Grimlock breakdancing?

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Grimlock breakdancing?
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digigirl411 writes: Me Grimlock learning how to do the Hokey Pokey but nobody wants to dance with me.
Rainmaker writes: Grimlock: Perceptor what is this stuff me Grimlock making?
Perceptor: That's called dust. Fine, dry powder consisting of tiny particles of earth or waste matter lying on the ground or on surfaces or carried in the air.
Grimlock: Me Grimlock no understan
ultraprime0914 writes: FREAKING AMAZING!!
Frenchhorngirl writes: Pure Awesomeness.
Heres a Hint writes: open the door get on the floor everybody walk the dinobot
shockticus writes: (somewhere, Slag is beatboxing...)
Condan1993 writes: me grimlock boogie
Unknown writes: Me Grimlock Want CGI Treatment!
ACStarscream writes: Grimlock stop! It's dead enough! You can stop stomping now!
Zeedust writes: "You call this tile floor? Me grimlock call it CRAP!"
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shockwave_inoz writes: GRIM: "Oh, Yeah!! Me see earthling with big boots that look like my feet do this move - his name Gene Simmons... But somehow he make it look good! I know - him breath fire, too!!"
INFERNO: "Get the Firehouse!
Unknown writes: grimlock:me grimlock break it down for you(music playing) can't touch this
SilentBlaster writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock say beat that Voltron
Voltron: Were outta moves team.
DestronMatrix writes: Grimlock:"Me Grimlock say you got served!"
Zeedust writes: "Me Grimlock no think this is the same without green vynyl suilt and little carboard buildings."
galvanostril writes: the epic duel!
mirage and grimlock fight to the finish!
galvanostril writes: mike: y'know I don't see what's so funny about grimlock side stepping like that
josh: yeah... the seibertron staff is leaving most of this up to the fans, and they aren't all that creative...
phillip: I hear that, some dumbass put &q
Demonic Femme writes: Grimlock, "NO! Me want to be Barney on TV!!"
1337W422102 writes: Needless to say, they fired Grimlock from the cast of the "Thriller" music video.
Decepticon Commander writes: Grimlock singing everybody walk the dinosaur.
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ShYnE writes: Grimlock: Hammer time!!!!
Masterpiece Prowl writes: Me Grimlock greatest Dance Dance Reolution player in ALL of Cybertron!
Zeedust writes: "Me Grimlock know Kung Fu!"
Kal-Seth writes: The After Effect Of Grimlock Traveling Back in Time to Newyork in The early 90's
Zeedust writes: Grimlock: "History prove again and again how Dinobots wreck Decepticon plaa-aans... GO GO ME GRIMLOCK!"
Zeedust writes: Trouble with a captial T, and that rhymes with G, and that stands for... Grimlock?
shockwave_inoz writes: GRIM: "Ooch, eech, ouch!! This concrete sidewalk HOT! Where some shade? D'oh! No shade big enough for me, Grimlock! Where my slippers? Yaaaahh!" (By the way, why DOES Grimlock sound like the Cookie Monster????)
Zeedust writes: Grimlock, singing: "Me Grimlock ;dicted to the shindig! Me stomp around because me real big!" Hot Rod: "Last time I lend him one of my Red Hot Chilli Peppers CDS..." Blaster: "Is he even TRYING to get the wo
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Charleston, Charleston, made in South Carolina! Some dance! Some Prance!...
Unknown writes: Aaahhh! Grimlock scared of ants!
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Unknown writes: Me Grimlock wanna be like Michael Jackson!
SilverStar writes: Arcee off Screen: EEEKKK A MOUSE!! Grimlock: Where mousey? Me Grimlock want to see mousy!! Where Mousey at?
Unknown writes: HULK SMASH! HULK BASH!
Zu Darkness writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock must practice for audition in Swan Lake
Unknown writes: Shake Ya A**, but watch ya-self!
Unknown writes: Me, Grimlock, really shake things up on Cybertron!
Nightshadow writes: Me Grimlock smash spider!
Zu Darkness writes: Mee Grimlock want to kill people who make Aramada. Me Grimlock also want to see Emeril....
Unknown writes: Me Grimlock kill pretender to the name! BW Dinobot, not me dinobot, he sissy-bot.
Rhys writes: (Sings) Me Grimlock shake it to da' left, me shake it to the right, then shake me body once again, get laid rest o' da' night!
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Unknown writes: Grimlock: yaowwww! Hot! Hot! Hot! Ahaha ahhhhaha moma ahahahaha!
Unknown writes: Me Grimlock got good way of getting into base.
Unknown writes: me let out big stinky gas!
Bruticus writes: Rodimus: "Is Grimlock trying to learn how to breakdance?"
Ultra Magnus: "No, actually. He's the Sugerplum Fairy in the Nutcracker this year."
Beast Simpson writes: COCKROACH!!! ME GRIMLOCK KILL!!!
Zu Darkness writes: After watching the new transformers before I would be pissed to from after being a kick ass dinobot..A Smart Dinobot in the Graphic Comic book series that was able to recerated his troops to a Construction autobot in the "Build team..You kinda wo
Unknown writes: Grimlock: I hade mice, I hade mice, I realy hade mice.
Unknown writes: "ME Grimlock love drum and bass.....ME have tickets Diesel Boy!!!"
Unknown writes: Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination....
Dj Flash writes: its hammer time!
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Unknown writes: insert shaft theme here
Unknown writes: Grimlock me grimlock in a hurry.
Unknown writes: grimlock: do the dinobot dance noiw bububububububububu
kup: ahhhhh shut up already
Unknown writes: grimlock: do the dinoboty dance noiw bububububububububu
kup: ahhhhh shut up already
Unknown writes: LETS DO THE TIME WARP AGIAN!!!:)
Unknown writes: everyone have fun, everyone Wang Chung tonite...ow!
Unknown writes: Grimlock:Me Grimlock get down,me Grimlock get funkaaaaay!
Unknown writes: Rodimus: Keep in step grimlock!
Dammit rodimus! I am dancing as fast as I can!!!!!
dino writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock get down ouch Me grimlock step on me toe Me Grimlock don't want breakdancing as new hobbie time to think up a new you this is 500 that Me grimlock think about
dino writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock get down ouch Me grimlock step on me toe
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Unknown writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock in breakdance clip.Me Grimlock get on YTV's Hit List!
Unknown writes: Grimlock is trying for a part in the new film, "Lord of the Swings!"
Suzuki writes: It just jump to left, AND THEN STEP TO RIGHT!!!
Unknown writes: Nightpaw: Is he dodging bullets, or dancing? Grimlock: Get it down baby!
Unknown writes: I HATE I HATE PETER PAN
Chachi writes: "Me Grimlock King of DDR! Left up left right up..."
Unknown writes: me grimlock smash turbo and ozone from breakin 2: electric boogaloo!
Unknown writes: Me Grimlock "Lord of Dance"!
Unknown writes: Me Grimlock want to be RE-ISSUED!
prime writes: WHO FARTED?!?!
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Unknown writes: Grimlock: Dig that beat!
Unknown writes: GRIMSILLA!
Unknown writes: after snorting crack for three years, Grimlock can now produce it by farting.
Venom writes: Me Grimlock feel like a pony!
Omega Supreme writes: *Grimlock starts to make the ground shake*
Grimlock: Me Grimlock think this is more fun then dancing on Megatron!
Unknown writes: the Trajic events occuring immediately following grimlock first watching "Flasdance"
Unknown writes: Me grimlock get down with me Bad self. Boo-gie fever yeah.
Unknown writes: Eeeeeeeek a mouse!!!!!!!!
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Unknown writes: Me Grimlock ready to boogie! :)
Unknown writes: Rodimus: Eww, Grimlock! What was that under your foot? Grimlock: Stoopid human! Call self "bin..." something. Grimlock smash!
Unknown writes: Eeeeww who let dog crap on path?
Unknown writes: Grimlock:"Me Grimlock gots gas!"
teletran2 writes: Where Sparkplug go? Uh-oh.
Unknown writes: Grimlock: Me Grimlock boogie like Dirge and Thrust!
Dirge: Wave your hands in the right position!
Thrust: And hold your knee higher!
Unknown writes: ' Me Grimlock love doing cryptwalk!! '
Unknown writes: Me would have helped autobots when battle, but me got high. Me would have destroyed Megatron, but me got high. Me just sat and watched the Autobots die, and me know why! Cas' me got high, cas' me got high, cas' me got high.
Unknown writes: Grimlock is getting ready for the 2004 Summer Olympics and he is now practicing for the 1600 metre Sprint, and here is a live footage.
Unknown writes: "Can't you hear me guys, there's a freakin' fire over here!"
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Unknown writes: "No Sludge, me Grimlock got the last hit!"
Unknown writes: Grimlock: "Ew it's a bug! Get it off! Get it off me!!"
Black Arachnis writes: me no like being backhoe!
Unknown writes: GRIMLOCK:Everyone's doin' the DINOSAUR! (Early 1980's song)
Unknown writes: Me Grimlock is on a Giant Sauce Pan.....ahhhh!!!
Dynamus Prime writes: Blaster: Uhh, Grimlock? I haven't started the music yet!
Grimlock: Practice make perfect!
Idiot writes: Me Grimlock tapdance!
Unknown writes: Me Grimlock, crush BM Nightscream.
Unknown writes: Nothing like kicking up pavement after taking a good dooker.
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Unknown writes: Grimlock trying to do the moon walk
Unknown writes: Me grimlock smoke out all night!!
transfan writes: Do a little dance - make a little love - get down tonight!!!
Unknown writes: No one bothered to tell Grimlock that rain dances don't work on planets w/out atmospheres..
Unknown writes: Tiring of Grimlock's following him around like a puppy, Rodimus orders Grim to stomp a hole to China. "Me Grimlock will keep at it until me get it right!" cries Dinobot Commander, apparently not realizing that he's on
Unknown writes: AHHHHHH! Me Grimlock see
Unknown writes: *sniff**sniff* What that smell?
Unknown writes: Rargh! Hulk...err Grimlock Smash!
Sideshow Sideswipe writes: Me a dance dance dancin' machine - watch me get down,watch me get down, as me do, do, do me thing out on the scene.
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Unknown writes: The spiders! THE SPIDERS! THEY'RE ALL OVER!!
Bwg writes: Sorry. Me farted.
Unknown writes: AAAAAAHCHOOOOO!
MEGATRON writes: Me Grimlock think me had too much bean curd. Me think me knocked Cybertron out of orbit with that one
Unknown writes: Diarrhea is like Grimlock stomping inside you...
Unknown writes: Me Grimlock hate organic Cybertron!
Unknown writes: Me Grimlock say metal streets get hot in sun!
Unknown writes: Its the day we've all feared. Grimlock is ready to MATE.
Unknown writes: "Me Grimlock love energon beans!"
Optimus writes: Oh s**t he's in heat! Hide the femmes! FOR THE LOVE OF PRIMUS HIDE THE FEMMES!
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rumble writes: Me Grimlock let one rip!
Unknown writes: Eugh! A spider!
Shadowen writes: GRIMLOCK: Heel, toe, heel, toe, Grimlock NEVER learn to dance!!
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