Optimus with arms around Bumblebee and Spike

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Optimus with arms around Bumblebee and Spike
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Bee's Girlfriend writes: Bee:"Optimus, are you okay?"
OP:"I just came back from the bar. I LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV you guys..." *collapseson top of Spike and Bee*
Spike:"Optimus, I... need... air..."
Rainmaker writes: Optimus: There he is my little guy, thereeee he is; myyy little guyyy. Isn't he cute?
trailbreaker writes: Optimus hungry !!!!
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Alright, you naughty boys! Back in your cribs!"
cusd220 writes: you are now my action figures.
Swoopscream writes: Psst- Optimus... your pinky. *Whisper* NOT NOW.
tumacher writes: Now kiss!!
peacethroughtyranny writes: Prime: Now I know you guys have your differences but you two are brothers and should love each other, so I want you guys to bond.

Spike BB: Alright pa, ok pa
Chrisby writes: Optimus: IMMA EAT CHOO!
Tripredacus writes: Look.....I KNOW, his movie head looks like an baby skull wearing a scuba respirator, but if you tell him that before he signs the contract, your going to have a little car accident, ya feel me?
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popo5 writes: Having a friendly reunion? I don't get it.
Black Hat writes: You know, I think we have a slight scale problem here...
trailbreaker writes: Optimus - "Hey guys, I heard Tracks was gay."
maroyasha writes: Optimus: Give old Gramps a hug!!
Bumblebee: I'm cool with that. Spike how about you?
Spike: Alright.
Orionseid writes: "Uncle Optimus's breath smelled funny, I noticed, and then he put his hand around me...The other Autobots were too busy celebrating to notice, but Bumblebee saw what was happening. He saw...and he just smiled."
WarzoneBeta writes: Spike: I have COURAGE!
BumbleBee: I do too!
Optimus: Thats nice now stand right here where Megatron can see how brave you are...yes right on the bright red target.
RoboTopia writes: OPTIMUS: 'I love you Guys'
SPIKE & BUMBLEBEE: 'You're Still NOT Gettin' Our Beer, Prime'!
Deszaras1979 writes: How would you kids like to come inside my trailer for some "candy"?
Heckfire writes: ALTERNATE CAPTION: After Sari explained where babies came from, Optimus decided he wanted a practical demonstration.
Heckfire writes: ...and now, we introduce the breeding pair to the enclosure. With any luck, we'll have a new litter of Pretenders in no time!
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altramaxus writes: fantastic, my G1 salt and pepper pots are here atlast !!!!
chugeta writes: Prime: "Now look Bumblebee, if you don't do as I ask I'll have to crush you like Spike here. See how his eyes are bulging."
Grneclipse9902 writes: "Don't move Bumblebee, I'm prarie dogging..."
trailbreaker writes:
ras writes: Prime: Woops, I nearly fell over then. Thanks god you and Bumblebee were there to break my fall!

Spike: No sweat Prime Diddy, I have a strong back!

Prime: Psst, Spike, my thumb is in the back of Bumblebee's head. I think he died from it.
moonie writes: let us commence with the first human-transformer hybrid!!

spike: but i'm on the pill...
moonie writes: OPTIMUS PRIME: there, now you and bumblebee are saf--!! did you just pee in my hand, spike??

SPIKE: you were squeezing my bladder too hard..

BUMBLEBEE: ah don't sweat it spike, do what i do; wear diapers.

OPTIMUS PRIME: believe me spike, ta
Scatterlung writes: You two play nice, now!
Rept138 writes: You could leave now, Bumblebee. Spikes my new best friend. Yeah, my new best friend. Heh heh.
munkimus prime writes: Optimus- big hug
hears a squishing noise
oh slag.
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darth_paul writes: Prime: Spike were you, you know mastrubating?
Spike: What?!? No, I don't masturbate what are you talking about?
BB: You, know if it makes you unconfortable we could just call it Spike's happy time.
Road Turtle writes: Prime, "Spike, do you like movies about gladiators?..."

Spike, "I need an adult! I need an adult!"

Bumblebee, "ah, heh..."
Trale Strife writes: Optimus: Stand still spike, there's a spark in your hair!

Spike: Get it! Get it!
1337W422102 writes: "Now you two be careful, and look both ways before crossing the street. Call me when you get there, and be back by nine! I love you!"
Zetatron writes: Optimus: Spike, the rest of the Autobots and I have decided that we will no longer negotiate your release in the event of your capture by the Decepticons.

Bumblebee: I suggested giving you a cyanide pill.
Unknown writes: Optimus Prime:
On second thought, Spike does have more supple breasts.
trailbreaker writes: Spike - "Oh crap, we're standing under the mistletoe with Optimus!!"
Mad_Mexicoy writes: Awwwww.............you two are sooo cute!
Zeedust writes: Optimus: "Group hug!"

*The sickening CRUNCH of bones being snapped in half*

Spike: "Aaaargh! Oh God, my spine! Why, Prime? Why did you DO that?"

Prime: "Oops..."
Zeedust writes: Optimus: "Group hug!"

*The sickening CRUNCH of bones being snapped in half*

Spike: "Aaaargh! Oh God, my spine! Why, Prime? Why did you DO that?"

Prime: "Oops..."
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snavej writes: Bumblebee: ...and this is Optimus Prime. Today, he is receiving generous corporate sponsorship. You should refer to him as 'Pepsi Prime'.

Optimus / Pepsi: I will do everything in my power to pump you full of brown liquid. And perhaps set y
snavej writes: Optimus: We made Bumblebee wear those little horns because he's slightly wicked.

Spike: But what about those things on your head?

Optimus (shouting): Totally different thing! Totally! What are you implying, flesh bag? I ought to squish you!
snavej writes: Bumblebee: Don't worry, Spike - his bad breath can't hurt you with that face mask on him.

Spike: So, the noxious gases won't kill me?

Bumblebee: Luckily for you, no.

Optimus: [Farts like a backfiring moose.]

Bumblebee: Run! He&
Unknown writes: Okay... I admit getting rid of your legs didn't help much, but let's see how well you fit inside Bumblebee without that left arm!
omegaprimussupermode writes: Don't wrry spike, you wont have to ride in this lame bug car any longer. you'll have your camaro soon.
Bumblebee:dang gm. i have to change forms too often.
1337W422102 writes: I won the Caption Contest and all I got were these two crappy figures.
rpetras writes: Now Spike, don't be afraid to hold Bumblebee's hand.
According to Cybertron law, once you've ridden in him you two are married.
megatron11 writes: spike: hey prime wheres your thumb going .

bumblebee: i told you my thumb is smaller ,see. your ----ed.
snavej writes: Optimus: Listen up, Spike. We're going to have ourselves an illegal betting scam! We'll spread rumours that one of us is going to die in the next movie but in reality we'll all survive! We'll use our inside knowledge to make a fortu
snavej writes: Optimus: Spike, is it true that 'Shia LaBeouf' is French for 'Show me the beef'?

Spike: What the ...? Where do you guys get these crazy ideas? How am I supposed to know? The internet is really slow in the mid-1980's!

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snavej writes: Optimus: Spike, what do you know about this 'General Motors' corporation? What does it want to do to our bodies?

Spike: I don't know. My helmet is too tight and stops me from thinking.

Bumblebee: Ratchet! Come over here and jerk of
Unknown writes: spike-so did you here about prime and ironhide
bumblebee-yeah i heard theyve been doing it up in the mountians
optimus prime-hey guys whats up
spik-we were just talking about the new proton cannon you and ironhide were building
Archatron writes: Optimus Prime: "You're right Bumblebee, he does have a "pretty mouth".
Q_Silverbolt writes: Now Bumblebee, if you just turn your head slightly you will be the spitting image of Sam!
dabattousai writes: Optimus Prime: Hmmm, it would seem Bumblebee and Spike are close to the same size in this crazy messed up image. Both my hands can wrap around them. Nice going Animation Team!
Liege Evilmus writes: Great Spike, your here!

I just go this new BumbleBee figure...,

If you push his head down he punches you in the gut!

Stand here, I wanna try him out :)
Roux writes: Optimus Prime: Brawn, Ironhide, stay back! These are my little friends! You can't have them!

Brawn: Optimus, give us Spike and Bumblebee and we won't have to kill you!

Ironhide: Why am I in this scene again?
korean-ironhide writes: optimus: alright now that megatron is defeated lets go to Moes tavern for some motor oil and budlight
Spike: alright!
bumblebee: uh optimus im still a minor maybe i shouldn-
optimus: shut up bumblebee
Autobot Hacker writes: Optimus: "Alright, which one of you slaggers ate the last peanut butter and jelly sandwich?"
Predaprince writes: Prime: "Hey you two, get a room!"

Chip (off-camera): "COURAGE!"

Prime: "Shut the he|| up!"
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Predaprince writes: Prime Smash!!!
Shaneman writes: Opitmus - "WOW! from this angle it looks like Spike is the same size as Bumblebee. Hmmmmmm... odd."
Shaneman writes: Now Spike, tell Bumblebee you are sorry for making out with Mikeala on top of him.
Jaw Crusher writes: Optimus: (loud enough that all the Autobots can hear) Yes, Spike, as leader of the Autobots, approval of Mr. Bay's film and everything in it was my responsibility. (Then kneeling to Bumblebee and Spike, whispering) That's also why there's
TenaciousMC writes: "Let's see whose head easily pops off first."
Kevinus Prime writes: "...maybe you could call it 'Spike's Happy Time'!"
PooVader writes: Optimus- Spike wanna make a video? Ill have bumblebee here the camera man!

Spike- Will it involve gravy?

Optimus- Sorry just on thursdays
Pugnate writes: Optimus looks at Spike,"No wonder you smell like Alpha Trion's beard! You've been wearing the same clothes since the first season!"

Bumblebee,"Permission to speak freely sir?"

Optimus,"Permission granted, old frien
Pugnate writes: Optimus says,"Bumblebee you were right, the lice are eating through Spike's helmet."
Pugnate writes: Optimus: "I think someone needs a shower."
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megatrina writes: Prime: Now to put the finishing touches on Bumblebee's ear ... perfect! OK guys, I'm off to take these waxworks to Madame Tussaud's.

Ironhide: I don't know how you do it, Optimus. They're just so lifelike.

Prime: And with th
Hypurrlinq writes: Prime: Wow! Limited edition cartoon accurate Spike and Bumblebee action masters! I've been looking everywhere for these!
snavej writes: Prime: We heard something strange coming from your room last night. What was it? Were you, er, m...a...s...t...u...r...?

Spike: No, you weirdoes! I don't do that! As a result, my gonads are very swollen!

Bumblebee: So, what was it, then?
snavej writes: It put the Michael Jackson saga in the shade.

'Prime's hands were everywhere! Sob!'
snavej writes: Bumblebee: Prime loves to eat humans but we put that muzzle on him and now he's harmless.

Prime: I have a sharp metal straw today. I will suck out your fleshy innards.

Bumblebee: Shi'ite! Run!!!
TenaciousMC writes: "Welcome to the family, Spike! You and Bumblebee are a beautiful couple and I expect lots of grandchildren! Mind if I grope you a little?"
shockwave_inoz writes: Prime: "Well, since we're all here - you may have just heard that Dumbledore's 'come out of the closet' as it were. So, I guess now is as good as any time to tell you - Elita 1 was a MAN and I KNEW it all along... you get my drift
warrior_primus61296 writes: Spike:Hey Prime,do you know that people are giving us funny captions?
Bumblebee and Prime: REALLY?
Road Turtle writes: Spike, "Heh-heh, Heh. I just saw Sideswipe pull Megatron's trigger. Heh-heh, Heh."

Bumblebee, "Yeah, Trigger, Heh-heh, Heh. He said Trigger."

Prime, "What the hell's wrong with you?"
Swerve writes: Prime: (In Spike voice) Oh Bumblebee, you're so big and strong and I find you strangely attractive!

Prime: (In Bumblebee voice) That's because you humans are attracted to fast cars and big robots and I'm both and you KNOW it!

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Roll_Out writes: Prime: Bumblebee, if you complain about being a Camero one more time... I'm going to crush the life out of Spike right in front of you!
0ptimus Prime writes: You're right Bumblebee! His head DOES smell like a meatball!
darkqueen01 writes: BUMBLEBEE: Don't worry, Spike. Prime does this to all the new recruits.
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