Hound - Autobot masseuse?

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Hound - Autobot masseuse?
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Optimum Supreme writes: "Wait, aren't you supposed to be a lot bigger than that?"
"Well, I do turn into a jeep, so I guess so"
"I wasn't talking about your height"
Bee's Girlfriend writes: Hound: So THIS is what a human's a** looks like!
Rainmaker writes: Hound: I told you energon is not safe for human consumption...you're too curious for your own good, Spike.
Ravage XK writes: I'm just going to leave this here.
trailbreaker writes: Bad robot !
Rex Prime writes: Hound: at last i killed this annoying human.
Zeedust writes: Few were completely satisfied with how they looked in the live-action movie, but ironicly, nobody took it harder than Spike.
Judynator writes: Houns: Hey buddy! Buddy? Oh ----.... But... Uhuhuhuhuhuhuhu...>:-)
Zeedust writes: Before Carly, there was... Hound?
Zeedust writes: No, no, Hound's the right size in this picture... Spike's just been eating his Wheaties.
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Demonic Femme writes: Hound: "Okay, if I stick this pine back in, and seal the skin with my lazer, no one will notice what happened."
darkwind25 writes: The soul of Spike is really Hound, the fearless Autobot scout and lousy "earth lover." Easy there Hound, we love you.
Kit writes: ......hide the body hide the body
Prowl Worshipper writes: Has someone got the transforming instructions for this?
Prowl Worshipper writes: Hey, are these hard things inside the human supposed to snap when I squeeze?
juggaloG writes: Micromaster Hound!
juggaloG writes: H: Wait a minute! How in Cybertron did I become almost as small as Spike? I'm a Micromaster now! Help!
Zeedust writes: Hound: "Slag it, why do I always have to be the one who has to wake Spike up?"
Nightshadow writes: Hound: Now spike just relax, im doing the required check up to see if your carrying any drugs, weapons, knives, Explosives, herbicides, etc etc...
Spike: Hey get your hand out of my--- OW!
Tiedye writes: hehehe. Spike got wasted at a party. I'll leave him out in the middle of the desert and see how long it takes him to remember where his house is.
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Tiedye writes: I told you humans will never be able to fly. I told you and you jumped over the cliff anyway,now look at you.
Unknown writes: Hound: By the way, I'm working for my master's degree in proctology.
Other guy: Crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap CRAP!!!! Wait, you're already done? That didn't hurt a bit!
Shadow Fox writes: Spike- Oh ya, that's the spot..this feels so good, now lower, lower, just a bit lower, that's right, now use your index fingure and massage the inside of my ass it hurts too..no no..it's not a bad thing, it's a human..t
Unknown writes: That's it Spike...stay sleepy...hehehehehehehe....
Houndx writes: How Hasbro tried to reach the kids...
Unknown writes: HOUND: 34W 30L just my size.
Hound writes: Hound: Thrust me boy, you need it!
Hound writes: Hound: Oh no! Spike is dying!! Got to bring him back to life with some kind of schock... hehe...
Hound writes: Hound: If you wannabe an Autobot , Spiki, you have to go trough THIS
Spike: "You mean YOU have to go trough me?
Zeedust writes: "I know this huuman has a self-destruct button SOMEWHERE. Everything does... Now where IS IT?"
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Unknown writes: Hound: If ya wanna do the christopher reeve story, ya gotta get in character.

Spike: I can't feel my legs!!!

Hound: Now you got it!
Unknown writes: This is the 10th time this kids watched the video. Hound's line is getting worst each time - Spike.
Bruticus writes: Spike: "Hound, that had better be a hologram."
Beast Simpson writes: Hound: Hush little baby, dont say a word....
Unknown writes: Okay, Spike, no more tequilas for u.
Unknown writes: now that he's out cold i can steal his drawls
Hound writes: out with the bad air in with the good
Unknown writes: hound: wow spike you Make me HARD for your ass! spike: I thought u bots were always hard?
Unknown writes: Let's just get these pesky pants out of the way.
Unknown writes: Hound makes a frightening discovery.....Spike's "Hello Kitty" underwear
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Unknown writes: "Maybe I can squeeze some energon out of Spike's butt cheeks...."
Unknown writes: Hound you better not be trying to steal my wallet again!
Hound: Umm....... no.
dino writes: Spike: lower higher ah right there
Unknown writes: hay Spike do you like nut'z and bolt'z
frank writes: Hound -- "Spike is passed out drunk, now's my chance!" UNZIP
hotspot writes: Spike:You know i can get used to this
Unknown writes: Hound:"Tickle, tickle, tickle!"
Pokejedservo writes: Hound, Unlikely masseuse or Crafty Pickpocket? You decide...
DEVASTAT0R writes: "Rest easy Spike, you took quite a spill. Now lets just get these pants off..."
Unknown writes: Hound: Out with the bad air.
In with the good air.
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Unknown writes: hound: i thought i told you to stay off the sauce? spike: but it was only one drink. hound: next time your walking!
Unknown writes: Spike: "Is that a hologram gun on your shoulder, or are you just happy to see me?"
Unknown writes: Spike: "Is that a hologram gun on your shoulder, or are you just happy to see me?"
Unknown writes: Retiring from the autobots, Hound soon began work as a Chiropractor.
Unknown writes: Spike: RAPE!!!
Nemesis writes: Hound: "Well Spike, how do 4 fingers feel???
Unknown writes: NO! HOUND! NO!
Unknown writes: Bumblebee(offscreen): Spike you cheating bastard, I thought you were my bitch.
Unknown writes: Bumblebee (offscreen): Spike, what are you doing with Hound?
Unknown writes: It aint gonna hurt spike!!!
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Unknown writes: Spike: A little to the right, downb a bit more...Ah there ya go....oh yeah!!!
Unknown writes: Yeah, ya like that, dontchya, bitch?
Unknown writes: Wedgie!!!
FortMax writes: Alright Spike, hold tight
Silverwolf writes: Now to pull off his pants, take pictures, and E-Mail them to NAMBLA, WWWWHHHHHAAAAA HAAAAAA HAAAAAAAA HAAAA!!!
Unknown writes: Hey, that Spanish fly really worked.
Unknown writes: "Spike, get up, Fortress Maximus needs a SECOND coat of wax."
Unknown writes: "wait til' spike sees this spider in his pants, hee hee."
Unknown writes: "Wow, we didn't have these Haggar slacks on Cybertron"
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Super Prime writes: Hound: Oh yes Iam going to do it so hard that this is the day that you will never soon forget Spike. Spike: You said you going to do Chip not me!
Unknown writes: HOUND:Cybrtronic massages are worth 10 human dollars. If a female Autobot did this; it would be $30.
Stelartron writes: HOUND: Uh-oh, his battery must be dead. *pulls out a set of jumper cables* Better give him a jump start*puases, confused*... wonder where you attatch these on a human?
Unknown writes: Hound: A scout does cavity searches to......
Bumblebee writes: Spike: Yes now pull down my pants and yes shove the cannon up my ass like there no tomorrow a owwwwww erection i can't lye on this rock anymore a sprog lake, oh and hound have you got an insert port on your waist joint. ohhhhhhhhhhh yes yes yes
Unknown writes: No More, I'am exhausted.
Unknown writes: Hmm, his battery must have died, now where's that access panel...
Unknown writes: Hound: THis is the first time I've ever done surgery.....
Unknown writes: Hmm Now where could his wallet be....
transfan writes: There ya go Spike - one Cybertronian back massage. That'll be 20 energon cubes.
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Unknown writes: All done, guess I'll pull your pants back up for ya.
las writes: I got you optimus prime right here.
Unknown writes: Hound: Maybe I can be in and out before he wakes-up.
Unknown writes: Man, if he doesn't come around from those libations, I am so dead!
Unknown writes: Cybertronian football leaves much to be desired...
Unknown writes: Woozy Spike coming round again: Oh, Carli... I love it when you do that baby... since when did your hands get that big and... *blinks* HOUND!!! GET YOUR METAL HANDS OF MY ASS OR I'LL....
MEGATRON writes: Hey Spike, if I ask Chip nicely, do you think he'll join us?
Unknown writes: Prime: full body cavity search all humans
Hound: yippie!
Unknown writes: TF-Yo that's a mighty fine ass you got there, so how an FDA? Spike-FDA, what's that? TF-How about I show ya'.
Metroplex writes: Ok now its time at last to admit what this thing is on my shoulder, its my favorite sex toy, let me demonstrate how it works spike..
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MiGrAnE writes: "spike woozy" hound, wh.. why do i feel my pants coming down.
"hound" shhh.. its okay spike, ill be done in a second...
Unknown writes: Prime in the bg: "Hound, we gotta split - check his pockets, then dump him in the river"
Fortress Maximus writes: Hound: Hmm...dead human...wonder how much this will go for on e-bay
Jay Prime writes: So THAT's why your function is 'Scout'...
grimlock writes: oow im gonna be sore tommorow
grimlock writes: now THIS is the most uncomfortable feeling ever
Unknown writes: Um, Hound? If both of your hands are on my back, then what is that poking my ass? And why are you laughing?
Unknown writes: This is for HELPING to produce Daniel you bitch!
Unknown writes: HOUND:YES! the roofies worked!
Unknown writes: So Spike is really Daniels Mother, And Hound his father!
The wonderful moment where Daniel was conceived!!
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Unknown writes: This is for producing Daniel!
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