Ironhide w/ fists in air

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Ironhide w/ fists in air
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Bee's Girlfriend writes: I like to POOP it POOP it!
I like to POOP it POOP it!
I like to POOP it POOP it!
I like to... POOP IT!
william-james88 writes: You kids get offa my lawn!
paul053 writes: I cannot stand there is still no MP Jazz!
trailbreaker writes: "I gotta POOP !!"
DeathReviews writes: 'Whadda ya mean, ah sound like John Wayne?'
jaystar2000 writes: I may be on earth, but I'll kick your ass if you take the last energon cube.
Riptidemtmte writes: "If I find whoever decided to kill me in DoTM, Primus have mercy on them, for I sure as hell won't!"
ghostscream127 writes: hasbro messed up my toy...CURSE YOU LICENCEING RIGHTS
Angelbot writes: Chromia, I told you not to call me during business hours!
Unknown writes: I have to ----!
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Zeedust writes: "Have you people SEEN my movie design? IT loks like they put Ravage's head on me! UPSIDE DOWN! What kinda blind crack-whore chimpanzees is Paramount hiring?"
bringo writes: Iron Hide taking his time to carefully make a fist, miscalculates the time that his enemy takes to make his fist and thows a punch or 2.
Unknown writes: thundercracker:hey ironhide were you really going to try and hit me with your eyes closed
Korium9 writes: Iron Hide saw Fight Club one too many times.
Scatterlung writes: When Ironhide learnt Prime would return, but the Movie would be Ironhide's last appearance
Scatterlung writes: Grrr! I'm sooooo....angry, I could...grrr!!
Zeedust writes: "I... I don't wanna be an Alternator. Skids can take my turn."
Not Sonic writes: optimus come on.. how many times do we have to tell you not to parade around in yer underwear!if your gonna fite evil..AT LEAST PUT SOME PANTS ON!!!
Demonic Femme writes: Ironhide, "Just what are you lookin' at, you desert-dust-rabbit?!"
Godfather Bluto writes: Rocky: OK I forfeit if u get off my wife.
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Prowl Worshipper writes: Why...why was feel...paiiinnn...
Prowl Worshipper writes: Damn! I forgot to record Survivor!
Prowl Worshipper writes: I can't get that slagging Frasier theme song out of my head!
Masterpiece Prowl writes: (Ranting Sweede voice) You know what makes me mad? My energon incarnation! I sound like one of the "Super Duper Sumos" for Primus' sake!
Zeedust writes: Ironhide: "Consarnit, how come Quickstrike got to be more of a cowboy than me?"
Tiedye writes: Ironhide- Dam it! "I glued my fingers together now I can't get them apart!"
Zeedust writes: Ironhide: "All right, Mega man, Ah'll give ya back yer helmet if ya'll gimme back mah nose."
juggaloG writes: IH: Slag it! I almost took down Megatron permanently this time! If not for that blasted Skywarp...
Prime (off screen): Don't worry; you'll get another chance soon enough. The Decepticons will be causing trouble again before you know it.
Zeedust writes: "I AM IRON MAN, er, HIDE!"
Unknown writes: .........................................SLAG !!!!
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Bruticus writes: Ironhide beating his chest: Dang stuck oven door!! cant get my cookies out!! arghh, I must be made in China!!
BlItZeR writes: *GRROOAANNN* *Urghhhh* *Sploosh* this calls for Ex-Lax.
Alphatron2k3 writes: Ironhide: When I get a hold of the Idiots who write for Armada I WILL crush them!. And oh yeah the Animators too!
Alphatron2k3 writes: When I get a hold of the Idiots who write for Armada I WILL crush them!. And oh yeah the Animators too!
Zeedust writes: "They look like big, strong hands... Don't they? I always thought that's what they were..." (Pardon thee Never-Ending Story ref. ^_^;)
B-MAN writes: Who's bright idea was it to give the Japanese Demolsisher My name? Let me at em, let me at em!
Zu Darkness writes: Optiums: Irohide you cannot find out who made you a spy changer. Ironide: But PRIME I'm a f*&^&*& spy changer and best friends with Mirage and they made you look like a p----. Optiums: Oh in that case Autobots Roll out!
Unknown writes: Ironhide: grrr you hurt Hound, but you can not hurt Iornhide
Unknown writes: Dam! I want to read the new Armada UK comic. Prime, can't we go on a mission to europe?
Bruticus writes: How DARE they turn me into a Spychanger? A stupid, little, weak Spychanger! I'll make them pay! I'll make them ALL pay!
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Unknown writes: Ironhide: I am so pissed off! That Jeff Steele (formerly, Powermaster Starscream )is such a retart and comes up with the biggest dumb sh*t remarks I want to kick his ass for being such a b*tch dumbell! I think I will crap on his face right here!
Unknown writes: I like that one and what is his problem? Good Luck
Unknown writes: Out, OUT damn spot! (yes, a lame MacBeth reference, so sue me ^_^)
Zu Darkness writes: After watching the new Transformers I would be pissed to to find out your a pick up truck that acts like a Pokemon and annopuce the names of all the attacks before actually doing them and to also find out that he acts like a wuzz...That'll kinda
Unknown writes: Suddenly, halfway through one of his stories about the old days, Ironhide suddenly forgets who he is.. and where he is.. and what he's doing here..
Unknown writes: Okay, Decepticons, I'm ready to rumble!!!
Unknown writes: ---- ----
Unknown writes: IH: "It's go time!"
Unknown writes: ooooooohhhhhhhhh!!! its just wont come out! this one is gona open me up wide for sure and leave a partical trail a mile long!
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Unknown writes: Arrrgggh... when am I gonna kick some Vehicon butt?
Unknown writes: But, Mahmmm! I want my Cheesy Poofs!
Unknown writes: what do you mean my toy doesn't have a head?
Unknown writes: Ironhide:Ooooh, shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit,*FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART!!!!*AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Thats right you freak! mike tyson was easy pickin and your next!
dino writes: Ironhide: look Prime I'm going to spring break and you can't stop If you want them put them up put them up
Unknown writes: Why you little! Aaahh!
Audience: Robots can't go Super Saiyan Ironhide.Ironhide: Crap.
Soundwave writes: I've been in G1,I've been in RID,but I'm not in armada!!Those sons of bitches are goning to here from my laywer!!!!
Soundwave writes: I've been in G1,I've been in RID,but I'm not in armada!!Those sons of bitches are goning to here from my laywer!!!!
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Unknown writes: IH: I die in the movie?! Well here's what I think of this script!! *stomp stomp*
Unknown writes: now meet your end with my shaolin shiny palm technique!
Unknown writes: "Damnit, how come I get left out of Armada?"
Unknown writes: IH:I CAN take the mind. I CAN take the mind.
Unknown writes: Bah! Re-issued and still missing a head!
starscream88 writes: Ironhides first pose for his Hard Hero Bust was declined by the makers, It made him look too dam tough, So the wimpy "what the hell is that?" look that they have chose is much better for us die hard fans
Chachi writes: Ironhide practices up for his fiercest opponent yet... Mr. T.
Unknown writes: Ironhide ready for a fist fight.
Dynamus Prime writes:
Unknown writes: crack in the right and speed in the left. choose your poison.
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Unknown writes: Ironhide: I am going to punch megatrons face in, then I will bite his ear off.
Unknown writes: aw man, I got a clog in my muffler!
Unknown writes: I feel constipated.
Unknown writes: I think i can, i think i can!!!!
Unknown writes: AAARRGGG!!!!!!!!!! cant hold it anymore!!!!!!!!!!
Unknown writes: Every time we watch these soapseries, my circuits begin to sizzle Prime. When are we gonna bust some soapactors !?!
Unknown writes: Ironhide: Wheeljack. (Offscreen) Wheeljack: No more Viagra for you, buddy!
Unknown writes: Waitaminit...wht is my right hand so small?
Galvatron Z writes: "It's clobberin' time!" al la Ben Grimm
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Ironhide writes: Now where did that come from?
Unknown writes: Sideswipe, I swear to Primus if you put Ex-Lax in my Energon Brownies again...
Dynamus Prime writes: NO!! I refuse to be a pick-up truck! Especially a truck that looks like a cow!!
Unknown writes: CODE RED! CODE RED! I NEED SOME EXLAX AND FAST!......ahhhhhhhhhhh!..........better make that two.
Unknown writes: Noooooo!!! Chromia is dead! The Decepticon that killed Chromia will now have to face me!!!
Unknown writes: Ironhide:I CAN'T
Mirage:That's X-Brawn Ironhide
Prowl:Cheer up,at least your in the RID series.
X-Brawn:Sorry "little" ma
Unknown writes: "Sparkplug this exercise program bites"
Unknown writes: COnstipated.....can'
Unknown writes: "MONKEY!"
Unknown writes: I'll show 'em that I'm a tiger. I'll show them what I can do!
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Unknown writes: IRONHIDE:I'm excited that Micromaster TOTE is my son.Thanks CHROMIA. Now,lets all go kill MEGATRON together like a family should.
Unknown writes: Ironhide: I ain't no redneck autobot!!
Dynamus Prime writes: You want soma this Micromaster!? Yeah, I'm talkin' ta you!!
Unknown writes: Ironhide trying out for "Planet of The Apes."
Unknown writes: Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!
Unknown writes: GAHHHH, it feels like it's coming out sideways. Rocking back and forth just isn't helping it along.
Unknown writes: DAMN! IT.......I forgot I left Spike in Iraq!!
Snake writes: thats it prime , i'm stronger and you've had this coming for a long time
Scottimus Prime writes: Can't... hold it... much... longer!
Unknown writes: uuuhhhgggg.......ill show prime how a REAL one sounds like!
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Windcharger writes: "But mommy, i hate the Go-bots, I want a Transformer for Christmas"
Unknown writes: ah need a good dose of FIBER PRIAHM.
Unknown writes: Ironhide's reaction to seeing his RiD counterpart: "Alright, whose idea was it to make me look like a cow?!"
Unknown writes: Ironhide just heard the Megatron quote: "A warrior doesn't need a head, just a big strong body!"
Unknown writes: Hurry up! I gotta pee.
Unknown writes: Ok Prime Time to go Super Sayan!
Unknown writes: "THIS... IS ONE... HUGE... KIDNEY... STONE!"
Unknown writes: Okay, you pesky varmints! Till the count of three!!
Unknown writes: Okay Acree's supposed to meet me in the Female Autobot Barracks tomight, condom:check booze:check deoderant: whooo man that's rough I beeter freshen up
Unknown writes: put em up, ya spychanger-fraud
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Unknown writes: Uhoh, I just killed Daniel,.....WAHOOO!!!!!
Unknown writes: I killed Kenny! IM THE BASTARD!!!!!!
Unknown writes: I..HAVE..THA...POWER!!!1 EEERGGG *BOOM!!!1*.....OPPS.
Roadbuster writes: Ironhide finding out he was not going to make the cut for season 3
MEGATRON writes: Damn they've sold out of CyberPenthouse. With the Arcee and Artemis Pictorials
Suzanne writes: Whoever fu@ked me over as a toy is gonna get pounded!
APOLLO writes: "When in the hell are we going to kick Osama bin Laden's goat-licking Arabian @$$"
Unknown writes: "Dammit! Now how does that go again? - traans foorrmm"
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Jay Prime writes: These hands... look like big, strong hands... don't they...
Optimus writes: Where's that punk Hot Rod? When I get ma' hands on him for making fun of my toy...
Ultimate Optimus writes: Man! Everytime I think about beatin' those Decepticreeps, I just wann...*FART* Whoops! Heh heh!
Unknown writes: Damn! Why did they have to kill me in the movie!
rumble writes: STOP MAKING FUN OF ME! I HAVE A HEAD!!!
Unknown writes: where is the damn lotion?
Unknown writes: But I want to be in season 3!
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