Chromia points a finger @ Ironhide

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Chromia points a finger @ Ironhide
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Bee's Girlfriend writes: Ch:You know I'll make you.
IH:No you won't! You can't make me THAT drunk!
*that nite*
IH:*slurred*Hey babe, wanna make magic?
Ch:Told ya...
Rainmaker writes: Chromia: 85 cubes for the whole night
Ironhide: I only have 7...
Chromia: That'll get you only 3 minutes
Ironhide: That's enough for me
ravensoul1 writes: Hey Ironhide......pull my finger.
Angelbot writes: So I told the producers I didn't want to play THAT character in the musical "Evita One".
Angelbot writes: See, Ironhide, I knew you couldn't fool me with the same April Fool's joke two years in a row.
Angelbot writes: Now Ironhide, I told you before you left Cybertron...
gogleman374 writes: Chromia: hey ironhide look!
Ironhide:ohhh a finger!
Zeedust writes: Chromia: "You see that cack in the ceiling?"

Ironhide: "Yeah, so?"

Chromia: "It's right below Moonracer's bed, if ya catch my drift."

Ironhide: "Ooooohhh, NOW I get ya..."
seminole1 writes: Chromia: I know who's not getting any tonight if that trash dosen't get taken out.

Ironhide: Ahhh honey come on DAMN!
Roadshadow writes: Chromia: Don't think about where this finger's been.
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Zeedust writes: Chromia: "Just give me one good reason I shouldn't wipe that stupid smirk off your face with a particle stream cannon..."

Ironhide: "You did that, you'd be tried for treason?"
Chromia writes: Chromia:...And if you think I'm waiting another 4 million years....

Ironhide: >Must....find....better...excuse....
Zeedust writes: Chromia: "Guess where this finger's been!"

Ironhide: "Rhode Island."

Chromia: "...Yeah. One of thse days I gotta start doing something exciting."
Zeedust writes: Chromia: "I'm Batman."

Ironhide: "That explains the headgear, but you mean Batgirl, right?"

Chromia: "You wish."

Ironhide: "I don't want my optics any more."
trailbreaker writes: "Throw in one more energon cube and I'm yours for the night."
Marv writes: You've invited your boss over for dinner? But the house's a mess! What will Mr. Prime think?!
Marv writes: I can't believe you went out refueling with your friends all night again! nag nag nag think I gave you the best eons of my functional lifespan...nag nag nag nag nag...
Marv writes: Of course the kid's yours!! He's got your optics, doesn't he?
Marv writes: Your brother transforms into a city! A CITY!!! He makes heaps of money!!! Why did I have to turn him down to marry you?!!
Marv writes: You're not going to get cheap on me now mister!!! Little Optimus needs braces or he'll have to wear an orthopedic faceplate for the rest of his slagging life!!!
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Marv writes: You're not going to get cheap on me now mister!!! Little Optimus needs braces or he'll have to wear an orthopedic faceplate for the rest of slagging life!!!
Marv writes: The neighbour has this great-looking, new alt mode!!! Why do we still drive around in that hunk of rust you transform into?
Marv writes: No I'm not going to pull it!! Optimus keeps making that stupid joke all the time as well!!!
Zeedust writes: Chromia: "Just take the splinter out and stop snickering about it coming from cutting down Rumble, will you?"
Kal-Seth writes: Chromia: 5$ love you long time 10$ we go all way all ngiht long big boy #1 all for you no for free!
Shadow Fox writes: Chromia- So then to please me next you take your finger like this and....
Unknown writes: Don't even think about where this finger's been...
Unknown writes: Chromia: Now I think we should have a cup of tea then sit down to watch Coronation Street...
Ironhide: But Chromia... I need to go get my pension!
BlItZeR writes: "Only if you wear a condom first"
Unknown writes: Chromia: You'll never guess where this finger's been!
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Rhys writes: Today's game is 'SPOT THE FEMMEBOT'. Now, of these two characters, which is the most effeminine. And the answer is...IRONHIDE! - That smile is just soo girly.
Unknown writes: Chromia: Ya know Ironhide, that there are 12,567,478 seems in the ceiling?
Ironhide: Whoa!
Unknown writes: Bet you can't transform - Ironhide.
Unknown writes: CH:"Guess where this has been."
Unknown writes: I like that when she say " girls only" but they are with the boys. Good Luck
Unknown writes: Ironhide: Oh.. chromia! Put your stinky finger in my tail pipe again, but this time curl it! aaaaaawwww! thats better! Did i say one finger? I meant two!
Unknown writes: Chromia : ... so I was like, ya know, SURE, and she was like, whatEVER, and that, like, totally bummed me out, so I, like, went shopping and picked out the CUTEST dress, you know that dress I think was so cute, and then I showed it to Cynthia who was like
Unknown writes: No more Pulling my finger...
Beast Simpson writes: Chromia: ...So I had the guy tattoo it on my finger instead.
Zu Darkness writes: Hey Ironhide go F--K yourself
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ionacus writes: does this look infected to you?
ionacus writes: does this look infected to you?
ionacus writes: does this look infected to you?
ionacus writes: does this look infected to you?
Unknown writes: I start with one finger...
Unknown writes: now ironhide i know i got a nice bumper but that doesn't mean to can touch it.
Unknown writes: Naughty boy! Go to my room!
Chromia writes: NO IRONHIDE. Elita may be a slut but i'm waiting till marriage.
Unknown writes: you left a little something at my house Ironhide.
Ironhide: is that why I feel a draft?
dino writes: Ironhide: hey baby are your wheel tied Chromia: no why: Ironhide: Because you been driven in my mind all day Chromia: cute very cute
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Sledge writes: "Yes Ironhide, I farted"
Unknown writes: little did ironhide know that blurr was atriple changer.
Unknown writes: Chromia:"Hey, Ironhide, guess what my finger smells like?"
Mirage writes: Ironhide: me first, i hate sloppy seconds
Omega Prime writes: which one you want, #1 cock sucking or #2 ass fµ©kin?
Unknown writes: Ironhide: Chromia, be careful where you put that finger!
Unknown writes: Briefly Kup considered telling Ironhide that it was just a costume, but there was just something irresistable about that frisky grin.
Phantom writes: Chromia "Ok Ironhide, but this is the last time, i mean it!" Ironhide "Of course Chromia, whatever you say Chromia..."
Jeremy writes: Chromia : ironhide be a dear and stick you middle finger up my puss he ill pull tbese down so you can do it
Unknown writes: Chromia: so Ratchet was busy and had you come to give me my yearly physical.
Ironhide: Yep, thats what he said...he he he
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Unknown writes: Chromia: Hey Ironhide. Could you be a dear and pull my finger?
Unknown writes: Chromia: Ah, ah, ah! If we do it now, you know youre gonna be too tired to do it again when Arcee gets here, and then youre just gonna hate yourself tomorrow. *doorbell rings* Arcee(outside): Its me! Ironhide: Alrahyt, is threesahm tahyme!
Unknown writes: Hey! I can see myself in your chest! Finally, the perfect man!
Unknown writes: Ironhide: one more??? I just made love to you 10 mins ago!!!
Chromia: but that was just one minute! i dont want no minute man!!!
Ironhide: OK lets do it now!! just wake me up 2 hours before a brigade of decepticons stole the ship i pilot and kills me, r
Unknown writes: 0100 hours, Ironhide. Tonight. Iacon. Sector 5. Building 437. Knock on the red door. Password is "male to female serial jack." Fourth room on the left. Bring the oil.
Unknown writes: Chromia:"No robolovin' for you tonight, Mr.Stay out all night drinking and gambling!"
FortMax writes: 1 dollar me love you long time
Unknown writes: "That's right, just one episode. Arcee got a whole damn season."
Unknown writes: Of course I would love to go to Earth with you, Ironhide! But, in case you somehow forgot...I'm still fighting the Autobot-Decepticon War!!! :) =) :) =)
Unknown writes: Of course I would love to go to Earth with you, Ironhide! But, in case you somehow forgot...I'm still fighting the Autobot-Decepticon War!!! :) =) :) =)
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Super Prime writes: Chromia: Iam having an affair. Ironhide: With who. Chromia:....Ratchet. Chromia: He is not the only one....I'm having an affair with Prowl, Sideswipe, Jazz, Sunstreaker, Hound, Bumblebee, Gears, Huffer, Brawn, Cliffjumper, Wheeljack, Perceptor, B
Unknown writes: Chromia: And the cockroach was THIS LONG! Ironhide: Wow...!
Unknown writes: He inflated his chest to attract mates, and, apparently, it's working.
Unknown writes: Now how many times have I told you I only lube shower with Arcee
Unknown writes: (Chromia) Sorry, hon, this relationship is over. I don't date any male whose chest is bigger than mine. (Ironhide) Narrows it down, doesn't it?
Unknown writes: don't give me no lines and keep your hands to your self.
Unknown writes: Notty Notty Boy....keep your hands of my booty!
Unknown writes: Uh uh uh, no goodies for the night until you finish cleaning the mess those humans made.
Unknown writes: CHROMIA:I know you've been screwing those G.I.JOE women.Right?
Unknown writes: Chromia: "Alright, you can go out with the guys tonight, but I want you back here by curfew, got it?"
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Unknown writes: Where do you want me to take your temperatue Iornhide? **Iornhide giggles**
Unknown writes: Gee What the Blazes. I know your a Fem Both but you sure are flat. Why can you have any cleavage Like Blackaracnia?
CHroma: Because You don't pay me enugh to buy all that Sillicon she has.
Unknown writes: I told you before, no ding ding without the wedding ring!
Unknown writes: I'm telling you one more time! If you picnch my ass again, im gonna call the cops!
Unknown writes: Now be honest honey-wuney! Do you poopy-woopy on the couchy-wouchy?
Unknown writes: Smelling alcohol on Ironhide's breath, Chromia forces him to take the sobriety test.
Unknown writes: Chromia: You DO know where this finger's ending up, don't you Ironhide?

(Ironhide just continues to smile)
Unknown writes: Of COURSE I would love to go to Earth with you, Ironhide! But, right now...I'm busy fighting a war!
Unknown writes: IRONHIDE:Sorry Chromia, but you're too damn ugly for me, and whats w/ that pointy forehead you look like something out of Stevn King movie. Get a facial!
MEGATRON writes: Ironhide: Hee hee Chromia, me and you... hee hee...
Chromia: For the love of Primus, Ironhide it was four million years ago and it was once and you were crap!
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Unknown writes: "Bend over, this'll only hurt for a minute"
Unknown writes: Chromia: Uhm.. Ironhide... I don't think thats physically possible...

Ironhide: Can we try anyway?
Unknown writes: Now, Ironhide, don't you touch this pie...
Soundwave writes: Ah ah ah, Ironhide, no fun stuff til I see the cash!
Unknown writes: Now, Ironhide, you'll get no lovin until you get repaired.
Jay Prime writes: Okay, once! And then never speak of it again.
Unknown writes: Ironhide:"Did you just say yes?!"
Unknown writes: Singing to Drowning Pool's "Let The Bodies Hit The Floor": 1.) Nothing wrong with me...
grimlock writes: oh no this time IM on top
grimlock writes: trick me once, your bad, trick me twice, ypour bad, trick me three times my bad
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Unknown writes: So youre going to be killed off in the movie!
Ironhide, Yeah right!
Rictor writes: Where in the name of Primus, do you think are going. You have to do all the housework inmediately
Unknown writes: "Wipe that stupid grin off your face THIS INSTANT!"
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