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Gort's conversation
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LieutenantRedWing writes: So you really think I can't do a 360 barrel roll in this thing?
Rainmaker writes: Gort: And then I punched Unicron in the face and he blew up so I'm basically the super master best ultra awesome Transformer ever
Girl: I can tell you're lieing
Gort: Oh...
trailbreaker writes: "Nice tits !"
TF Cagle writes: Gort: Hey Baby.
spartanH85 writes: A bit cold are we?
Zeedust writes: Girl: "Klaatu barada nikto."

Gort: "Why does everyone keep saying that to me?"
Godzillabot Primal writes: Wow, and I thought the movieverse had cleavage
Heckfire writes: "Sorry, I'm only into 2D girls."
Zeedust writes: It's true. Chicks DO dig giant robots.
Red_Sun writes: Wow! I almost not recognized you Arcee!
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Demonic Femme writes: Gort, "Hey, you might want to wear that seatbelt. You've got a really pretty body, and if I crashed, the outcome would be awful!"
girl, "Is it just me, or do I have a feeling you like me?"
Gort, ".... yeah, okay, I do- jus
Marv writes: Thanks for keeping this quiet, there would be no living with my fellow Autobots if they knew I STILL don't have my driver's licence!
Marv writes: Hey, you're right! Driving a car is much more convenient that changing into one!
Marv writes: So I says to Optimus: "those curtains with that wallpaper? Are you mad?" ...I says, and then he said, "I'll decied what to put on my own walls, thank you", and whatnow...could you BELIEVE that?
Marv writes: The biggest advantage of having a visor instead of two seperate eyes is that you can't tell what exactly I'm staring at right now...
Marv writes: You're human? What a funny coincidence! I used to be one too!
Marv writes: You're, ah...not from around here, are you?
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Highbrow: Gort head now
Gort: But...But
Highbrow: GET
Zeedust writes: "I don't care what your mother said, you're coming home and changing into something more appropriate before you go to the movies with Eddie!"
trailbreaker writes: Gort impresses the human in his new 2004 Lexus Convertible.
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Pokejedservo writes: Gort: Say didn't I see you at those "Before Carly" archives? Why didn't any of you went with him? Girl: Because most of us were lesbians and we'd rather bang eachover than HIM again! Gort: Ahhh... intresting...
Unknown writes: "So, um... do you find transforming robots sexy at all or anything?"
Unknown writes: Seriously, I have my own Helicopter.
Unknown writes: "Hey, babe, are you from Mars? 'Cause your @$$ is OUTTA' THIS WORLD!
Unknown writes: Wanna Screw ...... Driver?
Pokejedservo writes: Well this is one way how to encourage robosexuality, one-sided? Yes, but effective nevertheless...
Unknown writes: Gort: Shouldn't you be outwitting Lupin and his buddies or something like that?
Shadow Fox writes: Gort- Ya..well you see, I'm a Homo-bot, we're like the autobots cousins with fasion sense, ya they tried to give us a push in the late 80's but felt it was still too early, so..I appreciate you trying to pick me up..but it isn&a
Unknown writes: Hey Baby, why dont you take off that other strap! unlike humans I never get tired or worn out!! hehehe
Zeedust writes: "...And then they threatened to disown me if I changed my name, so I'm stuck being Gort until after I'm married and don't have to worry about paying for a wedding on my own."
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Unknown writes: Gort: you see I'm with Highbrow because I'm a headmaster
Jungle girl: called me Jane
Unknown writes: Easy, love. Let me get home first.
Unknown writes: Gort : Thanks for the offer, but you're just not my type. I did, however, see you interacting with a pretty cute toaster oven earlier, maybe you could introduce us?
Unknown writes: so what is it like being a head master? gort: well its like sharing your body with a 20 ft bossy whiny robot with a british accient
Unknown writes: at that moment gort grined and waited after she drakn the bust enlarging dust he put in her drink gort thinking to himself: here we go he he he
Unknown writes: Gort: So..um...is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see m--wait a second......
Unknown writes: So... um... ever do it with a robot before?
Unknown writes: SAY...does that dress come in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL?
Unknown writes: yeah it gets pretty lonely out on the open road here, we ave to rely on you hitch-hikers to keep us company, you can't afford to take your eyes off the road, no-sir-ee-bob, *crunch* Girl: OH MY GOD YOU JUST RAN OVER A CAR FULL OF A HOLIDAYING FAM
Unknown writes: "Hey, baby. Want to see why we're really called HEADmasters?"
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Unknown writes: you are the sexiest thing since the microwave.
Manchester Devil writes: Gort: Having fun with my joystick?
Sideswipe writes: Flash me flash me!!!!!!!
Chachi writes: Gort: "... But the important things was I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time."

Girl: "Riiiiight..."
Sledge writes: "Well, what if I want an entire hour...do I get a discount?"
Unknown writes: gort: Your eyes are so brown...
girl: and your visor is so blue..
Unknown writes: Gort: Hows about exchanging a few electrons babe!
Unknown writes: Gort: Hey cutie, Its that a ladder in your dress or a stair-way to heaven?
Unknown writes: Gort: Hey cute, Its that a ladder in your dress or a stair-way to heaven?
Unknown writes: Gort: "I really should look at the road when i drive by your headlights are amazin.. i mean.. ahh nevermind.."
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Unknown writes: "you know next time we have to get a car with a back seat."
Dynamus Prime writes: Wanna see why they call this baby "Highbrow?"
Omega Prime writes: Gort: so you wanna get it on in my house or do you wanna play Twister?
Unknown writes: Here is Nebulan Gort chatting up Jungle Girl. GOOD LUCK! (not)
Mr. X writes: Gort: "You know, I work out everyday."
Unknown writes: Nice shoes...
Overlord writes: Go make me a sandwitch bitch!
ras writes: "so baby......had a good poo today?"
Unknown writes: Say baby,hows abouts I teaches ya the process of "binary bonding"?
Unknown writes: Lady: So, is that a Corrosive acid rainmaker rifle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
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optimuslives writes: Not to be forward or anything, but I am a scientist and all, and I was wondering, could I probe you?
Unknown writes: "No, I swear! We really are a few ounces too heavy! Now take off your dress and throw it out the window!
Unknown writes: Believe me i can get rock hard for ya baby!!!
Unknown writes: Are those 2 guys real?
Unknown writes: Gort:"Hey,Toots,let's play 'Transformers:The Movie';I'll lay down and be Ironhide, you be Megatron and 'blow the hell outta me!'"
Galvatron Z writes: Gort: "Hey if you were a transformer you'd make one helluva breast-master."
Galvatron Z writes: Gort: "Hey baby, wanna take a ride in my alt-mode?"
Unknown writes: Gort: Thanks to these High-tech Visors, I can see through your dress.
FortMax writes: Gort: as a matter a fact the seats do recline
FortMax writes: Gort:Wanna see MY hotrod
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Unknown writes: Girl:So what is it like to be a headmaster?
Gort:Come over to my place and I'll show you,I promise you it will be your fanta-
Fortress maximus(interupting on the radio):Highbrow,it's time for battle protocol,Galvatron and Scorponok is
Unknown writes: Gort: Ya Baby........ Im fully operational in all sexual programs want to take a test drive for free? In fact Im not a 4 speed but Im a 5 speed with a turbo that kciks in at 60mph or 6000rpms which ever comes first with you!
Unknown writes: Gort: Wish I could wear stuff like that.
Unknown writes: Gort: Wish I could were stuff like that.
Unknown writes: "I don't think it's physically possible, but hell, now I'm curious!"
Unknown writes: "I swear! This time we really have run out of gas..."
Unknown writes: ROBot: How much do I owe again?
Unicron writes: bot: how much was butt sex again.
Unicron writes: bot: how much was butt sex again.
stu writes: bot:"Yeah baby, now you're the "Head Master".
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stu writes: bot:"Yeah baby, now you're the "Head Masater".
Unknown writes: Girl: Are you looing at my breat, again? Cause only Optimus can look at them, Stupid!
Unknown writes: girl: " are you shure optimus won't mind us being here and um....?"

bot: " who said this was optimus, baby i live larger than that you know, this is metroplex!"

girl: " oh my you big stud bot you
Unknown writes: I don't care if Arcee agreed to join in, it's just not my thing, Okay. Now take me home...Sicko!
Unknown writes: woman: so thats wot they call a robo-chubby.
Unknown writes: It always stays hard
Unknown writes: Why do you like Megatron? You know it gets smaller when he transforms into a gun and his crotch transforms into a trigger! Don't tell me megs doesn't get off when Starscream pulls that cock trigger!
Unknown writes: Girl: Ya, I'm into role playing.
Gort:Really?...You know who Megatron is?
Unknown writes: So you have a crush on Six Shot? Well, I can transform into 17 positions!
Optimus Primevil writes: hey gorgeous, how do you think we'll look if we're drawn in american style?
Babe:I won't have these large...
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Unknown writes: and off to your left, you'll see some cows....
Soundbreaker writes: Why would I need Viagra when I have Energon!
Unknown writes: the Shear physics are mind boggling
Unknown writes: the Shear physics are mind boggling
Unknown writes: the Shear physics are mind boggling
Unknown writes: Wanna get pizza and have sex? No? Don't like pizza huh?
Unknown writes: Ok lady, ASS, GAS, or GRASS!!!
Optimus Primevil writes: Say aren't you a characther from those gundam series, kids today are talking about?
Unknown writes: Gort:"Hey, Earth-chick,you ever had a GREEN
one before?Cause mine looks like a big
ol' cucumber!!"
Earth-chick:"Alien pervert!"(thinks about it)"Okay,
lemme see it!"
Unknown writes: Thank God for the Visor. She can't see my eye movements!
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X-Brawl writes: Gort: So I hear you're like Mother Theresa...you give it to everyone
Diamondrock writes: That's right... My backseat is nice and roomy...
Daniel writes: Yeah, you're right, this is what they call "Hivy-metal" ... {I know it's corny)
Super Ginrai writes: Gort: Do you like my car? It has special features.
Junior writes: Gort: Your right miss, this new model does have great handling. Does it come with free Air bags standard??
Unknown writes: Gort: You do realise, when we get off this ride, you jump out first?
Girl: Well, when we get home, I'm giving you the worst talking to you, that you have ever seen!
Unknown writes: What you looking at? Never seen a talking robot before? Sheesh!
Unknown writes: Now you see,if you want to effectivly kill a Battle Beast,you've got to REALLY squeeze the neck like so.....
Unknown writes: Got: Do you do Windows?
Girl: No...But I do everything Else.
Gort: Whoa......
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MEGATRON writes: do you blow
Unknown writes: Hey, wanna ride?
teletran2 writes: (Gort Thinking) "Ah man, I can almost see her nipple!"
Unknown writes: Have you ever had sex with a "hard" robot before?
Unknown writes: Hey, Cha Cha, I got more features than a normal human.
Anonymous Iggy writes: Why, of course I've heard of the girl that fell in love with Powerglide... But what does that have to do with why I found you in here?
Unknown writes: So what do you transform into?
Unknown writes: Gort: I'm Cybernetic, your Organic. Lets make little Cyb-Orgs!!!
Junior writes: Girl: If have never been on a double date quite like this before.

Gort: Well, the good part is you only have to make dinner conversation with one of us.
Junior writes: Girl: If have never been on a double date quite like this before.

Gort: Well, the good part is you only have to make dinner conversation with one of us.
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Junior writes: Girl: Did you want to be a headmaster when you were little?

Gort: Yes I did, but I almost didn't make it into training school because they said I had a swelled head.
Unknown writes: Gort: Oops! Pardon me, that was a wet one!
edicius writes: Gort: "What? Opie and Anthony told me that this always works. So again...what are we gonna do about this, eh?"
Unknown writes: GORT:Betcha never seen one that look like this before,huh?
GIRL:(Thinking)Is that thing real?!
Ultimate Optimus writes: Gort: So, ya wanna get buck-naked and wrestle?
prime writes: could you hold this for me? firts aid says I shouldn't lift anything too heavy.
Unknown writes: And I have 3 speeds..
No, wait, I didn't mean it like that!
Skids writes: Of course you DO realize I like pie?
Nomad writes: i told you to go BEFORE we left!!
Thunderstreak writes: Hey baby, you're probably wondering why I'm looking at you like that. Well, to tell you the truth - and don't get any wrong ideas about me for this sweetcheeks - but...do you like Marilyn Manson? (pops in latest CD and puts mus
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Unknown writes: You know you shouldn't always wave to strangers, what if you waved to someone with no arms. They'll think your cocky. "Look what i got, this thing here is usefull, I think I'll go pick something up" See thats w
Unknown writes: They don't call me a "Headmaster" for nothin', babe!
Unknown writes: Whoa, that's some boobs you've got.
Unknown writes: Hot Damn! I Scored this time, a hot long-haired brunette.
Percepter writes: Well, you know I can attach to a MUCH larger body. All of it very nicely in perportion...
Unknown writes: $500??? Listen lady I know you are pretty and sexy but you are NOT worth $500. More like $10.
Unknown writes: So how about we go out sometime and have dinner together?
There is this really nice place called "Iron Hide's SOuthern Grill"!
Unknown writes: hey baby... thats not a blue movie... its errr... educational... yeah... educational...
Unknown writes: GORT: So,Jungle girl; ever dated a Nebulan AND an Autobot before? I know you already went out with Daniel.
Shermtron writes: want some of me metal gear... eh love
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Prowl writes: What are you staring at lady? I fancy Starscream. He is just so damn sexy. I think you are ugly!
Blitzkrieg writes: "...and so the bartender says' It's not a monkey, it's a camel!'"
Rodimus Primal writes: That's not your gearstick, is it?
mike writes: I really should be keeping my eyes on the road, but.... nice dress
Unknown writes: Hey a$$hole She is mine!!
Unknown writes: You're such a hot chick. Like to change my oil?
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