Starscream takes off his Optimus Prime costume

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Starscream takes off his Optimus Prime costume
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trailbreaker writes: "Yes Megatron, I got it on sale at Sears."
Bee's Girlfriend writes: Since Megatron won't let me lead the Decepticons, I shall lead YOU INSTEAD!!! BWAHAHA... oh, wait, I shouldn't have showed you me, should I've... Scrap.
weebot17 writes: It's just a prank bro
SillyMcGilly writes: Starscream: Boom! I am your leader now! Nyahahahahaha!
Optimum Supreme writes: I can't get this mask on thanks to these weird things that stick up out of my shoulders!
trailbreaker writes: "I have square boobies!"
KickBack84 writes: Starscream: "And I would've gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling kids!"
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Don't I look HORRIBLE? Like Prime?"
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Now, why did I goodify myself?"
StrawBirdy writes: Nope Chuck Testa!
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Skywarp64 writes: "I'll discard this outfit that gives me the exact appearance and voice of the sole enemy leader, and then never use it again! Great plan, right guys?"
gema writes: This is what 3rd party company should do
Taiya001 writes: Star: I know Megatron said we cannot participate in the earthlins Halloween but I cant resist. MY COSTUME WILL BEAT MEGATRONS!
hot rod 907 writes: oh, look at me! I'm Optimus Prime! I shamlessly re release my figure with a slight change and sell it as a new fig! I claim to worship Primus but I'm realy a Jew!
Stormraid writes: How do you like me now Elita-1?!
Mad_Mexicoy writes: HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!
Octocon writes: talk about a pretender
(tho no one ever asked)
starscream how did you get them shoulder struts to hide?
dutnam writes: Director: CUT! OK Prime that was great. Go to your trailer and relax. It's time to film the explosion scene now. Send in the Stunt Double.

Starscream: OH Crap!
dutnam writes: Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto! The time has come at last, to throw away this mask. Now every one can see, my true identity.....I'm!
dutnam writes: Hey, Watch me Trick Megatron out of his Energon Fruity Pebbles. heh heh heh.
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bringo writes: Even pretending to be Prime, Starscream found out that not only could people see through the disguise, but people still didn't like him at all...
Judynator writes: Starsfool in the Halowwen...^^
blank writes: starscream: oh look i'm a real robot in disguise
Unknown writes: I think I like this body better !
Fireblader writes: Megatron: "Today men we are going to be doing live-fire exercises with autobot drones"
Decepticons: "You want us to blast that optimus
Starscream: "Hey guy's, what do you think of my
prowllooker writes: Introducing the new double headmasters. Optimus Prime's head removes to reveals Starscreams head. Now the action really becomes alive!!!
Death Gunner writes: Screamer: Finally! I Have it!!!!!

Lousy Narrator: Arise, StarScreamius Prime

Human: This is the end of the Road!

StarScreamius Prime: Damn Movie Budget!
Death Gunner writes: Prime/Screamer: Now do you know Why I never player strip poker?
Death Gunner writes: Screamer: those daft Autobots will believe anything! I am like a transformer, robot in duisguise.
Matthias Kane writes: Heh, this is gonna so mess with the autobots heads.....
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bringo writes: You there can you help me with this mask...awww crap..
bringo writes: hehe, those jerks won't see through my disguise. Now to..awww crap..
Pyroteck writes: STARSCREAM: "Trick OR Treat"
Red_Sun writes: Wheeljack: Starscream wins! Fatality!
(This is actacly the same fatality of Liu Kang in MK: Deception)
alternator_hound writes: Thank goodness for those "Extreme Makeover" guys.
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Starscream: My Vocalizers messed up (optimus Prime) It keeps slipping into this stupid Optimus Prime mode (own voice) and theres no way of getting it (Optimus Prime) to stay (own voice) on my voice but this mask would fool Primes own creator.
Alpha Trion
Vardamir writes: Starscream: "ehm, i will get used to this!! i like to be prime, many girls asking my signature, and pose with them, ugh so glad i'd this suit!!!"
Operation Ravage writes: And now, we know were the bizarre sub-groups of the later years came from.

I present to you . . . Headmaster Pretender Doublespy Optimus Prime.
LeafsFan2005 writes: Starscream: Say, Megatron, why did you want ME to dress as Optimus Prime.

Megatron (in Wheeljack body): Well, if you hadn't taken off that head I would have gotten to make two of my dreams come true, you dolt.
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DarkMechJock writes: Decepticons: Robots in disguise
Scatterlung writes: Starscream: Wow! Even Prime's own creator couldn't tell the difference! I'm so glad Dirge caught me saying that on camera so it can be used as a plot device to foil our plan!
pontech writes: starscream: I'm the new pretender, I'm the new pretender.Soundwave in galvatron suit:So am I.
Draego writes: Starscream took the term 'head's up' far too seriously, resulting in him breakin cover.
Roadshadow writes: Optimus Prime's worst nightmare, Starscreamimus Prime holding Optimus's head as a trophy...

Starscream: It's a ball! C'mon, let's play kickball!

Optimus head: NOOOOO!!! It reminds me too much of my P.E. class!
Not Sonic writes: now im gonna take off my pants!
koalatron writes: Transformers the movie 2005!!!!!Optimus prime is infected by a virus and dies ...........again........then starscream rises from the DEAD!!!

Wheeljack:Oh no prime dont die.......wimper cry WAT!!!!head comes off
red_ensign writes: The newest Decepticon Craze: 1-pin bowling.
Laserbot writes: ::Linkinpark music plays in the back ground:: "Crawwling... in... my.. skin..."

SS: Shut up Soundwave!!!

SW: ::Holds costumes light up panals:: "Can't... cover... adio receptors!! Urrk..."
Zeedust writes: Reverse Convoy had a rough childhood.
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gauthic_angel7680 writes: Starscream: i think i will win the best prize this year at the halloween party.
Jazz: man you have to lay of the pipe Starscream. halloween doesn't come for another six month.
Starscream: I told you that i don't smoke anymore, i just snort!
Exulted Unicron writes: Scooby Doo 3: Guest Starring Screamer
Minicle writes: Starscream: Hehee, this is the last place Megatron will think to look for me.
Minicle writes: Optimus's head: Nobody, say, a word!
Screambug writes: Starscream: (gleefully) "It's HALLOWEEN TIME!!!"
Thundercracker: (in Wheeljack costume) "YAAAYYY!!! TRICK-OR-TREAT CANDY!!!"
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Starscream in...I think I'n a Prime now
DarkDranzer writes: SS: let's go to the Orphanage!!!

SW/WJ: Um...are you SURE Megatron won't see us?

SS: Nonsense the old coger's probably sorting through old photos of the good ol' days on Cybertron...

SW: I hope you're right..
Pokejedservo writes: Starscream is trying a LITTLE bit too hard to be Headmaster here huh?
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Optimus,"I just don't know Wheeljack,I woke up this morning,and found this...this wart."


Wheeljack,"I'll get Ironhide to freeze it off of you."

Shermtron writes: Starscream:and i will from the head of... psst starscream wrong show.
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Ultra Wheelshot writes: SS: Hey Akywarp do you a swap
WJ: Sure
SS: You are stupid sometimes

Yeah ok that was bad.
Chromia writes: Trick or treat?
Ryu-Shu writes: when bad deskiseses go bad
ss:megatron will never shot at me now hahahaha
star scream didn't know that megatron hated optimus prime more then him
Ryu-Shu writes: wj:so star scream u ready to optimus prime?
ss:i'm only doing this just to say "autobots transform and role out"
ss:u know how many other desepticons wanted to be optimus prime....
wj:all of them and for some reason megatron wa
Acelister writes: In this episode of Transformers, the part of Optimus Prime will be played by Starscream.
Wheeljack: "Hey Optimus, I've just made a..."
Starscream: "Wait, wait! I'm not ready yet!"
Acelister writes: Wheeljack: "No wonder Starscream always ruined the Decepticon's plans..."
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Budget cut-backs have meant that the roles of Optimus, Ratchet and Wheeljack are to be played by Decepticons
SS: I have first dibs on Prime
TC: (Off screen) Poor Soundave
BigDog Grim writes: SS - "Hey Baby, Do ya like ma new threads and Prime Head, You wanna go kill all humans?"

WJ - "Slow down, Jet-boy!"

SS - "Come on, your mouth says one thing, the lights on the side of your head says another."

WJ - &q
Acelister writes: Starscream, like Rumble, got a job for Crazy Jamal's Autobot Busts.
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Zenith Prime writes: WJ: are you trying to tell me you are an Prime impersonator, you prance around in youre room saying "roll out"
SS: whats it to you
WJ: it's allright I thought I was the only one.
(both hug each other)
BigDog Grim writes: Starscream -" Ha Ha, Underneath this mask I'm really Tom Cru..... AH DAMMIT, it didn't work!"
Hitch writes: SS, "Hurry up Soundwave! We're going to be late to the cosplay contest... AGAIN"
Thanatos Prime writes: WJ: Hey! You're not Optimus!
KaylaTheHedgehog writes: Starscream: I've heard about trying to get into an enemy's head, but this is flat-out ridiculous!
Byrerprime writes: Wheeljack: But it won't save you a lot of money on car insurance.
Eisen Mustang writes: With budget cut-backs, Optimus Prime was no longer affordable and Starscream was forced to make the sacrifice.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream,"One more operation,and my faction change operation will be complete!"

Wheeljack,"Hey don't you need to go to Switzerland for one of those?"

Starscream,"Shut up,don't bother me with details."
katalyst writes: OP/SS: "ahhhh the smell of fresh air in the morning..."

WJ: "What are you talking about? we're robots.. we don't need oxygen.. we need energon cubes..."
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katalyst writes: WJ: "Sooner or later they're all gonna figure it out you know..."

OP/SS: "I'm not yet ready to tell them.."
katalyst writes: WJ: "You know there's this scene from Star Wars: the Clone Wars where C3PO's head get's mixed up with some droid.. hmmm... and i thought i was having some kind of a deja vu..."
katalyst writes: Megatron: "Why do I get to disguise myself as Wheeljack and you get to disguise yourself as Prime?.."

Starscream: "You're lucky you didn't get bumblebee... or cosmos..."
Massdestruction writes: This was nothing compaired to the episode where Wheelie is revealed to be Fortress Maximus in disquise.
Kern writes: ...'Robots in DISGUISE', remember?
Kern writes: SS: Wheeljack, your head's a little too close to my groin for comfort.

WJ: Where MY head is is what you're worried about?!?
katalyst writes: Starscream: "I QUIT!!!..."
katalyst writes: Optimus: "Wheeljack, I can't seem to find starscream.. maybe if i lift my head up i'll get a better view... hmmm???"

Wheeljack: "Holy shmokes Optimus! Starscream!!!.. he's behind you... what the?!?! how the?!?!..."
katalyst writes: Wheeljack: "u wanna try applying as a mascot at mcdonalds?"

Starscream: "yeah yeah.. i tried to apply at mcdonalds as a mascot.. they said i was too big and evil.."
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Starscream: (singing)" I've got you, under my skin..."
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NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream,"If I sink this basket,you've got horse."

Wheeljack,"You gonna toss that rock,or flap your lips?"
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Weird, he's a lot bigger on the inside.
Kevinus Prime writes: Wheeljack:" Aw Screamer we knew it was you the whole time."
Starscream: "WHAT! HOW?"
Wheeljack: "Your wings are sticking out Prime's ass."
Kevinus Prime writes: Pretender Starscream makes his move!
Kevinus Prime writes: "I'm gonna score with the ladies tonite!"
Kevinus Prime writes: After sliding around the pole, Starscream begins his striptease....
Kevinus Prime writes: "LOOK! It's Jennifer Wilbanks!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "WHEW! For a moment there I was afraid it was gonna be Wheelie!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "...AND it comes with a working Matrix! It can be yours for only $149.99!"
Kevinus Prime writes: "OK, Rumble, you can get out of the Wheeljack costume now!"
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DeltaOmega writes: Ha! i told you two heads were better than one.
Kern writes: Finaly I get to be inside Optimus...
Kern writes: For the annual Decepticon fancy dress ball, Starscream decided to combine his Optimus costume with his favourite book character, Zaphod Beeblebrox...
Kern writes: WJ: Where're your wings?

SS: I really, really don't want to talk about it...
Kern writes: April Fools!

Wait... probably shouldn't have done that inside Autobot City...
Kern writes: ...what?
Binaltech Bombshell writes: Starscream: With this disguise, I'll get some Energon Trix for sure!
Kern writes: Heads up!
Omega Sentinel writes: Hey Wheeljack...Does this Prime suit make me look fat?
Brakethrough writes: "It wasn't Optimus after all! It was Old Man Starscream from the abandoned airfield!"

"And I would've gotten away with it, if it wrren't for you meddlin' kids!"
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Kern writes: Lamest. Periscope. Ever...
Kern writes: Well, you did say to get ahead in life...
Kern writes: I can't wait to see Megatrons' face...
darkwind25 writes: Wheeljack: is Starscream?! Aaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
Starscream: Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!!!!!!
Road Turtle writes: Prime's Head, "...In Your Eyes, The Light the Heat, In Your Eyes, I Feel Complete, In Your Eyes, I See the Doorway..."

Wheeljack, "I shouldn't Say Anything, but your no John Cusack."
1337W422102 writes: "I won the Caption Contest and all I got was this Prime suit"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Prime,"Starscream this whole remake of 'The Thing With Two Heads' sucks."

Starscream,"I call Rosey Greer!"
Cyclopian Visions writes: It's new Primus twist....

Predagade writes: trick or treat
Ultra Wheelshot writes: SS: That creep Megatron
WJ: It ain't that bad screamer
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energonexpress writes: GET EXTREME, with new gear from Hasbro.

The Optimus Prime paintball armor set comes with everything you see here, including realistically styled helmet and chromed grille. Wheeljack accessories sold seperately.
energonexpress writes: Prime: Wheeljack, didn't I ask you to stop those transporter experiments?

Wheeljack: Aw slag

Starscream: At least I don't look as stupid as Megatron did when he was fused with Rachet.
energonexpress writes: Wheeljack: Take the shot screamer, there's only 3 seconds left on the clock!
energonexpress writes: Wheeljack: And who wants to bid on the carcass of Optimus Prime, worn by our lovely model Starscream? Going once, going twice....sold to the protoform called Scourge.

Scourge: What? I'm tellin' you guys, it's gonna be cool. Lemme us
energonexpress writes: Transformers theater presents: The Lion King

Starscream: It's the circle of liiiiifffeee.....
Wheeljack: Why'd I have to be the monkey?

Lioconvoy: Looks like they did it again. We're absolutely perfect for the parts and they pull so
energonexpress writes: UNMASKED!:
Starscream and Optimus Prime are twin brothers!?!
Magnus was adopted!!!
Exclusive photo of Wheeljack's real face on page 8!!!
A'Arab Zaraq writes: "Get on with Ceremony!" *root toot toot* "...As your NEW LEADER!..."
Q42 writes: SS: "Blast it! How did you know it was me?!?"

WJ: "Well, that high-pitched evil cackle, your big red shoulder jet intakes, and that plug-ugly Optimus mask you walked in with were kind of a dead giveaway...."
Road Turtle writes: Wheeljack, "Never mind where he put his wings, where did he put the trailer!?"
Powermaster Jazz writes: Megatron: How did you fit in that Prime disguise?
Starscream: Forget that! Don't you want to know how I was in the disguise while I was also attacking myself? Aye there's the rub!
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Russimus Prime writes: Behold: Star Convoy
Castle74 writes: Starscream:..and I woud've got away with it too if it wasn't for those meddling kids and that dog!
1337W422102 writes: Half Optimus, half Starscream? Half truck, half jet? I guess that would explain Galaxy Convoy...
SeekerInAFakeMoustache writes: The Autobots were relieved to discover that, while Starscream was not *really* Optimus Prime, he had, in fact, stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.
elmekia writes: Starscream's last ditch effort in trying to impress Arcee was foiled by an undersized Optimus headgear.
1337W422102 writes: Starscreamus Prime: Let this mark the end of the Cybertronian wars as Wheeljack attached us to eachother when we were sleeping. Needless to say, I decapitated him and Prime. To celebrate, we're all goin' out for Energon drinks! DECEPTIBOTS, R
spider_j writes: Like all headmasters, the Optimus and Starscream models come with interchangable heads and floating Wheeljack busts. Yours at a low low price of $49.49!
Ryu-Shu writes: starscream:no wonder he has a face plate u can't say his lines and keep a straight face
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Starscream singing,"I feel pretty,oh so pretty,and witty and gayyyyy..."
Amazon_Flarescythe writes: ss: can i come out of this ridiculous costume?
director: we still have every other episode to do.
ss: how many times does this guy die? and what's with coming back the next episode?
director: umm...we lost count.
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The Crab writes: Ed Gein, eat your heart out.
Dragontron88 writes: Megatron- Oh Starscream!, You bastard I almost blasted you, oh what the hell (Explosion)
Ryu-Shu writes: StarScream:they say everyone needs a understudy
Acelister writes: Starscream: "Thank you for the costume, Wheeljack. Now I shall win the Best Costume award at the Decepticon Ball! MWAHAHAHA!"
Arc the ZAKO writes: Starscream: Trick or treat! Smell my feet! Give me something good to eat!
Wheeljack: I'll give you something to eat alright! How's bout a knuckle sandwich?!
*Starts beating the living crap out of Starscream*
Zeedust writes: Wheeljack: "Starscream!"

Starscream: "Um... Would you believe I'm Wing Saber?"
Warhead writes: Damn,its hot in there
cecilia writes: Okay, I usually cosplay as weird things but this takes the prize!!
A cosplayer with a prime costume and a starscream head!!
Thanatos Prime writes: Will the real Optimus please stand up?
009* writes: I'd hate to think about where Starcream retracted his wings to be able to wear that. For that matter, how can Starscream even fit into an Optimus Prime costume to begin with?
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trailbreaker writes: Why didn't the Decepticons do this more often?
Acelister writes: Clark Kent has nothing on Starscream's alter-ego disguise.
Acelister writes: The real cause of Wheeljack's death in Transformers: The Movie. He knew too much...
Acelister writes: Starscream: "Why is the film called 'Psycho'? It's a brilliant idea! I'll dress up in Optimus Prime's chassis!"
Wheeljack: "But Prime's not dead!"
Starscream: "We'll see..."
Starbeam writes: Megatron's worst nightmare.
saiyan_prime writes: Starscream is inspired by The Silence of The Lambs......."Hey....that Lecter guy had a good idea! Wearing other bots' faces is fun!"
Acelister writes: Starscream: "I don't know what is more worrying... The fact MEgatron wants me in his bedroom, or the fact he wants me to wear this..."
Acelister writes: Starscream: "Can we wrap this up quickly, darlings? I'm due at the Apollo in ten minutes for the lead role in Romeo and Juliet..."
Acelister writes: Starscream: "Now that I've sent the Autobot's to thier doom, I can take this costume off..."
Wheeljack: "Hey Optimus, I... Wait a minute..."
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Acelister writes: Starscream: "Does this make me a triple-changer?"
g2jazz writes: starscream: optimus called this morning that he was sick to come. so that is why he asked me to fill his place till he gets better.
Ryu-Shu writes: optimus prime: look guys i have a secret to tell u all...i'm not optimus prime i'm realy starscream
hound:that explains alot
Dragonoth writes: This is the best Haloween costume ever! *archive pic*
Acelister writes: Beadle's About got a new lease of life when they hired Starscream to present instead of ol' Jeremy.
Acelister writes: Starscream: "At least this costume isn't based on Pat Lee's Optimus. I don't have the breasts to carry that off."
Acelister writes: With budget cuts, Prime's fee's were unresonable, but ever ready, Hasbro and Marvel had a great idea...
Starscream: "So in this movie, I have to act 2 death scene's?"
Wheeljack: "Don't complain, at least you get a par
Acelister writes: When Prime couldn't turn up after a long night out, Starscream had to act in his place.
ReinaHW writes: "Cool costume, but damn does it chafe!"
ReinaHW writes: After his constant failures in becoming the Decepticon leader, Starscream decided to try a new trick: "Optimus Prime is dead! Long live Starscream Prime!" "Just another 20 years and he'll be dust, we just have to hold out that long&
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Pristine_Matrix writes: Once again, Optimus Prime regretted putting himself forward to play in this years Fancy Dress Volley Ball Tournament.
Pristine_Matrix writes: Starscream: "Hmmmm. I dont know. The Wheeljack mask only kinda went with this costume. Just let me try the Optimus Prime mask. I swear, it'll only take 2 minutes, and then we can go to the party."
Pristine_Matrix writes: Tonite on MTV, a hart hitting documentary about the most famours Transformer of all time. "Optimus Prime: Behind the Mask"
Road Turtle writes: WheelJack, "I call it 'Power Linx' technology!"

Prime's head, "WheelJack...You're an idiot!"
Road Turtle writes: Prime's first attempt to Power Linx failed with horrific results.
Road Turtle writes: "I am now Scream-Convoy!"
Road Turtle writes: Starscream, "What? Where you expecting Peter Cullen?"
Road Turtle writes: Running out of ideas; Starscream tries, yet again, to overthrow Megatron.
Ultra Wheelshot writes: SS: When I lower this mask my transformation into Optimus Prime will be complete
Wheeljack (to himself) Please Primus make this stop
SS: Praying for divine itervention won't work Wheeljack (Puts mask on)
Wheeljack (sighs)
XeroSyphon writes: Starscream: "Does this make me look fat?"

Wheeljack: "No, it's that 2 tonne front grille that makes you look fat"
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scattershot78 writes: SS: I love riding my Harley in my Optimus Prime costume but DAMN does his helmet get my head hot and steaming.

WJ: Whats that ? ( about to kick SS in the rear ) .... Another decepticon trying to get past our defences.

SS: Oh no, I'm joining the
elmekia writes: It would take a while for Starscream to realise that practising in an Optimus costume would not give him the skills to open the Matrix.
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Primescream,"Ahhh man my Optimus cookie jar is empty."
jetty fire writes: Happy Halloween
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: Little do people realize that this is actually a scene in a season 4 episode, which explains how Optimus came back to life. He didn't.
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: Further proof that any ol' G1 Decpticon is far superior to any RID Predacon.
JazZeke writes: Since he couldn't rule the Decepticons, Starscream decided to try his hand at bossing around the Autobots. In return for his help, Scream promised Wheelie he would be given Wheeljack's body.
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: SS: This mask would fool Prime's own creator....

In fact, *walks up to Alpha Trion* Hi pops! Let's go back to wheeljack's lab & do the wild toaster dance.

That's not funny Starscream......
*shoots Starscream i
dolenarda writes: Starscream:"For my next trick....maybe not"
Nemesis Cyberplex writes: SS: Maybe now I can get away from those screaming fan girls....
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Zeedust writes: Unbeknownst to all but a few hardcore fanboys, the lost episode of Scooby Doo was a Transformers Crossover.
Jaw Crusher writes: "Note To Hasbro: This Optimus Prime Voice Changers sucks!"
Amazon_Flarescythe writes: starscream: yes it still fits....hehehe.
wheeljack: do i want to know why...*whispers to himself as he spots starscream putting on his optimus suit*
*starscream's secret hobbie other then dethroning megatron*
Chromia writes: And not only is this not Diet Coke, but I'm not Optimus Prime...

scattershot78 writes: Starscream: " I'll get way more candy dressing up as Optimus Prime rather than by dumb old self!"

Soundwave (laughing): " Yeah and I'll get way more too as Wheeljack."
Mystery writes: Starscream: Ha ha! April Fools', puny Autobots!
Wheeljack: Uh, Starscream, it's April 25th. April Fools' day is on April 1st.
Starscream: I loathe Earth holidays.
Head Shot writes: heeeeeeres starscream
Godfather Bluto writes: SS: Elita, now u soon shall be mine.
Whelljack spots Prime with no armor tied up and gagged in a cornor.
Marv writes: Okay Starscream, we´ll just have to shoot this one scene in which Optimus steals candy from a defenceless little Protoform, and then our propaganda film´ll be complete!
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Marv writes: Optimus: Matrixc help me! I am my own worst enemy! ...well, not actually the `worst` of my ebnemies, but an enemy nontheless...
Marv writes: You look cute in just that towel Prime, WAHAHAHAH!!!!
Marv writes: optimus: You! It was you who stole my luggage at the airport!
Starscream: heheh!
Marv writes: Wheeljack: Prime! Starscream broke into your closet!!!!
Marv writes: Now to think of a cool new name...Scourge! Yeah, that´s a great name! And oh yeah, I´ll paint the costume black! That´ll look cool!
Marv writes: Optimus: Yes Wheeljack, this is my darkest secret...I am the fourth Decepticon Seeker repaint!!!
Marv writes: ...and with this costume, I too shall become popular!!!!
Marv writes: Soundwave and Starscream getting ready for Haloween. When they came to Megatron´s house, the results were tragic...
Marv writes: No Wheeljack! *I* AM YOUR FATHER!!!!!!!!!
Marv writes: After Megatron had won the war, he could finally endulge in his true passion; abstract scupltures made from his enemies!
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Marv writes: Cut to reverse image of Starscream ripping his mask of, revealing Prime´s head...
Marv writes: Stop shooting! It´s just a costume! Sheez, can´t you take a little joke Megs?
Marv writes: Starscream, body snatcher!
Marv writes: Yes Megatron, `Optimus Prime´ was me all along!!! MUHAHAH!!!!
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Starscream: I have the head of Optimus Prime, Megatron will be pleased
Wheeljack: Not a good move
Starscream: Who dressed me up as Optimus Prime?
wavelength writes: starscream transform[insert pic of truck cab with vents on top] wheeljack why did you no incorperate these in.
Tusko writes: The original Pretender Starscream with rare varient floating Wheeljack head.
Thanatos Prime writes: Optimus then proceeds in taking off his Starscream mask
Thanatos Prime writes: Wheeljack: I thought Pretender shells we're supposed to look organic.

Starscream: What? This is way better I swear.
DeltaSeeker writes: Starscream: Aw, how'd you know it was me?
Wheeljack: Prime doesn't have shoulder vents.
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overdrive writes: ... and i would've got away with too, if it wasn't for you pesky autobots...
Ravage XK writes: "Optimus Prime, Starscream. COMBINE!!!!"
Bat Primus writes: Starscream: " I am the first Reverse Convoy. Megatron eat your spark out!"
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Little did Starscream know that Wheeljakc was actually Thundercracker
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Starscream: Damn I need to get used to this
Wheeljack:Shut up and put the mask back on Starscream
Starscream: (sighs)
Optimus (Off screen and in Starscream costume) You can't win 'em all
Suzuki writes: DIRECTOR: Okay, time for the scene where Optimus gets fatally shot by Megatron! Bring in the "double"!
STARSCREAM(Daffy Duck): D-d-double?!?
Road Turtle writes: Kinda like a bad episode of Scooby Doo.
Road Turtle writes: Look! It's a Transformer, with a Transformer inside!
"Pretenders Hide the Transformers Inside!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Wheeljack,"Whoa that is one sweet Halloween costume your sporting Starscream.Wait.STARSCREAM! BLAST HIM IRONHIDE!"
Ratbat writes: SURPRISE, AUTOBOTS!!! It's your worst nightmare--STARSCREAM!
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Ratbat writes: Heh heh heh! I can easily impersonate the Autobots' greatest leader--OPTIMUS PRIME!!!
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Transformers Podcast: Twincast / Podcast #186 - NYCC 2017
Twincast / Podcast #186:
"NYCC 2017"
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Posted: Monday, October 16th, 2017
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