Ironhide and Ratchet

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Ironhide and Ratchet
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TrinityIce writes: Swiggity swooty, I am coming for that booty.
Shuttershock writes: And here we have the wild Cybertronian presenting for it's mate. Notice the red hindquarters.
teamprime writes: Ironhide makes me laugh
trailbreaker writes: "Hey Ratchet, can I ASS you a question?"
Swoopscream writes: Yeah... that robo-school girl look really works for you, Ratchet. We should make a calendar.
TreyTable writes: dat ass!
VioMeTriX writes: hmmm so i sneak up behind him like this and slip right in...
Silver Snake writes: Ratchet: Heheh... work it, Arcee. Oh, yeah!

Ironhide: Shaddup, Ratchet. I can't hear this new Prime show. Wouldn't be too bad... IF I COULD HEAR IT!
Optimus102697 writes: Oh Yeah da da
wardawnapocolypse writes: " Ironhide! Hurry with that wrench! Teletraan is stuck on that stupid movie, the village!"
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jack270606 writes: Nice underwear, where's the rest of your Superman outfit?
popo5 writes: Ironhide likes looking at privates. He's an Iron-pervert.
popo5 writes: Ironhide likes looking at his butt.
Tripredacus writes: No I don't think that paint job makes your butt look big, but I do sincerely believe, I need to go now!
Vector sigma326 writes: Please be gentle
phase writes: Ratchet? More like Rat-ASS.
Black Hat writes: Damnit! Blue screen of death!
phase writes: DAT AFT!
dirtysock47 writes: i dont see a red light
stevescustoms writes: That's it buddy, Just hold it right there........
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zipper writes: me some taters!
LadyBug writes: Hold still Ratchet, I promise it won't hurt. We've practiced this before.
nazan yar writes: Ratchet, let me check out your space bridge.
combiner711 writes: Episode One : "Botback Mountain"
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Slaggit Ratchet! Stop tryin' to switch Teletran's circuits with Folgers crystals!
DragonPrime120 writes: Finally, Going in for the shot!!!
takobakatron writes: i think you have a little mud on your fender.
ObiTom23 writes: I'm gonna make you my new "Arse-C"!
Delicon writes: Ironhide - Awww Ratchet, I told you to stop drinking my liquid nitrogen!
Emperor Galvatron writes: So that's what my ass looks like...
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takobakatron writes: Damn that's not arcee!
retrothrust writes: cough he told me. COUGH! i'll show him.
retrothrust writes: tell ME to cough will ya?
retrothrust writes: you remind me of this washing machine i met one time
retrothrust writes: According to this post on ''...

you are standing WAY TOO CLOSE TO ME!
retrothrust writes: Just checking out my seibertron page...

Great Primus! THERE'S A CAMERA IN HERE! ... how come nobody told me i had a bumper this big?
-Kanrabat- writes: Ratchet: Ironhide, just say "secret butt fun" one more time...
gema writes: Ironhide : Hmmmm......look nice from here
Crosshairs writes: SURPRISE BOTSECKS!
paul053 writes: Ratchet: "If I press here, then push there, then press that button, a can of oil should drop."
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robotmel writes: Ironhide "Leaking lubricants"
Ratchet "Question or statement?"
Ravage XK writes: Its coming, get ready with the lighter!
pWEN writes: Ironhide: "Now Ratchet, as a doctor you know us old timers need a muffleroscopy every couple of years..."
MarkNL writes: Ratchet: "I'm on a huge killstreak!"

Ironhide: "CoD Modern Sh!tfare? Let me show you how a pro plays a GOOD game"

*Inserts Battlefield 3 disk
alekesam writes: "Hey Ironhide, pull my ratchet."
Poyguimogul writes: Ironhide "Hurry up man, someone's gonna' come along soon!" Ratchet "Ok, I'm finished, Now Teletraan's firewall won't block our ability to log into WoW!" Ironhide "Sweet! Now let's go fake our deaths so I can grind out my Mage with your Paladin."
Poyguimogul writes: Ironhide "Ratchet, what are you doing, we need to get on the ship to Earth with Prowl and Brawn!" Ratchet "Hold on, I need to forward this chain e-mail once more to avoid a terrible fate." Ironhide "Those aren't real, now let's go!" Ratchet "I suppose you
robotsindisguys writes: Ok, don't move...this won't hurt a bit.
Godzillabot Primal writes: Eww! Something cold and metalic touched my lower back!
Godzillabot Primal writes: ;
Ratchet: My god Ironhide! The number of sexual captions regarding our positions in this photo...they're off the charts!
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combiner711 writes: Ironhide: I warned you ratchet, don't drop the soap!
GCsamybliz writes: hey Ironhide, TJOmega is reviewing your henkei toy!
SpacetigerPrime writes: "Every time into a monitor Prime, my circuits sizzle."
Spazonator17 writes: Hey, Ratchet, what were you lookin' at?
Oh, um, uh nuthin' Ironhide, why do you ask?
paul053 writes: "Hey! Never turn your back on me, you pathetic repaint. Give me my money."
Banjo-Tron writes: "You'll just have to do 'til Arcee gets back"
#Sideways# writes: Ratchet and Ironhide decide that Mario and Metroid are harder than they appear.
Optimus Eddie writes: Ratchet: "I don't believe you got me with the bat wing."
Ironhide: "Shut up and let me kick your ass."
trailbreaker writes: "It's my duty to please that booty."
Kylehudson1996 writes: "Just the tip..."

Someone was gonna say it :P
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SKYWARPED_128 writes: Step away from me, Ironhide. Do you have any idea what Transformers fans would say about this scene 26 years down the line?!
Road Turtle writes: Ironhide, "Find anymore upgrade parts for our headless figures?"

Ratchet, "No. It's been 20 years and our figures still look nothing like us! What's wrong with these humans!?"
MINDVVIPE writes: be gentle
combiner711 writes: Ratchet : Okay ironhide! Just do it nice and slowly.
combiner711 writes: Oh Crap! We are going to die in the transformers movie!
Poyguimogul writes: "Oh how it pains me to do this.."
Hypershock writes: Not the twins you wanted to see do this, hm?
Insidious writes: Ironhide: "No. YOU cough. See how you like it."
bionic_radical writes: So I hacked into Teletraan and took a peek at that movie script that we're doing... Season three does not seem to be in our future.
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Maestro Meister writes: The screensaver suddenly came on as Ratchet shrieked, "Knock next time!!!"
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Squeeeel like a pig!
sky_fire12 writes: Ironhide: Ratchet ol buddy ol pal, i think it's about time we had a little talk about those red underwear you've been wearing and all that internet surfing on teletran 1 late at night while everyone's recharging.
munkimus prime writes: Optimus prime walks in.
IH- It's not what it looks like prime.
OP- Well what is it then.
IH- I've got nothin'.
R- Don't I get a say in this.
IH- You keep quiet.
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Hey Ratchet, say no to crack! You've got like 4 or 5 and no one wants to see 'em.
Sentinel Maximus writes: "Heh heh. I'm gonna come up behind ol' Rachet and tickle him."
chevelleprime writes: Im so glad your heaf is the only remold. Cuz that ass is slaggin! And if u have a slaggin ass i have a slaggin ass!
Baneblade writes: BROTHERLY LOVE: Even Robots have it
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Did we really need Transformers: Brokeback Mountain?
ausbot writes: Next time on Oz!
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Twitchythe3rd writes: The scene that launched a thousand slash fics...
BeastProwl writes: OK, 1. I'm the doctor
2. I Don't have a prostate!
sethmoth writes: surprise buttsecks
bionic_radical writes: Kungfu man= thread. Well done sir.
Trikeboy writes: Everyone needs a prostate exam, even you doc.
El Duque writes: Bring out the gimptibot.
gantzrunner writes: Optimus Prime: So that's what happened...was it really that bad?
Ratchet: You weren't there weren't there!!!
JBStuka writes: "Oh Man... We're from the same mold... Is my butt REALLY that BIG???"
Kung Fu Man writes: DAT EXHAUST
T-Macksimus writes: Atomic Robo-Wedgie in 3...2...1...
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Skywarp64 writes: That's right, bend over and receive my white fuel.
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