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Tracks with a mask on
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Bee's Girlfriend writes: "See y'all in Rescue Bots! I got the role as the Velgrox leader!"
Chrisjohnson76 writes: "Ok I am ready to star in the upcoming Michael Bay Transformers movie."
Frenchhorngirl writes: "Wait, we're playing evil alien robots in a sci-fi show in a sci-fi show about evil alien robots?!"
Revenge of Bruticus writes: "Now I really want to do a good job in this movie but this alien mask is so stereotypical. It's offensive to my alien race. And while we are on the topic, why is it that I can only get the part of an alien or robot, or a talking car? There is so much more
Swoopscream writes: BABY RUTH?!?
Silver Snake writes: Tracks: Wheeljack! This blasted mask you made simply isn't coming off!

Wheeljack: *chuckles* Heh, I'll look into it, good buddy!
Tripredacus writes: Ugly? Not what your mama was moaning last night!
RoboTopia writes: Hey, This is my Real Face!
Black Hat writes: Hey, I just got hold of a test prop of Movie Mudflap's head! What do you think?
Skywarp64 writes: Oh, this thing? I'm auditioning for the Gremlins movie later.
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maroyasha writes: Tracks: Uh-Derp!!!!
Badass Grimlock writes: "Jabba wo neeta, Solo."
Optimus Eddie writes: So I then put this mask on, and BLAM!, peace in the universe.
Heckfire writes: What? THIS is considered "gay" too? The Hell!
BeastProwl writes: I'm ready to play Que!
altramaxus writes: shaggy, i thought we usualy removed the masks.....not the bloody costume!
Michael Alex Kawa writes: Tracks- I heard playing a character like this will make me a shoo-in for an Academy Award .
Powerglide -Not the way your doing it buddy .
JazzMusic writes: Look I'm a Bayformer!
welcometothedarksyde writes: get my agent!
Grneclipse9902 writes: "Do my wings make me look fat?"
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Scatterlung writes: This is why Technorganics wouldn't work
Rept138 writes: This is how my girlfriend looks like back in Cybertron. Isn't she a beauty!?
moonie writes: OOOKAY! who's ready for some 'CALL OF CTHULHU' LIVE ACTION ROLE PLAYING?.....anyone?
slagfan writes: "What do you mean there's a REAL MOVIE VOICE version?"
megatron11 writes: is it fear or courage that compels you fleshling?
megatron11 writes: how the hell am i supposed to find the walmart exclusive masterpiece starscream wearing this ?
darth_paul writes: Does my face FRIGHTEN YOU children?
jedimasterscott85 writes: Bahweepgranaweepninibong!
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munkimus prime writes: Staff at maddam tussauds were horrified after vandils broke into the new transformers display and put ugly masks on all the models except tracks.
Road Turtle writes: "But, but Mesa doen nutten!"
Road Turtle writes: "Da sun doing MURDER to mesa skin!.."
Road Turtle writes: "Koona t'chuta Solo? Soong peetch alay!..."
TenaciousMC writes: You see, we'd never become Headmasters b/c we're organic underneath and we'd have to be decapitated.
lordmegatron44 writes: hey guys what do you think of my halloween mask
scary huh
TenaciousMC writes: We're really aliens disguised as transforming robots...and we would've gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling kids!
munkimus prime writes: Aliens on halloween
alien 1- look at my costume i'm going as that gay autobot.
alien 2 -wait why do you need a costume and wheres the mask.
Omnus writes: Is this 'organic' enough for me to be in TF: Animated?
Blackstreak writes: "My mother always told me to take my mask off. Now you know why I never did."
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TF2 writes: Tracks:Trick-or-treat!
Silver Wind writes: Tracks (offscreen): "I was hoping this photo would stay buried..."
Angelbot writes: Boy, the Great Pumpkin sure is ugly, Charlie Brown.
trailbreaker writes: Hillary Clinton lives!
Jaw Crusher writes: This is why you don't see many E.T. ripoffs anymore.
Liege Evilmus writes: See, I'm a little light on cash so I'm hoping that ANIMATED may have an opening...
Unknown writes: tracks was soo exited about being in transformers 2 that he put on his new head in anticipation and dispite being asked by prime and his fellow comrads has yet to take it off
Dark Starscream writes: Tracks: Hey Powerglide! How do like my "G-Dubya" Halloween mask?

Powerglide: You look just like him! Faaar-out!
dabattousai writes: Tracks: George Lucas gave me a role in Return of the Jedi and I couldn't pass it up. You'll see me in the background with the others during the singing scene in Jabba's Palace.
TenaciousMC writes: Check out my mutant head! Can I be in Beast Wars now?
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Autobot Jazz writes: Traks: I feel like a fool.
Sunstreaker: Do you wanna take it off?
Traks: No, but I still feel like a fool
Q_Silverbolt writes: Check out my impression of a humanoid!
Wheeljack-S70 writes: look, I'm already a GM vehicle. All I need is a face that looks nothing like my original one to be in the next movie. right? Where's Raul? Raul's coming with me!
darkqueen01 writes: Dude! It's Mer-Man from Masters of the Universe!!
Zeedust writes: Tracks: "What? Something wrong?"

Starscream: "Meh, nothing a few beers won't fix."
Mad_Mexicoy writes: OOGA-BOOGA
StarSaber1701 writes: Tracks: Now you say I get how much for this....
seminole1 writes: How dare they make me wear this gruesome mask, and cover up all this sexinest?
Marv writes: Stop gaping at me, will you? It's just a slight rash!
Roadshadow writes: Tracks: What kind of mask is this, Spike?
Spike: Nothing. Now shut up and let's go rob that bank.
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Decepticon Commander writes: Tracks:What are you looking at?
Prime: Um.....Nothing.
Screambug writes: Tracks: "Hey! I look way, way BETTER!"
Prowl Worshipper writes: The other Autobots witness the dangers of letting Tracks go off his "special" medications......
Ultra Wheelshot writes: Tracks hides after seeing Optimus without his facelplate
Tiedye writes: Tracks-(while looking in the mirror.) "Oh My GOD!! What the hell happened to my face.(Grabs lotion bottle and reads the back it says.... For the use of humans only, if a non-organic creature uses this product it my result in disfigurements or blindne
Magnus writes: "Wheeljack, are you sure Megatron won't recognize me?"
Unknown writes: Tracks stars in the upcoming Dash Jordon movie, "Return Of The Evil Alien Robots".
Zeedust writes: You think this is bad? Wait until you see how he looks WITHOUT the mask!
Shadow Fox writes: You see, it's funny, I'm a robot that transforms into other things, and I'm wearing a mask..Ya I don't really get it either, but this is what I'm paid to do, just wonder what the writters were smoking when they
Unknown writes: EEEEEEEEGGGGGGGNHHH-SNIRK!!! ....scared ya, didn't I?
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omega icecream writes: Boy,is this mask corny!
omega icecream writes: tracks;is it halloween yet?
Unknown writes: See!? I kept saying wang goblins would return! This time they're masquerading as autobots! *points* You all said I was CRAZY!! CRAAAAAZY!!! Who's crazy now?! WHO'S THE F^CK CRAZY NOW HUH?!?!
Laserbot writes: "Tracks!!" "what?!" "you frgot to put you mask on for acting your ruining the show!!" "ups umm where is it where is it...ha here it is" ::puts on:: "ummmm..::snickers:: yup t
Unknown writes: Prime (of screen) : In order for this Bah Wheep Grana Wheep Nini Bong thing to work... you must offer them an energon goodie. Not make yourself look like a retard.
Unknown writes: hey i told you i shouldn't have went to NYC for plastic surgury
Zeedust writes: Concet art for the Pretenders
Unknown writes: You guys like my Micheal Jackson mask? ISnt it great!
Unknown writes: TAke the mask oss Tracks!

I just did...
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Astrotrain writes: Tracks :The earth humans cross dress, pierce their skin, go through sex changes. Can't you just accept me how i am fella's? -

Autobots: ERm...i suppose Tracks...btw which recharging chamber did you use in the morning?
Unknown writes: THEY SAID NO ONE AT
Tracks says as everyone stares at him.
Unknown writes: The costume shop said
they'll send me the rest of my costume as soon as it comes in stock!
Zu Darkness writes: Hey does this make me look better? autobots tryong not to laugh. Prime: well it's a start *busts out laughing*
Unknown writes: I'm gonna sue that plastic surgeon's pants off!
jason writes: hey! Where are the star wars auditions
Unknown writes: Tracks sure let himself go over the past few years.
Unknown writes: So there's a Con i a tree somewhere?
Unknown writes: One of Daniel Stern's lame-ass ideas to get at Kevin McAllister!
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Unknown writes: "Mesa called Jar Jar Binks! Mesa your-">>BLAM!
Unknown writes: Tracks will have a cameo in today's Transformers Armada, he plays a Twinkie eating robot goblin in Fred's Sugar-rush dreams, Trailbreaker will also appear as a big ho-ho. ONLY on Transformers Armada!!
Unknown writes: What? Why're you all laughing at me? What's so funny?
Unknown writes: Tracks before the plastic surgery (he was always pretty sensitve about his looks...)
Ricochet writes: What an autobot really is
Unknown writes: is it halloween yet?
zach writes: i cant believe i drank that witches potion and I cant believe i believed her when she said it was pepsi
Shadow writes: Tracks: It's not that bad, is it? Autobots: Actually, it's an improvment!
Unknown writes: Tracks: "Aww come on Hound...stop playing around with your holograms and make my face beautiful again!"
Unknown writes: Tracks: well this is what I look like
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Beast Simpson writes: Misheal Jackson: I just wanted a nose job, but I couldnt stop!
Unknown writes: i'm using this to cover up my feelings about some certian 'bots...
Unknown writes: Well, when a Transformer and an Alien love each other very much...
Unknown writes: Well, when a Transformer and an Alien love each other very much...
Unknown writes: Well, when a Transformer and an Alien love each other very much...
Unknown writes: THIS is the costume you want me to wear? -tracks commenting on the ridiclous armada costumes
Unknown writes: tracks:hye prime how do i look.
track:get a doctor prime gust got a spark attack.
MindWipe writes: looky paw my other toof felld out!
Broadside writes: And the prize for best Halloween costume goes to....
Unicron writes: Star Wars auditions, here i come!
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Unknown writes: Hasbro re-issues Tracks in the U.S. and makes a major mistake....
Unknown writes: Boogy! Boogy! Boogy!
Unknown writes: *Tracks auditions out for the latest role in Slipknot.* Tracks: So you see Mr. Jorderson, I was thinking this could be a new style of metal music... ROBOT METAL! Jorderson: Man, get the #### out now. And get a new mask, even thats too freaky!
Unknown writes: Ugly bots are required to wear masks; unfortunately , Spike gets to pick the masks out.
Unknown writes: Tracks: "Now you see why I prefer to be in car mode."
tfpredaking writes: You call this Witness Protection Program!!!!
Unknown writes: Only five more payments, and I get the rest of the Pretender shell!
qwertyuiop writes: this is what happens to ya when you eat too much chocolate flavored energon
Unknown writes: TRACKS: Man, I make this look good!!
ryo777 writes: I wonder if the Decepticons go thru this type of humiliation!!
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ryo777 writes: Now would asking for a kiss, be TOO much?
ryo777 writes: Visine gets the RED OUT!!MY ARSE!!
ryo777 writes: WHAT'RE YOU GUYS LAUGHING AT?!!! I STILL have better teeth than some of the people on this message board. Yeah, LEMME FIND OUT, some of ya ran to the mirror to see I'm right!
ryo777 writes: Tracks After Hours: Hey, I had to use this mask, my leather one is at the cleaners.
ryo777 writes: Hey guys, take it from me, AVOID the Autobot Dental Plan!
ryo777 writes: Okay Chip, let's play Star Wars! I'll be "Greedo" and you be "Hand-So-Low"!!
Chip:TRACKS?!! Ew?!!
Unknown writes: do i make you horny baby?yeah!
Unknown writes: Optimus:"Oh my god!Tracks theres something on your face!" Tracks:"Optimus, this is my face!"
Starscream K'dash writes: TIMMMAAAAAAH!!!!!!
Dynamus Prime writes: Taking a cue from X-Brawn, that is the DUMBEST disguise I've ever seen!
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Unknown writes: Tracks: "I got this direct from Hanna-Barbara studios!"
Starscream K'dash writes: Trax:"Hey Guys Can I Look even more reatrded?"
Unknown writes: Tracks: At this is me in High School...puberty is a real bitch!
gir writes: Tracks: "Yeah Only 586 days til the next Star Wars Yippee!"
Unknown writes: Hey, you little FREAK, gimme back my Double Dragon Game!
Unknown writes: T.I.D. = Tracks In Disguise
Unknown writes: Hey Will Smith! Tommy Lee Jones! Put this in your Pipe and smoke it!!!!
Unknown writes: Tracks dressed as Al Gore
Unknown writes: Tracks: "Hey ARCEE, you told me to wear protection.... here I am!"
Unknown writes: Tracks auditions for the next Star Wars film.
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Unknown writes: Whatchulookinat?? What? My ears too big for ya ???
Unknown writes: Tracks: I swear to you Bumblebee on my creators'grave that I need this mask on my face or else these female autobots won't leave me alone!
Unknown writes: Tracks: Look guys I have bought the most ugliest and hidious mask in the universe for Helloween. Sandstorm: You lose Tracks, cause I have the mask of Osama Bin Laden!!
Tracks: Damn it!!!
RandomFerret writes: "I know you guys think this is a great joke, but the crazy glue is burning my eyes!"
Unknown writes: OP: whats with the mask?
Tracks: Somebody didn't like my cartoon face, i told the artist i didn't want a mouth!
Unknown writes: How did I come to have the face of a Beverion Crack Monkey you ask? Well it all started when I got drunk off this Pabst Blue Ribbon...
Air Dawg writes: Can I play on the part of Men in Black III?
bobby writes: Take me to your leader!
Unknown writes: The animators had used the wrong model sheet for Tracks; he doesn't have an alien face in the first place!
Unknown writes: RedAlert (TF Armada): *laughs* Who put you up to this Tracks? *HotShot can be heard laughing in the background while RedAlert talks to Tracks*
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Unknown writes: Tracks: (in Darth Vader voice) Optimus, I am your father.
Shadowman writes: *On a commertial*Tracks: look how good Krelmin's plastic surgury made me look! Narrator: After this commertial, Krelmin's plastic surgury had to shut down do to lack of business.
transfan writes: hey look everyone, I'm megatron. STARSCREAM!!!
he he
jory writes: omg in british (not meaning british is bad but jsut somthing humerous everyone has. im canadian, lots of jokes there and the americans and there president omg lots of jokes.
Unknown writes: HotShot(TF Armada): Heh I didn't see that one coming, you sure are different Tracks, and don't you have any better masks to put on?
Unicron writes: Ok CUT, Somebody get Jar-Jar-Binks of the set.
Unknown writes: "Dude, where's my car?"
Shadowman writes: And you thought Freeza was ugly...
Shadowman writes: Optimus: Take off that mask, Tracks! Tracks: What mask?
Unknown writes: Uh, I'm here for the Star Trek audition...
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Hairball178 writes: Okay, so I lost the bet on the horse race--do I really have to wear this mask for another month?
Unknown writes: Okay, who the f--k messed up my face?
Unknown writes: I'm gonna try out for the next MIB movie.
Unknown writes: Jazz:Primus, Tracks! What the fµ©k happened to your FACE???!!! Tracks:Nothing,I've just been wearing a mask the whole time.
Speedbreaker writes: hey! I may be bad but at least I look better than jory!! (dont diss Brits!!)
Unknown writes: isn't past Halloween in the transformers univerise, Oh I guess not
Unknown writes: Meesa Jar Jar Tracks!
Unknown writes: Whoooooooooo! I'm Ric Flair, pal!!!!
Firestorm writes: The *real* reason why Beast Formers never caught on in the US.
Lioconvoy writes: Alas. Poor Tracks was not aware what his Nebulan Headmaster TRULY looked like...
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Unknown writes: umm guys anyone seen anikan around i have to hand over control of the galaxy in a half hour to a maniacle psychopath
Unknown writes: okay a little cover up and alot of time and i too can look organic
majic9ball writes: maybe if they don't see my face, maybe i can finally get some tv time!
Unknown writes: Robots in Disguise! Get it? ... Robot's in Disguise?
Unknown writes: The people at are thieves who stole my money and never sent my comics or refund
omicron 7 writes: Tracks: “What do’ya think guys, am I ready to host a children’s TV show on PBS?” Prime: “I don’t think children should be exposed to you like that.”
Unknown writes: Tracks: “What do’ya think guys, am I ready to host a children’s TV show on PBS?” Prime: “I don’t think children should be exposed to you like that.”
jeff writes: This mask is really ugly! If you ask me, I'd prefer my original face over this one.
jeff writes: I look really ugly with this mask on, don't I?
Unknown writes: I heard that George Lucas is looking for someone to appear in the next Star Wars movie.
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Unknown writes: In Gay ass Tracks' Voice: So guys what do you think of my new face lift? (Stuned silence from the others) I got it from the same Plastic surgien as Michle Jackson... If it could work for him to get little boys it could do wonders for me. (More si
jory writes: armada here i come
jory writes: "I wish i were the Oskermiar weener,, that is what i'd truly like to be............."
jory writes: omg im british
Air Dawg writes: "I forgot Halloween was over."
Unknown writes: Whatever you paid for that costume, Tracks, you paid to much!
FortMax writes: Hey look, its the head writer of TF:Armada
Unknown writes: DUTCH(Schwarzenegger of PREDATOR): "You are one uuugly mother"
Unknown writes: Whooa, its not Hallowen, its Easter
Unknown writes: Unfortunately Takara lost the facemould for tracks so they had to compromise on his reissue
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tapestry100 writes: OMG!! I heard George Lucas was in town doing auditions for aliens for the next Star Wars film - think I'll get in?
Raymond T. writes: Tracks: "...And you DO NOT want to know where I'm hiding my pencil-protector!!!"
Unknown writes: Jeez. First the itching powder in my coprocessors and now this?
Unknown writes: The people at are thieves who stole my money and never sent my comics or refund
Unknown writes: The people at are thieves who stole my money and never sent my comics or refund
jeff writes: I look really ugly with this mask on!
Terrorscream writes: "does my bum look big in this"
Unknown writes: Loooook, everybody! This is my newly incarnated Armada version. My gimmick is look as wacky and weird as possible to compliment the TV show. Wheeeeee!
Chachi writes: "MY LIFE IS PAIN."
Scourge writes: This pic really needs no caption :p
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Unknown writes: Optimus: Maybe if we're lucky the same thing that happened in Halloween III will happen to Tracks! Tracks: What!?!
TeleTran2005 writes: If I look really retarded and start taking mini-cons up the butt, i'll get a cameo spot on armada. Hooray for me!
Unknown writes: thankfully, Hasbro realized they needed to fine-tune the "Pretender" concept, and put it off until 1988...
Unknown writes: Tracks- "Well? Waddaya think?"
Optimus- "Christ..."
Shermtron writes: Hey look at me im crazy high alien guy... now give me so candy!!!!
Unknown writes: "But seriously, folks, I just flew in from Cybertron, and boy are my arms tired!"
Unknown writes: Hey, Bumblebee, didn't Optimus warn you about SMOKING Energon???
Optimus Primevil writes: It's an improvement
Unknown writes: Tracks: And don't forget, I'm available for parties...
Unknown writes: Tracks: Behold, I am the ghost of Christmas Past... What was that? Aw hell, I grabbed the wrong mask again... I'm firing my agent.
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Unknown writes: Winged freak terrorizes...wait, til they get a load of me!
Speedbreaker writes: Spike? can you hear me? What have I told you about tacking cyberweed?
Unknown writes: yet another example of what Armada can do to a transformer
Unknown writes: Optimus Prime: Halloween's already over, Tracks.

Tracks: Sorry, Prime.
Unknown writes: TRICK OR TREAT?
starscream88 writes: Meesa Jar Jar Tracks, Very pleasa to metta you
Unknown writes: Optimus: Tracks your face is hidious! Go put your mask back on
Tracks: Um Optimus this is a mask.
Optimus: Could have fooled me.....
Unknown writes: ALLRIGHT! you can put your mask back on Tracks!
Unknown writes: You think this is ugly, you should see my crotch!
Unknown writes: Tracks: "Now I can finally get on my favorite show: Jerry Springer! I won't even have to squash any of the security guards this time!"
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The Matrix writes: After watching the entire Star Wars saga, Tracks officially became a Star Wars fan. Buying himself a Rodian look-alike mask.
Pokejedservo writes: Why Cybertronians & Martians should never mate.
Hypertron writes: I play Tracks on the Transformers and I have to say, he was the most compelling character I have ever had the joy of portraying.
Chee-toy writes: They said this was something that would pervent unwanted births.
Unknown writes: C'mon baby give me some, I ain't that ugly!
Unknown writes: Rejected Transformer Idea # 23; Beast Machines Headmasters.
Unknown writes: Do I make you horny baby?
Windcharger writes: Does this make me look gayer?
Unknown writes: Is it Halloween yet?
Unknown writes: Is it Halloween yet?
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Voodoo writes: The artistic downward spiral of the Transformers cartoon continues...
Unknown writes: look im an animorph
Unknown writes: how Tracks' fellow Autobots see him.(How the Decepticons see him is too nasty for this site!)
tony writes: "There, aside from some minor differences, you're as good as new." "My face! What have you done to my beautiful face?!" "Nothign much, just a nip and tuck."
magnaboss writes: Come on pull my antenna, come on pull it. Oh your no fun.
Skyfire the Artist writes: The prize for worst costume at the Autobot's annual Halloween party was awarded to Tracks.
Manchester Devil writes: "My face. What happened to my beautiful face!?"
Slappyfrog writes: "You know, on Mars, this is the equivalent of Brad Pitt!"
astrotrain's first friend writes: *Tracks looks in mirror*
AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! get it off! get it off!
astrotrain's first friend writes: Tracks had bad taste in style.
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TRoN writes: Tracks after visiting the Energon Pub
Unknown writes: Tracks' retarded brother Skidmark.
davewelttf writes: This is what happens when artists from other cartoons do guest work for transformers
Unknown writes: For the love of Primus, Tracks, Halloween's over!
Unknown writes: check out my new spengler mask. hes a guy from hes such a tool.
The King writes: This is Halloween Mask. What do you think?
Speedbreaker writes: what? What's everyone looking at? Do I have something between my teeth?
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