike- Noooooooo! The manager will make me pay for it!
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Video Game(in electronic voice).,"Help,help rape.A rape is being committed.Some assistance is needed."

Bumblebee,"Oh give me a break I put three dollars worth of quarters into you I deserve something in return."
Marcus Rush writes: As the time passes, Bumblebee remains hypnotized by the great monitor and its many colors.. proving once more that back in the 1980's Fox was not as sophisticated as today..
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Spike,"Bumblebee for the last time this is not Teletran 1."
Acelister writes: Knowing Bumblebee would be back, the local kids put super glue on his favorite machine.
soletta writes: Bumblebee "This game is eating all my quarters! I'm going crazy!!!"

Arcade Machine Decepticon - heh heh heh, this psychological warfare is working perfectly -
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Kevinus Prime writes: "An X-Rated video game? Spike, you're a GENIUS!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Hey, PacMan and Ms. Pacman had a baby! And there's Jerry Fallwell complaining because they weren't married!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "Oh, my God! MOM?"
Kevinus Prime writes: After 4 beers, Bumblebee unexpecedly starts humping the jukebox.
Kevinus Prime writes: "Man, these Whack-A-Moles are FAST!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: The crowd was pretty annoyed that Bumble kept hogging the most popular game all to himself,but really who was gonna argue with a Volkswagon bug?
Seibertron writes: "Man that robot's got a big ass!"
GODCONVOYPRIME writes: In this exiting new action packed episode of the TransFormers, BumbleBee trains himself in the ancient art of the arcade in order to defeat the evil decepticon rumble in Pac man
Hitch writes: Bumble Bee, "Oooh, baby. You know you like that, don't cha' hunny..."
Spike, "Bumble Bee... thats not... uhh... Nevermind."
Bumble Bee, "You like it rough don't you sweet cheeks!"
Shermtron writes: Bumblebee spends his youth playing mortal combat
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1337W422102 writes: I won the Ultimate Caption Contest and all I got was this arcade machine.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Bumblebee was a little slow on the uptake.For weeks he swore the video game Robot Resistance was in reality the Decepticon Rumble.
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: Unfortunately, the crowd was violently dispersed when Bumblebee got to level 13 and the arcade machine came to life and ate him.
Vile MK III writes: SpikeL:"Still trying to beat my score on Street Fighter"
Bumblebee:"DAM IT! I hate you Sagat,my hadugon fireball sould of kiiled you!
Teen behind him:"Man that robot sucks"
DecepticonRedAlert writes: BB:You mean i got to put in a quarter
BB:Damn you tachnology
Screambug writes: One kid:(impatiently) "Bumblebee! Get your big yellow rump OUT OF THE WAY so we can play, too!"
saiyan_prime writes: Bumblebee: "Spike! Quick! How do I make Sub-Zero pull this guy's spine out?"

Spike: "Sorry Bumblebee, but thanks to Senator Leiberman, if I tell you, I'll be incarcerated"

Bumblebee: "Damn Republican Video Game Vio
Acelister writes: Bumblebee: "Come on, Spike! The Decepticon hideout is behind this machine!"
Spike: "I'm pushing!"
Castle74 writes: "..but he sure could play some mean pinball!"
DeltaSeeker writes: Crowd: First you eat all our pizza, and now you hog all our video games. That's it! You're banned from Chuck E Cheese!
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DeltaSeeker writes: Bumblebee: Spike, why are all the humans standing around me?

Spike: They're waiting for their turn to play. This is the only game in here that's still 25 cents!
DeltaSeeker writes: No one had every seen a robot puke on a video game machine, until now...
tonto jr writes: Ugh!... Are you mocking me in front of my friends, Robot Rescue?... Oh thats it! Let's take this outside... C'mon, transform!
darkwind25 writes: Spike: Yep, what you're playing here is the latest in 8-bit videogame technology. Are you..impressed?
Bumblebee: Dude, in 20 years the level of gaming will be raised to 256 bytes.
Spike: Yeah right, and there will be six more "Police Academy&q
Ravage XK writes: Only Bumbleebee was big enough to play on the giant arcade machines.
scattershot78 writes: Crowd (continued): there trying to turn him into a video game somehow.

Spike: What the @##@?! Bumblebee did you hear that!?

Bumblebee: .... uhhh rrr come on almost there level 44 baby....

Spike: Get your hands off the game buttbee we have some w
scattershot78 writes: Spike: Hey Bumblebee how about we go out crusing?

Bumblebee: Wait, I have to beat level 44 then I'll be able to put my name on the top scores list. Jazz is number 10 that way I'll knock him off.

Crowd: .... Jazz......? Is he that other tra
JazZeke writes: Bumblebee: "NOOOOOOOO!!"

Spike: "Oh calm down. Even if I had more quarters I wouldn't give them to you anyway."

"But I've been playing for two hours & I've just reached level 3!"

"Bumblebee? T
Chromia writes: Bumblebee, give it up. You're NOT gonna make it to level 4. And besides the humans are laughing at you.
Head Shot writes: Spike: when can i try"
Bumblebee: eh screw you, i was here first, and besides you and Carlie leave love stains almost every night in my backseat, so give me a break.
Spike: oh, uh...could you not say that so loud......there are people looking......
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Binaltech Bombshell writes: Spike: Ever since I was a young man, I played the silver ball...
Bumblebee: Your weak mind games won't work; hello, all-time 'Lock N Chase' high score!
Armbullet writes: Damn ghosts
Godfather Bluto writes: Spike:(To aduience) All right, if i hear one more robot sex joke im going to send u to the autobot torture chambers.
BB: What?
Spike: Just Shut up and nod. (BB nods and everyone flees.)
Jaw Crusher writes: Game voiceover: "Greetings, Starfighter! You have been recruited by the Star League to defend the Frontier against Xur and the Codan Armada..."
Bumblebee: "Eh, I've played this game before. Save your money, unless you want Julie Andr
Zeedust writes: Spike: "Hey, 'Bee? Don't look now, but I think some people noticed that you forgot about the whole 'robots in disguise' thing..."
Zeedust writes: Bumblebee: "Just go away... I can't let anyone see me like this."

Spike: "Dude, you forgot the DDR machine had a weight limit... No big deal. Now quit crying, you're making a scene."
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: That is the ugliest group of humans ever.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Bumblebee finds a new girlfriend.
Acelister writes: Bumblebee: "I can't see my guy moving..."
Spike: "Look down at the screen, your looking at the title board..."
Acelister writes: Spike has no feet...
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Unicron44 writes: Welcome back to E! True Hollywood. We're looking at the Transformer, Bumblebee.
Narator:After all his years of committment to the show, they decided to kill him off forever.
Bumblebee:It really hurt. After that Spike and I became addicted to vodca,
trailbreaker writes: Does Spike wear those stupid yellow boots everywhere he goes????
trailbreaker writes: Bumblebee spends another hour playing Gorf.
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Machine: I was going up to Heaven, but got lost along the way!
Bumblebee: Grampa? You've been reincarnated as...a "Pit Fighter" machine?!
Machine: Don't rub it in, boy.
GODCONVOYPRIME writes: Bumblebee: "I can't believe they have you parading your'e self around for small metal discs. you deserve better than this! come with me and I can free you from this twisted robot strip club my love!".
Spike: "uh, Bumblebee, ser
1337W422102 writes: Spike: Uh, Bumblebee, that's NOT what is meant by 'Insert Coin'...
BB: (grunts, humps machine) Oh, alright, just gimme a minute...
Spike: Dude, we're in PUBLIC!
BB: Alright, alright, I'll take it out. Uh oh...
Spike: (sigh) W
Arc the ZAKO writes: Bumblebee: Don't worry princess! I'll save you this time *Game over, bumblebee turns to some kid*
Bumblebee: Hey kid! I challenge you to MORTAL COMBAT! hose quarters...
Spike: Dude, its just a game...
Thanatos Prime writes: BB: Hey baby what are you doing later tonight?

Spike: Um... that's an arcade machine.
Thanatos Prime writes: BB: Hmm...umph...yeah!...crap!...errg...aaa...HA!

Spike: did you win?

BB: Yea- WHAT?? ROUND 2!? CRAP!!
Ryu-Shu writes: bb:i never knew that you humans go splat when ran over?!?
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Ryu-Shu writes: kids:hey let us play
bb:i said no!

bumblebee learnd how adicktove games are
Massdestruction writes: Bumblebee: So this is the MATRIX. All of us robots are just living in a virtual reality created by the humans. And you can control us with this joystick?

Spike: It was your choice to learn the truth, Bumblebee. You chose the red pill. I could not tell
1337W422102 writes: Bumblebee: "Hey! They made a Transformers videogame! And hey, it IS more fun to be a Decepticon!"

Spike: (tugging Bumblebee's arm) "Alright, I think you've had enough..."

Bumblebee: "Hee hee! DIE, PRIME!"
Amazon_Flarescythe writes: spike: come on bun=mblebee, wheeljack really needs that part.
bumblebee: ah, he can wait i want to try the dance dance revolution game i hear there's a song called bumblebee.
spike:*sigh* fine.
wavelength writes: bb:lend me 25p and i'll go already.

human:you've been saying that dor the last hour and you have used it on another game every time
Bat Primus writes: Bumblebee: " Take that! and that you impostor!"
Spike: "what are you talking about?"
Bumblebee; " They tought they could replace me with thar Hot Shot character they have something coming!"
Ravage XK writes: Bumblebee: "I cant help it kids, my hands and head are superglued to this thing."

Spike: "Yeah, and my shoulder.

Kid at back: " Quick, grab their wallets!!!!"
saiyan_prime writes: Spike: "Hey Bumblebee! Check it out! There's a Zoltar machine over there!"

Bumblebee: "All right! (inserts quarter)
I wish I was... BIG"
DeltaSeeker writes: Spike: Bumblebee, we really need to go.
Bumblebee: This thing is a Decepticon, I tell you! It stole all my change! Help me figure out how to transform it...
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Ultra Wheelshot writes: Bumblebee: Aw Spike just one more go
Spile: Time to go Bumblebee
Jazz: (Outside) I knew it was a mistake to bring Bumblebee here
Acelister writes: Spike: "Bumblebee, you've been playing this for six days straight... I think you need help..."
Bumblebee: "Yes I do, Spike... I need more change for this machine!"
Acelister writes: Bumblebee: "Don't worry! I'll save you!"
Spike: "Bumblebee, its just a video gam..."
Punk on the left: "Shut up, dude, its funnier this way!"
Acelister writes: Everyone gathered around the robot who couldn't beat level one.
Acelister writes: Bumblebee: "How do you access the Internet on this thing?"
Road Turtle writes: After Volkswagon rejected his Alternator/Binaltech figure, Bumblebee went on a drunken video game bindge. Spike could only watch helplessly as his canary yellow friend spent quarter after quarter....
Road Turtle writes: Bumblebee, "Transformers Armada? HEY! How come I'm not in it?!"
Ratbat writes: Hey Bumblebee! The crowd sure is glad to see you.
Ratbat writes: Bumblebee playing a video game is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! :)
jetty fire writes: Kids:hey C'mon move it.
Spike:Sorry kids not until he loses.
Bumblebee:oh yeah take that take this and some those.
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: All the kids gathered around,they had never seen a robot vomit on a video game after a drinking binge before.

Well except for Spike that is.
Pokejedservo writes: Bumblebee playing a bootleg of Robotron 2084? What has this world come to?
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