Scourge looks over Optimus

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Scourge looks over Optimus
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Rainmaker writes: Optimus: No one can see me...*turns on Youtube*
Scourge: Will Optimus come out to play?
Optimus: ...
Heckfire writes: " THAT'S where the trailer goes. Huh."
Zeedust writes: Optimus: "Friggin' glitch-mice..."

Scourge: "Just hire an exterminator."
Demonic Femme writes: Optimus, "Okay, his CD sounds like the one to listen to for the job at hand-"
Scourge, 'good gracious... that's a big blue butt...'
Optimus, "Ah-" *Fleetwood Mac plays* "There we go, now to fix these wires-"
gauthic_angel7680 writes: O.P.: tell the truth Scourge, did carly really crawl up inside my ass.
Scourge: yah she's up in there really good. i don't think i can reach her.
O.P.: i kno she was tripping on acid last night during the party, but i thought she would never a
Alphatron writes: O.P.: Well apparently, you do have an energon figure.
Scourge: Sweet, what does he look like and what's his name!?
O.P.: Mirage and very crappy.
Scourge: Crap...
azraelus writes: O.K. You may experience a little discomfort here but we got to locate tailpipe cancer early.
Demona writes: OP: ^__^ yooooouuuuuuu can't seeeee meeeeee!
S: -__- moron
Zeedust writes: Despite the Optimus-motif recliner, Scourges audition tape for Trading Spaces: Cybertron found its way to the trash can pretty quickly.
Magnus writes: Prime [to audience]: Shhh. Is he gone yet?
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Zeedust writes: Scourge: "Oh waiter! I ordered the prime RIB..."
Zeedust writes: Scourge finally finds out where Prime's trailer goes when he transforms... And decides the rest of the world is better off not knowing.
Zeedust writes: Scourge: "For the last time, Optimus, this isn't "Home Improvement" and you're not Wilson!"
Shadow Fox writes: Scourge- Wow..I don't know what to say..that looks pretty bad and infected. I'm not a doctor though, you need to get that checked out!!
omega icecream writes: optimus;watcha doin back there?
Unknown writes: Prime: That's right you bearded freak, just walk right up to the guy with the Laser Axe ready to slash your neck. Heh heh heh...
Unknown writes: Scourge: Don't worry the rectal exam will be over soon...just relax and think of Christmas.
Unknown writes: Scourge: With your death, Prime, the Decepticons will win the 3rd Great War! Prime: And I also lose my bet with Ultra Magnus about winning the war too! Blast! Millions of innocents under the control of the Decepticons & I'm out 1,000 e
Zeedust writes: "Well, Mr. Prime, you have one of the healthiest colons I've ever inspected." "Clean living, doc. Clean living."
Shadowcon writes: Scourge: I watch.(drooling)
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Unknown writes: Prime: And now for my latest trick... making fake Scourge impressions with my poop.
Here it comes... uuuurrgghh.
Unknown writes: Prime: The bee bit my bottom. Now my bottom's big! Scourge: I understand your pain but don't point that thing at me!
Unknown writes: Uh oh, the jig is up. They finally found the secret survaillance camera.
Unknown writes: Get up Prime - I'm not shooting you in the back.

You did with Death's head - Prime

Unknown writes: I like that one too. Good luck
Unknown writes: U-uh, Prime, there are no more Easter eggs around here
Unknown writes: Scourge: CAMON~!!! That's my sister~!!!
Prime: I don't care! She's hot and she's wearing nothing but socks right now~!!!!!
Unknown writes: Look at his eyes, where Scourge is, and then try to keep a straight face.
Unknown writes: prime: oh great!
PlasmaRadio writes: Prime: "I have to get this monkey off my back. Ultra Magnus, you're adopted and nobody likes you."
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Unknown writes: Scourge: NOW bitch we'll see who's prime here *ZIP* Prime: just you wait the rest of the autobots will save NNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Unknown writes: scourge: whats that coming out of his....nasty
Unknown writes: Optimus Prime: Ooh, and here we have the rare Galactus space bug! I simply must have this for my collection!
Scourge: Crikey, not again...
Unknown writes: Scourge could not help himself from being compelled to fake interest in Primes G.I.joe collection. PRIME: Awwwww ya shoudda seen it, Bumblebee was playing with Dr.Mindbender and Croc Master and pretending that they were in love or somthing. Personall
Unknown writes: Aiight bitch, I make ya squeal like a pig!
Starscream K'dash writes: Prime(As the Crocidlie Hunter):Crikey! it appears that Scourge is Goin' ta ButtF*$# Me metal arse.
Scourge: AND HOW!!!! Yum!
Unknown writes: op talking the people watching tv- did you ever get the feeling you were bieng watched?
Unknown writes: Better put the kids to bed........
Unknown writes: Scourge and Optimus, after joining "Big Brother" search the house for all the hidden cameras!
Unknown writes: Scourge: he's been like that for the past week. He really seems determined to get that mouse.
optimus: comon you little @#!%$& get the cheese already!!!!!!!
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APOLLO writes: Scourge: "What the hell are you doing Prime?"

Optimus: "Shhh, I think I found a hidden camera. Someone's been spying on us."

Scourge: "Oh stop the bull crap Prime, and sell me your specs so I can
Unknown writes: Scourge: Ahhh....Optimus Prime, I've been waiting for thiis for a looonnnngggg time!!!
Unknown writes: Scourge: Hey Optimus, did you know you have a giant Wart on your ass?
Optimus: WHAT!?
Suzuki writes: RATCHET: You really should have that wart removed, Optimus . . .
Unknown writes: Here it is, Scourge! Kiss my big Autobot (_!_)!
Unknown writes: scourge, you think you can fµ©k my ass like some n!@@3r in jail?
Unknown writes: scourge:aww...sleeping like a little staring at my ass scourge.
Unknown writes: Prime:now can you see the movie better?
Scourge:no! becuase ya big butt is in the way!!!
Unknown writes: open up your toolbox wide while I put some balogna in it.
Unknown writes: scourge: your ass is gigantic and red who could i pretend you are, Liza Minelli
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star_saber writes: OP: " does this red make my butt look big??"
Unknown writes: toss my salad!
Unknown writes: Optimus: Excuse me, Scourge, but can I ASS you a question? :P
Sledge writes: Ever wonder why Scourge has a goatee ?
Unknown writes: Optimus: SLAG! Who put superglue in my bed, again?!
Scourge: Nyah!
Unknown writes: Scourge: FOUR!!!!!!
Optimus: epp!
Optimus Prime writes: Scourge: Cyclonus, bring out the Gimpacon.
Unknown writes: TF Rule #35: Never bend over to an enemy
Unknown writes: You People are ruining my fondest childhood memories
Unknown writes: optimus: (singing) moooon river!
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Unknown writes: tell me the truth Scourge, are the sh*t stains still there?
Unknown writes: the deleted scene where Optimus in mid-battle stops to find a contact-lense.
Unknown writes: Optimus Prime: Momma told me there would be days like this.
Dynamus Prime writes: Optimus: Bending over...stupid move...
Unknown writes: Ohhh Back that Ass up !!!
Unknown writes: Scourge: Dont worry :;Snaps rubber glove on hand:; This wont hurt a bit.

Optimus: Ah s£!t
Unknown writes: Aright, now just turn your head and cough
Unknown writes: Prime: can u c it from there??
Heather Prime writes: i will be poor for optimus prime...... i kick ass at scourge ... i am nice try it. you..... ???
Unknown writes: ALpha-trion told me there would b days like this!!!
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Unknown writes: Thats just PRIME!!!
magnaboss writes: Scourge: Its obvious you have been to prison Optimus: yes :: hangs head :
Unknown writes: Scourge: I should have brought my camera..

Prime : Hey..a $ !!
Unknown writes: Scourge: Hey, Hot Rod, is it warm up there?
Unknown writes: Scourge: Well not, what a fine piece of ass you got there.
Optimus: Why thank you...HEY!
Unknown writes: (Scourge thinking) man,Optimus whipes back to front!
Unknown writes: Scourge, thinking: "Damn Cyclonus, always leaving his 'special toys' out in the hallway."
Unknown writes: Must not get angry, you won't like me when I am angry.
FortMax writes: Oh look a quarter...ouch
MEGATRON writes: optimus:ahhhhhhh get out of my but.
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Unknown writes: NOW I see what makes you a great leader!!!
Unknown writes: Prime: Scourge! I have some how shot myself in the ass with a posioned dart.... could you please be a true decepticon and do what you guys do best and SUCK out the posion for me!
Percepter writes: Scourge:"By the pit, Autobots DO have huge asses!"
Prime:"SCOURGE!? Why the hell are you stareing at my Skidplate!?"
SCOURGE:"Becouse Galvatron said to distract you."
Prime:"Oh he did, did
Unknown writes: scourge on three kick me in my ass so hard that I'll bang that lose gear back in place.
Ouroboros writes: Wait sorge these ants must first cross the roud
edicius writes: Scourge: "My my, and I thought Galvatron was mighty!"
edicius writes: Scourge: "I see you haven't been wiping very well, Optimus."
Unknown writes: Scourge: What the hell are you doing? You some kind of Porn Junkie? Optimus: Geez, all my spark, I don't do anything for myself so I need a delicious treat. Besides, I'm gonna die in just a few minutes anyway.
Unknown writes: Optimus: "AAAARGH, Scourge these hemroids are killin' me please do something!"
Scourge-*swift kick to Optimus' backside*
Scourge: "HeeeHeeeHeee"
Unknown writes: Scourge: "Prime! What the hell happened to you?"
Scourge: "EEP! He's turned into Quasimodus Prime!!!!"
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Unknown writes: Optimus:"Scourge, I knew you were made of sterner stuff!!"
Unknown writes: (Optimus) FULL MOON!
(Scourge) Prime, you jackass; robots don't have butts
Unknown writes: Scourge: Now turn your head and cough
Unknown writes: Scourge: This is gonna be harder then I though.....
Unknown writes: scourge"what the hell are you doing prime?"Prime"I think my spine has melted.get a stick"
Unknown writes: Scorge: Hey Optimus what are you looking at?
OP: psst!!! Quiet...I am taking a peep out of the female robots' shower room! Oh elita has a big set o boobs!!! *whistles*
Shermtron writes: OP:brrrt! Scourage: what??
Unknown writes: ..And Optimus Prime found himself upon the cafeteria floor,his lunch in shambles. "Haw,haw! Have a nie 'trip' Autobot?" *One of these days...I'll show him. I'll show them ALL!*
Unknown writes: "Prme! What're you doing in here??!"
"I...I see dead people....."
Unknown writes: Optimus: He'll never find me here never this is the best hiding place in the world *laughs*
Scourge: I heard that Prime....that and I found you your IT!!!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA Decepticons always win at hide and seek MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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Unknown writes: Prime:Arent you sick of caption contests that are made out to resemble sexual activity?
Scourge:Sure am Prime i wish they could think of something new
Unknown writes: "I don't know why you bother with contact lenses, Prime."
Unknown writes: Scourge:"This is gonna hurt like a mother f**ker!"
Prime:"I gotta find anew proctologist!"
Unknown writes: Scourge and Prime discover they're both big fans of Larry Townsend....
Unknown writes: Scourge:I got you now Optimus!
Ultra Magnus(offside):Optimus,GET UP!!!,this is the part when you attack him!
(Optimus Prime Sleeping)
Optimus Prime:Huh,wha...where am i,hey...this isn't The Holiday Inn
Unknown writes: Prime: By the matrix *gasps for breath* I don't remember eating THAT for lunch.

Scourge: You got one over on Windbreaker there Autobot.
Sentinel Prime writes: We can just pretend nothing happenned...
Unknown writes: Scourge: Better hit that s***t!
Unknown writes: SCOURGE:Get up you son of a bitch.Glad I poisoned your Matrix by wearing it.
Unknown writes: Opitmus Prime: Hey Scourge! I see Ai, and Elita One in the shower!
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Blitzkrieg writes: Scourge: Stop! You're on Candid Camera!
Unknown writes: Hey Optimus thats a nice ass I think I'll have one like that some day. ;)
Ace writes: prime:"Scourge, your gun is digging into my hip!"
Unknown writes: Scourge: Wow, Alpha Trion was kind!
Unknown writes: Scourge: Wow, Alpha Trion was kind!
Unknown writes: prime: gotta sneak out of the decepticon base before anyone catches me!!... oh sh* this a security camera?! oh man iknew ishoulda left this sh*t to roller..
Scourge: WHAT THE FU*K!!!!
Unknown writes: Prime: o.k scourge the camera is on the three second get ready.... DOH!!!
Galvatron Z writes: Optimus discovers Scourge's true function within the Decepticon ranks, he's their proctologist!
Unknown writes: Optimus: So, you like what you see, big boy?
Scourge: Actually, no. Now, if you could tell me how to get the hell outta here before that fag, Wheelie, comes back.
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Unknown writes: *Clank*
Unknown writes: Optimus: Yup that's where I really keep the matrix. There other spots just for show.
Super Ginrai writes: Optimus:HELP ME!
Scourge: Shut up! I never last more than 30 seconds.
Unknown writes: Optimus:"Y'know, If I didn't know better,
I'd swear i had a little tiny Scourge trying
to climb out of my ass!"
Scourge:"Next time, look before you sit,
Unknown writes: Scourge: Let me shove THIS up your matrix!
Unknown writes: Can you feel my finger prime? well.... LOOK! NO HANDS!!!
star_saber writes: scourge:*thinks damn i have got to get that new buns o stell vid optomus:they!get your own buns o stell
Unknown writes: SCOURGE:Just relax this'll only hurt for a second.(snapping of gloves)
Silverwolf writes: THAT'S NOT JUST YOU'RE FINGER! >:(
Unknown writes: Scourge I don't care what you heard Magnus is the only bot for me.
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Unknown writes: WHOA! optimus i never noticed how good you look from behind..
Unknown writes: "Take it all, Bitch!!"
Bumblebee writes: Scourge: I didn't notice optimus had such a cute ass. i wonder if he will notice if i stick my dick up his rear waist plate. Optimus: aww yess i hope that is ratchet fixing up my pelvis plate.Aww yess
EPHEN writes: ****CYBER COLON EXAM****
scourge-"feel any discomfort?"
Prime-"no as long as you don't put both hands on my back!!"
Ultimate Optimus writes: Scourge: JESUS!!! That wart on your ass is HUGE!!! Optimus: I knew it!
Unknown writes: "I know my contact lens is around here *somewhere*...
Unknown writes: "I know my contact lens is around here *somewhere*...
Unknown writes: optimus:hmmm now where is my key for my ignition
Music plays in the background "Im took sexy for my love, too sexy for my love love's going to leave me"
Thunderstreak writes: Scourge: Dude! What do you see? Optimus: Shhh! Arcee's taking off her towel!!
Unknown writes: Optimus- dude, did you just stick a banana in my tailpipe?
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Unknown writes: Optimus: Wow...Scourge looks really hot in the photos for this month's Scourge.
Unknown writes: Scourge: Optimus!
Optimus Prime: wasn't me...I ACCIDENTALLY surfed on into that website!
Unknown writes: "geez Prime, your Kaboos needs a MAJOR overhaul, and that pimple.....W O W"
Unknown writes: Optimus: Say Scourge, in that render, you look CGI. Scourge: Wow...
Unknown writes: Optimus: Heheheh...I can watch this peep show for free without anyone knowing... Scourge: HALT! What do you think you're doing? Optimus: Crap...
Anonymous Iggy writes: Yes, Optimus Prime, that IS customary treatment for prisoners. Now, quit whinin' and get up, wussy!
Unknown writes: Okay Scouge, but this is the last time I fix Galvatron's V-Hold...
Unknown writes: Optimus-Woah! Stop poking me there Scourge, especially with that sharp stick!
Unknown writes: prime says"ah! Scourge what the f*ck are u doing thats totally evil not even galvaltron is that dicusting! so get it out u freak!"
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