Leozack & Hellbat tell secrets ...

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Leozack & Hellbat tell secrets ...
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paul053 writes: Psst, I've signed a new contract with Brave series. We will be more famous there.
o.supreme writes: Hellbat: I know who shot DeathCobra tee hee....
Rainmaker writes: Hellbat: Listen! Don't let Soundwave look at my Youtube history!
Heckfire writes: "Looooving YOOOOOOOUU...is easy 'cuz you're beautifuuullll...doododoododoodooo..."
"Get. AWAY. From. Me."
Zeedust writes: Hellbat: "I dunno, I guess whenever soundwave walks in the room, I just feel inadequate... I mean. he's got his own army and alll we've got is one guy apiece..."

Leozack: "Yeah, I know what you mean... I wonder if it's jus
DeltaSilver88 writes: Hellbat: You know what I saw just a minute ago?
Leozak: What?
Hellbat: Jaruga... in the closet... doing nudge nudge wink wink with your sister.
Leozak: WHAT! *opens closet and gets a punching glove in the face* WOAH!
Hellbat, Gaihawk, Jaruga: Hehehe..
luevanoalx writes: HELLBAT: PSST,PSST....
LEOZACK:!......!!!!!!!OH SH*T!
Demonic Femme writes: Hellbat, "Hey... guess what?"
Hellbat, "I like energon cookies!"
Zeedust writes: Hellbat: "I hate to break it to you, but that helmet makes you look more like Aardzack."
Shadow Fox writes: Hellbat- heh..Hic' come a little closer brother, let me give you a smooch...

Leozack- Um..I think you've had one tooo many drinks tonight!!!
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Zeedust writes: Hellbat: "That's not really Deathsaurus. It's a giant chicken."
Leozack: "When's the last time you checked for processing errors?"
Minicle writes: Hellbat: Whisper, Whisper, Whisper.
Leozack: Pardon?
Unknown writes: Leozack: Psst, Hellbat. Do you know who that guy with the helmet that looks like a jaguar is? I can't remember his name.
Hellbat: That's Jargua. Y'know, lower torso on Liokaiser? Yeah, that's him. I hear that he gets
Unknown writes: Hellbat: Psst, I have something to tell you.
Leozack: What?
Hellbat: I...I...I LOVE YOU!! (big smooch)
Leozack: (incapacitated)
Gaihawk: (with a video camera) Hehehe..
Unknown writes: Leozack: love is sticks
Hellbat: get out of the way
Leozack: stop pushing
Unknown writes: If you just nip in that paint shop - disguise yourself as an Autobot.
Unknown writes: "What the Hell kind of name is Leozack?" "Piss off!"
Beast Simpson writes: Its true!!! I am your secret admirer!! Kiss me, you fool!!!
Dj Flash writes: this one time, at band camp...
Unknown writes: Psst! I'm not wearing underwear ;)
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ryo777 writes: Leozack: Hey!! LET GO!! I told I don't REMOVE my top till after the 1st date!!
ryo777 writes: Hellbat: Damn it, Leo! I told you not to sleep over Wheelie's house...now you have a COCKROACH stuck in your ear!!
ryo777 writes: Hellbat: Damn it, Leo! I told you not to sleep over Wheelie's house...now you have a COCKROACH stuck in your ear!!
ryo777 writes: Leozack: HEY!! Enuff Already!! You've been trying to give me a HICKEY for 2 hours ALREADY, you know you can't with that STUPID mouthguard!!...LET"S SWITCH!!
ryo777 writes: Gives NEW meaning to the word "Close Talker".
Unknown writes: Hellbat: Y'know, we're like brothers, only closer. Angel: OOOOkay
Unknown writes: Hey, you have the whitest white part of the eye I have ever seen!
Unknown writes: I am naked under my clothes you know.
Well there goes my lunch.
Unknown writes: Hellbat: Is Nightpaw a virgin? Leozack: I'm not sure. Ask Galvatron. Hellbat: Hey Galvatron, is Nightpaw a virgin? Galvatron gets REALLY p****d off.
Unknown writes: HB: "And this one time, at band camp ..."
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Unknown writes: Hellbat: *whisper**whisper*
Leozack: Wheelie did what?!
Unknown writes: The result of plastic surgery gone wrong.
Unknown writes: I looooove you man!
Unknown writes: Hellbat: "You try too hard Leozack"
Unknown writes: how the hell can I kiss when I have this stupid metal thing on my damn mouth
Unknown writes: Now come, make robot love to me you big straping Decepticon...
Unknown writes: only a face a mother would love. now where is my f*cking crack, bitch!
Unknown writes: Hellbat: This is the last time we try to conquer a superglue factory!
Unknown writes: Hellbat: He will you go out with me? Leozack: Get off of me you gay decepticon!
Unknown writes: Daddy!!!
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Unknown writes: hellbat: can you keep a secret?
Leozack: yeah ehat?
Hellbat: I am gay and im going to rape you!
Leozack:AAAAAA!!!!! HELP ME!!!
magnaboss writes: "Can you feel the love tonight."
Unknown writes: *whisper,whisper,whisper* "'Everlasting Gobstoppers'? Sure thing,Mr. Slugworth!"
Unknown writes: *whisper,whisper,whisper* "'Everlasting Gobstoppers'? Sure thing,Mr. Slugworth!"
Unknown writes: Hellbat(crying):Leozack pleassee!!!,I can do better!but whatever you do!DON'T CALL DEATHCOBRA!!PLEASE DON'T REPLACE ME!!!!
Leozack:I already called him,now please get off me, i am not an animal!!!
Hellbat:But Leozack, you are an animal
Blitzkrieg writes: Hell Bat: I love you, man! C'mere! (Gives Leozak a kiss).
Unknown writes: Hell Bat: No! Arcee is mine!
Unknown writes: Hellbat: That Autobot Arcee has a nice @$$!
Stelartron writes: HELLBAT: (whispering) There's some really weird creatures out there starin at us! What should we do? LEOZAK: I don't know. Maybe if we just sit here they'll get bored and go away.
Unknown writes: Cum on the viagra will work in aminute i swear!
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Unknown writes: Wanna see why I made it into the Breast Force?
Unknown writes: who's tickelish.....come on whos tickleish!
Unknown writes: (singing)"Have I told you lately, that I love you..."
The Chosen One writes: See kids, this is what it looks like when a Leozack grows out of your shoulder
Unknown writes: Ya big baby!!! whadda ya mean your afraid!! it's only a pickachu damit!!
Silverwolf writes: Here, let mommy clean of babies poopy mark *licks napkin*
Unknown writes: Some here my preetty leozack!!! *hellbat is kissing leozack*
Unknown writes: Help me! I've got a pretzel choked in ma throat!
DARKAGEIS writes: you aint seen me RIGHT
(any one whos seen the fast show should get this)
super_convoy writes: Come on, you know you want it.
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Unknown writes: I do not look like soundwave on crack
Unknown writes: Leozack: I will not let an oppurtunity like this slip by, Hellbat! I have a held a secret for too long....*kiss* *kiss* *tounge*
Stelartron writes: When the Destrons get really bored, they play telephone. HELLBAT: *whisper whisper* LEOZAK: Ok, the message is "Dusters cool all Seibertron's rinks." 1ST DESTRON IN LINE: Actually, it was "Destrons rule and Cybertrons s
Unknown writes: Hellbat: Bet ya didnt know but if you watch the end credits, Star Saber wet the bed. Leozak: NO! With this information we can crush the cybertrons. Excellent!
Unknown writes: Hellbat: AN....and then she....heh heh heh .... she says..t..t..to me ..listen i am saying something important.Leozak: thinking........ next time i leave at that " energon hole "dive !!!
Unknown writes: gimme some sugar baby!
Unknown writes: I'll show you the true meaning of breastforce.
Thunderstreak writes: Hellbat: Psst! Leozak...your fly is open.
FortMax writes: Hellbat: Please leonzak, not in front of the children
Unknown writes: No no no! First you whisper something sexy in her ear, like "When you stare I tremble", and then gently raise your hand over to her chest like this...
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Unknown writes: ..and ears..check! Okay, this turkey's ready for basting!
Unknown writes: Hellbat: Leozack... come... closer... There... is... another... Breast... Mas...ter... *dies*
Unknown writes: Woah! http://www.ethniccleansing.net
Unknown writes: Here's a better caption that keeps it simple:
Leozack: Eeeeeeeewwwwww!!!
Unknown writes: Hellbat: *Smch*
Leozack: Eeew!! I've been kissed by a male Destron!
Ultimate Optimus writes: Hellbat: Psht! Hey! Can you keep a secret?
Leozak: Yeah, what is it?
Hellbat: I farted back there.
Leozak: You bastard!
Gupta writes: All work, and no play, makes a Destron gay.
Unknown writes: Hellbat: (get's out Cybertronian translation book) "Do you..want..do you want to come back to my place? Bouncy bouncy!"

Leozak: (takes Cybertronian phrase book and leafs through a couple of pages) "My nipples explode
Unknown writes: Hellbat: (get's out Cybertronian translation book) "Do you..want..do you want to come back to my place? Bouncy bouncy!"

Leozak: (takes Cybertronian phrase book and leafs through a couple of pages) "My nipples explode
Bombshell writes: Leozack and Hellbat share a private moment
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Unknown writes: "So ya' see, Leozack ... I really, really do like being part of the Breast Force. It's just, well, uh, couldn't Deszaras have come up with a better name? The other guys think we work at the Seibertron titty bar!&qu
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