Galvatron & Soundwave hold hands

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Galvatron & Soundwave hold hands
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trailbreaker writes: Cute couple.
Nacelle writes: And iiiiiiiiiiii will always love youuuy
SW: But I LOVE you!
M: B****!!!!!!!!!
Kurona writes: Fools! Galvatron can have any romantic partner he wants!
Venowtron writes: Soundwave: Come fly with me, Come fly with me, Lets Fly away
Galvatron: I knew I shouldn't have killed Starscream
Optimum Supreme writes: At last, the true reason for the war on Cybertron is revealed, Optimus Prime opposes gay robot marriage.
Ravage XK writes: I have bad gas.
Frenchhorngirl writes: "I knew your whole thing with Starscream was all fake. I love you so much!"
Aurinium writes: Soundwave: Request: I wish to hold hands with you, Lord Galvatron....Non-homosexual... I just have this terrible fear of shrubbery.

Galvatron: NGH..! FINE...First let me put on my manly face just so no one gets any ideas....
Aurinium writes: Galvatron: And until you've learned your lesson, Cyclonus, I'm holding hands with Soundwave from now on! Now you'll think TWICE before disappointing me!
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Transformation619 writes: Galvatron: Were on war, and if we die, let's both hold hands before our friendship die...
Soundwave: Umm...Okay?
Thunderboomer writes: Galvatron: When I find out who put superglue on my hand..
Soundwave: Sensors indicate new feeling of wholeness..for the first time I feel like myself
Galvatron: ...........
Soundwave: Rrr..Umm..Ratbat Eject..Operation Retrieval, Object Hot Water
Zeedust writes: Galvatron: "..two... three! Big Green Bush is down! The winner, and NEW champion, the sinister sultan of sound, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUD WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE!" *Raises Soundwave's hand like at the end of a boxing matc
Scatterlung writes: Galvatron: I cant believe I got YOU on BLind Date! And what the pit is that smell? You farted, Soundwave?
Zeedust writes: Galvatron: "You're like a brother to ne, Soundwave..."

Soundwave: "How the hell can robots have siblings?"

Galvatron: "Shut up! You're ruining the moment!"
Not Sonic writes: now sound hold my hand so u dont get lost
Demonic Femme writes: Galvatron,"Great, now our hands are stuck! Come with me Soundwave, I'll saw your hand off!
Soundwave, "Negative- do not commence Galvatron!"
DarkDranzer writes: *What pees Galvatron off: Take 1:*
Broadside: Galvatron and Soundwave sittin' in a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G!! First comes love then comes marriage then comes around a baby in a baby carriage!!


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Towline writes: While we're in Massucuetts. Let's get hitched.
Zeedust writes: Galvatron: "Beware, Autobots! We now fart vast clouds of green smoke!"

Soundwave: "Ph33r 0ur l337 1|\|D!g3$t!0n $killz!!!111oneone"
juggaloG writes: G: Keep your guns trained on the Autobots, you slaggin' idiot!
S: (to himself) I wish Megatron was here.
Kal-Seth writes: Galvatron: Look at those dirty hippies they wanna save this plnaet but all they do is smoke pot and smell bad .... say whats that lovely odor?
Kal-Seth writes: Love is blind and obviously has poor taste
Zeedust writes: Soundwave and Galvatron face off aiagns each other in the newest X-treme Sports event... Midair Kamikaze Dive Arm Wrestling! (I'm sure some of the REAL ones are WORSE...)
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Y'know, 'Wave...can I call you 'Wave? This Earth-cartoon called "Peter Pan" has got me thinking...
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Soon Soundwave, I shall rule this pathetic...
Cyclonus: Er... Galvatron, we're all getting worried about you and Soundwave holding hands...
Galvatron: Eh? Nonsense! We're merely exchanging vital proteins!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET THIS PICTURE OF US OPTIMUS???? Optimus Prime: Heh, heh, heh... Soundwave: Wh-wh-wh-what the hell happened???? I don't remember that!!!! Optimus Prime: Alcohol can be very humbling, can't it?
Shadow Fox writes: Galvatron- We go out there together or not at all!!!

Soundwave- I love you!!!
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Zu Darkness writes: Everybody needs somebody somehow...Everybody needs to love somebody some how
Unknown writes: this maaaAgic moment...
Zeedust writes: "The Decepticons who say 'Ni!' demand... A SHRUBBERY!"
Unknown writes: Galvatron: That fool Starscream is gonna pay for that miserable super-glue joke.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: And THIS is how you aim your concussion cannon, Soundwave! Soundwave: I'm so lucky to have you as my leader, Galvatron!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Soundwave, no matter what I've said: I've always sort of liked you.
Soundwave: Galvatron, I used your cannon to unclog my toilet....
Galvatron lets go of Soundwave's hand and shoots him.
Unknown writes: Soundwave, you complete me!
Unknown writes: We've got to stick together.
Bruticus writes: Galvatron: "I can't believe I stayed so long with that loser Cyclonus. You're all I need, Soundwave. You're smart--clear--consice--and a single father. What more can I ask for?"
Unknown writes: Galvatron: soundwave... give me head! Soundwave: As you command great Galvatron!
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Unknown writes: Soundwave: Galvatron, do you want to marry me?.....
Galvatron: Nope..... I won't marry a fool who's dumb enough to get his tape erased by Blaster. But never mind, soundi, I'll find someone.
Beast Simpson writes: Galv: Now if anyone asks, were sharing energon strands...
Unknown writes: galvatron: soundwave you will have to do.soundwave
:why are not there female decepticons
Unknown writes: It's Decepticon mating season.
Unknown writes: Without Starscream around, someone had to be the b****.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Soundwave, lets go make sweet love together.
Soundwave: As you command, Galvatron
Muse writes: Isn't it amazing? Even though we are more than 15 feet tall we can still hide in bushes!
Unknown writes: Soundwave: You know, Galvatron? I think this is the begining of a re-newed friendship. (whispers)So, you think I can be second-in-command now? Galvatron: Shut up and hang on, or you'll end up as a Decepti-pancake! Soundwave: Slaggit!
Unknown writes: Thanks to the magic pixie dust and thinking happy thoughts, Soudwave can join Galvatron in Neverland!
Unknown writes: Soundwave: "Oh god, not this again. This is why we need some females around here..."
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tfpredaking writes: "Some day we'll find it, the Rainbow connection"
Convoy_X writes: SW: ,but Galvitron I CAN fly...
Galv: Shut up your killing the mood.
Unknown writes: Throught the rich golden taste of minutemaid orange juice they found each other.
Manchester Devil writes: Soundwave: Megatron was never this 'friendly'...Damnit Galvatron! I got ho's to pimp!
frank writes: Galvatron ready to make some "energon" with Soundwave....
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Soundawave, I told you: I AM MARRIED!! Nightpaw: I can justify that.
Unknown writes: Soundwave: I told you it was over Galvatron so dont push it , no pun intended
Unknown writes: Soundwave: I told you it was over in Boston Galvatron
Unknown writes: Why Soundwave was never allowed to play with Crazy Glue again.
Razorwing writes: g:im gonna use my fusion cannon to probe u sounwave s:(with a smile on his face) as u please galvatron
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that guy writes: Wonder twin powers! Activate!(I swear you people,as you can see they are clearly flying out a forest ei,soundwave no can fly but Galv can. dugh! ^.^)
Unknown writes: G:Lets go have sex Soundwave. S:As u command Galvatron.
Unknown writes: G:Why are u holding my hand?! O thats enough talk, lets have sex!
Unknown writes: Galvatron and Soundwave got married.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: I love you.
Soundwave: I love you to.
Omega Supreme writes: Galvatron: Soundwave,why are you holding my hand?
Soundwave: Okay I admit Iam gay,you happy now?
Galvatron: O_o
Unknown writes: Soundwave, did you bring some M&Ms like I told you too. I love candy and i love..... you. Yeah, i said it. I LOVE YOU!! Soundwave:What da hell!!!!!! Whats wrong with you. I mean it should come as no surprise. You do wear purple for cryin out loud.
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Soundwave, you idiot! I warned you to wash your hands after putting together your model planes! Soundwave: Well Sorr-E!
Blitzwing writes: Galvatron:Thats it. Its embarrasing to go to old high school reunions like this. Make a note Soundwave, we must either kidnap the Autobots fem bots or build our own.
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Unknown writes: Galvatron: Soundwave, why didn't you tell me you cared so much when I was Megatron? Soundwave: I don't. I'm getting back at Cyclonus because HE'S been spending so much time with Scourge...
Blitzkrieg writes: Galvatron: "Listen up, Soundwave! The moment we spot Bill Gates, we jump him, grab his money, and then run like hell, 'kay?" Soundwave (sighs): "Whatever you say, Galvatron."
Unknown writes: Soundwave:"Galvatron*gag*...What is that terrible SMELL?"
Galvatron:"I went out drinking with Cyclonus last night,then ate 'Jack in The Box' tacos at 4:00 AM."
Silverwolf writes: If you call me a doo doo head one more time little mister I'm marching you straight to your room!
Unknown writes: Galv: Why the hell are you holding my hand. Soundwave: I need warmth.
Super Prime writes: Galvatron: Hey soundwave, have you heard of Evel Kinevel? Soundwave: No I have never saw Star Wars.
Unknown writes: Galvatron This way my dear!

SOundwave: As you command Galvatron.
Mirage writes: Galvatron : I HATE BABYSITTING!!
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Soundwave, in this Hot Weather, your hand along with your personality is cold, sure is useful in keeping cool.
Unknown writes: GALVATRON and SOUNDWAVE:Hey ROCK; smell what we're cooking.
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Unknown writes: "If you thought I was good as Megatron..."
Unknown writes: Galvatron, on his way to fighting the Autobots, has only one thing in mind: "Why am I gray?"
Unknown writes: After seeing the end of Beast Machines, Soundwave developed a paralyzing fear of organics. "Fine, you can hold my hand until we're past the trees if you're so scared!" cries Galvatron in resignation.
Unknown writes: No No Soundwave,She's in the upper right window.
Unknown writes: The Decepticon Military's "Don't ask, don't tell policy".
Unknown writes: (*sniff*sniff*) You did turn the stove off on your way out, right?
Unknown writes: Galvatron and Soundwave, crossing the street.
Unknown writes: Megatron: Alright. We've eaten enough energon beans to kill Martha Stewart! all we have to do now is run in there, pull each others fingers and gas the Autobots out!
Unknown writes: Soundwave: Galvatron, why you holding soundwaves hand?! Galvatron: Um.. sorry I was thinking of Starscream.
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MEGATRON writes: Come on Soundwave, Tracks is throwing a huge party and we're on the A-List!
Optimus writes: Little did they know Reflector was hiding in the trees...
Unknown writes: Galvatron: Do you think Hook could put my hand back on right? It hurts having to hold your hand like this!
Protofire writes: Okay, who cut the cheese?!?
Unknown writes: "Hurry! Now's not a good time to be near Trypicon!"
Unknown writes: Hold on to me whilst I try to fart out those beans from last night! Oops, too late!
Shadowen writes: GALVATRON: That one was an Autobot, right?

SOUNDWAVE: Uh...yes, mighty Galvatron.
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