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Fine dining ...
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Rainmaker writes: Skullcruncher: This is not easy to digest, waiter! I told you I have a touchy stomach!
Shuttershock writes: Looks like Freeway could use some...*puts on sunglasses*...GATOR AID.
gema writes: It's just a brand, crocodile, not LITERALLY!!
Zeedust writes: This caption contest picture is retroactively dedicated o the loving memory of Steve Irwin. We'll miss you, Crazy Australian Guy.
DestronMatrix writes: "crikey He's bitting me Leg off"
Demonic Femme writes: "Aw-damn! That things breath really stinks! Oh my- ugh... think I'm gonna-" B'LEEEHHH!!!
Demonic Femme writes: Freeway, "Ar-Are you sure this thing's programmed to be nice?"
"Positive- he's really friendly! He just want you to feed him."
Magnus writes: Goldbug: "You wouldn't want to try this at home, but not to worry, folks. Freeway is a trained professional."

Freeway: "He's trying to eat me, you idiot! For the love of God, somebody get me out of here!"

Goldbug: "
Zeedust writes: And this, folks, is a demonstration of why beast modes are more useful than vehicle modes.
Unknown writes: Hey, you wanna leg or a wing?
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Unknown writes: CRICKEY!! look at the size of this beauty!
Unknown writes: Skullcruncher: Mmm, Throttlebots! My favorite these days! I think they're even better than Minibots! CHOMP!
Freeway: Get yer jaws off my leg, freak!
Zeedust writes: "Wait, if you're named Skullcruncher, shouldn't you be biting off my... Wait, no, forget I said anything!"
Beast Simpson writes: You cut me deep Skullcruncher. You cut me deep just now.
Unknown writes: WAke up... IM not a chicken wing
Unknown writes: Delicious and nutritious, tastes just like chicken!! ^_^
Unknown writes: How come it's so easy for Steve Irwin?!
Unknown writes: Lake Placid, transformer style!
Unknown writes: Lemme guess the wife is on strike again.
Unknown writes: SC:"My favorite part of the Decepticon, the leg!"
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Dynamus Prime writes: I love chickens, Eddy!
Dynamus Prime writes: GET THE $#%@ OFF MY LEG, YOU CRAZY TOURIST!!
Pokejedservo writes: Ehhh...lets just say that the cybertronian version of "Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course, The" is NOT going too well...
Unknown writes: Cranky!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Fetch Freeway Skullcruncher... ...good boy!
Unknown writes: Damn it! This isnt how it went with the Crocodile Hunter!!
Unknown writes: Skullcruncher: I got leegs, I know how to use them Freeway: Last time I give you a ZZ top CD!
Unknown writes: Momma said i need my iron!!
Unknown writes: Skullcruncher: Hey! can you get your foot out now? The shooting is over!
Freeway: Thats easy for you to say! You open your mouth first so I can get my leg back you stupid croc!
Thunderstreak writes: Mmmm! Popeye's chicken!
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Unknown writes: Scullcruncher you dumb ass!! when I said BITE ME i didn't mean it literally!!!
Silverwolf writes: Dude. That's my leg. Get in a little closer.... more to the right..... perfect. COMENCE SUCKING!
Unknown writes: Skullcruncher:"And when I get hold of Steve
'Crocodile Hunter' Irwin, I'm gonna do THIS!!!"
Freeway"Well I aint HIM!!!YAAAAAAAHH!!!!"
Unknown writes: eat an autobot a day and keep the doctor away
Ultimate Optimus writes: Got yer bid toe!!!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Yeah boy, gimme those roller skates he has on too!
Unknown writes: I'm sick of eating humans and junk all day, time to eat Autobots instead!
Unknown writes: Mmmmm...I just love the taste of an Autobot! :D
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Good Fetch BOy!!
Dynamus Prime writes: Not as good as chicken legs, but they'll do.
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Stelartron writes: Skullcruncher: Hey, guys! Look what I got on E-bay! And in C-9 condition too! *cruch* Uhhhh...make that C-6 condition.
Unknown writes: SKULLCRUNCHER: I'm sick of hearing about taking a bite out of crime. I'M CRIME TAKING A BITE OUT OF YOU,FREEWAY!
Unknown writes: hmm, the guy at the mall said these snap on ankle braclets take a bit of getting used too.
Unknown writes: I found you!!!
Unknown writes: Freeway: Thanks Skullcruncher, that'll get the kinks out
Snake writes: apeface : no stupid goldbug not freeway , stupid stupid dog
Unknown writes: Thanksgiving at the Decepticons
Save me a drumstick Skullcruncher
Jackpot writes: Strangely, Skullcruncher found he arrived later when he took the Freeway to work.
Unknown writes: G'day! I'm Steve Irwin: PREDACON HUNTER!
Unknown writes: You can't eat me! I'm Sharon Stone's husband!
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Optimus writes: AHHHHHHHHH!!! Get it off me man! GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!!!!
Unknown writes: The stick boy , go fetch the stick! No not my leg you stupid reptile!
Unknown writes: Skullcruncher with Yogi Bear Voice: I can't believe my tummy, and it's yummy yummy yummy.
Kickback writes: Freeway's about to join his fellow throttlebots
Unknown writes: Freeway: Crikey!
Unknown writes: mmmm.... Autobot drum stick.
Ground Zero writes: Freeway: (Crocodile Hunter voice) An' eah we have one mean Decepticon croc lyin' eah! Ah, buggah! He bit mae!
Unknown writes: Dude, I don't go that way ;)
Unknown writes: hmmm....a but stringy a little much on the spice and way to dry but other than that every well done
Duo writes: where is crocodile dundee when you need the bastard!
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Unknown writes: Skullcruncher was well aware that iron was essential to a well-balanced diet.
Unknown writes: Thottlebots are good...I guanuteee
God Fire Convoy writes: *cowboy voice* Look ma! I cought me a nice big piece of cheese!
Unknown writes: (Fat Bastard voice): Get in my belly!
Unknown writes: quick!!! Grab his shoes!!!
Protofire writes: Anyone have Dental FLoss? I seem to have something stuck in my teeth...
Unknown writes: Mmmmm...nothing like a tasty Autobot to fill my belly!
Scrapper writes: Needs salt
Unknown writes: MMM...tastes like chickenbot.
jamie writes: Left a bit, ah, that's better.
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Unknown writes: strange things are "afoot" around here
Raiden writes: dont worry i do this all the time
Unknown writes: 曙
Unknown writes: Skullcruncher: I want your roller skates
Freeway:Hey I'm kinda attached to 'em...literally.
Skullcruncher: Fine! We'll do this the hard way...
Freeway: Ouchie!
devil prime writes: That's it. Keep pulling and you'll have my leg snapped back into position any minute now
Maxie-Astrotrain writes: Freeway: Damn!! Where is the Croc hunter when you want him? Steve: Im right here mate! folks as you can observe..
Bombshell writes: Skullcruncher:For lunch, I'll have the leg of Freeway, and for dessert, I'll have the rest of him.
Unknown writes: Yummy! Throttlebot!
DrSpengler writes: Is it just me or is something hanging off my leg? Eh, guess I'm just imagining things.
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