Megatron and Starscream standing on rock

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Megatron and Starscream standing on rock
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Bennington1234 writes: Starscream:So,maybe teaching the Constructicons and the Constructor Squad how to Earthbend was not a good idea.
o.supreme writes: MEEP MEEP

Megatron: See Starscream, we will succeed where that Coyote failed. Hand me the ACME disintegrating ray.
Bismuth writes: Where are the rainbows? I need to promote the Decepticon cause with them and get all the little kiddies supporting us!
Frenchhorngirl writes: "It was worth the beautiful rainbows! I have officially changed my mind about Earth, Starscream!"
Swoopscream writes: Dude... you need to take Simon and Garfunkel WAAAAY less seriously, Megatron. It's called a METAPHOR, moron!
Silver Snake writes: Starscream: Huh. This floating island was a lot bigger in Beast Wars.

Megatron: I am beginning to suspect that accursed striped cat led us astray.
Tripredacus writes: You think your scared Starscream, I'll be flying back ,alone!
Black Hat writes: Starscream...Is it the water that's falling, or the rock that's rising?
dirtysock47 writes: Starscream: is yoda here? im his biggest fan!!
Megatron:I know u have all the movies now SHUT UP!!!!
maroyasha writes: Megatron: This is great. Good thing i'm leader. I can do stuff like this.
Starscream: If I were leader we wouldn't make floating rocks. We would make floating trees!!
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Skywarp64 writes: You see, Megatron? I TOLD you floating rocks exist!
Badass Grimlock writes: "If I'm gonna be king, what does that make you?"

"A monkey's uncle."
WarzoneBeta writes: Megatron: This is the last time I take directions from a rabbit. Damn you Bugs Bunny!
Starsceam: Yes O'mighty Megatron if I was in char...
Megatron: Starscream shut up.
Optimus Eddie writes: Starscream to self: "If I push him off do you think anyone will notice?
Rex Prime writes: Starscream: Megatron, please tell my why did we make this rock fly into air.

Megatron: i didn't imagine that you are that foolish starscream....because....i don't know

Starcream: i guessed it.
Deszaras1979 writes: Starscream: "So tell me again why we created a device that levitates dirt, and just how is this supposed to destroy the autobots?"
Road Turtle writes: Starscream,"They've run low again on our animation budget Lord Megatron."

Megatron,"You've failed me again Sunbow!"
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Megatron, "I hate these PlayMech photoshoots...its all standing around waiting."

Starscream, "But mighty Megatron think of the publicity!"
Heckfire writes: "So. A rock."
"It's like Sunbow isn't even trying anymore, huh?"
Octocon writes: Megatron: Starscream you miserable excuse for a mechanism, you said you was arranged an new armed transport, instead you enlisted this rediculous Rocklord.
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Octocon writes: Starscream: I knew playing Bastion was a bad idea.

Megatron: Silences Starscream!
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Megs:Look starscream,Everything the light touches will one day be yours.
SS:Are you,saying what i think you saying?
Megs:Yes starscream,I freaking love the Lion King.
altramaxus writes: well who would of thought it, we have found somewhere without a starbucks or a mcdonalds!
BeastProwl writes: Megatron: Remember Starscream, you drop that chaos emerald, we fall into the ocean!
Starscream: I thought we were going to harness it's power!
Megatron: SILENCE!
Michael Alex Kawa writes: Megatron-Starscream ,what are we waiting for .
Starscream - The animators lord Megatron .
Grneclipse9902 writes: "Starscream you fool! This isn't the Party Rock!"
michellatron writes: Starscream: I'm on a rock and, it's going fast and, I've got an aerial themed..

Megatron: Starscream! It's bad enough that I'm stuck on this rock with you without you rewording that blasted Earth tune about the boat!
Zetatron writes: STARSCREAM: So here's the challenge, we both jump off the rock, whoever chickens out and starts to fly first loses, and the winner leads the Decepticons.

MEGATRON: Oh come on! Rumble's come up with better plans to overthrow me than that! Yo
Malicron writes: Megatron: My, we've been here for quite some time, haven't we Starscream? ... Starscream?

Starscream: Ooooiiiiiilllllll cccaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn...
ras writes: "We've done it Starscream! The world's largest sky croissant is OURS!"
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Seibertron writes: Nice floating rock, Megatron!
Godzillabot Primal writes: *Lion king music starts*
snavej writes: Megatron: All right, I give up - how many humans can you fit in your cockpit at one time?

Starscream: Twenty seven of the little ones. What are they called? Oh yes, children. I cheated a bit, though - I put them through a blender before pouring them
Unknown writes: Starscream: How much farther till we hit bottom?
Megatron: Why don't you find out? *SHOVE*
GadgetMeli9685 writes: Stars: *singing* 4 million bottles of energon on the wall, 4 million bottles of energon. Take on down and pass it around, 3,999,999 bot-...
Megascum: *punches him* SHUT UP STARSCREAM!
DarkScry writes: Starscream: *Sniff sniff* Oh mighty Megatron, do you smell that?
Megatron: *Sniff* No, I don't smell anything at all, why?
Starscream: I could've sworn I smelled something. My olfactory sensors must be ---
Blazefrost writes: SS: Hey, what's this?
MT: I dunno, but let's fire at it!
*falling sounds*
Unknown writes: Calm down Starscream. I've seen that coyote on TV do this a hundred times.
moonie writes: starscream: how do you feel, mighty megatron?

megatron: i'm fine, what the hell are you talking about?

starscream: whoops! wrong episode dialog...
moonie writes: starscream: mighty megatron, can't we travel on a craft that's well... less conspicuous?

megatron: the reason i keep you second in command starscream, no the reason i keep you functioning at all, is i take joy in your annoyance with how i run
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moonie writes: starscream: strange... i feel like i've been on this rock with you for weeks... it's like dejavu'.

megatron: stop being an idiot starscream.
mikespiegel writes: I've heard of "last stands" but this caption's life span has stretch to a ridiculous point!
dar2ne writes: Starscream: *thinking* (A flying rock?! ...*sigh* At least he doesn't think of something stupider, like a giant purple griffon or something...)
Megatron: My weapons should be awe inspiring and terrifying at the same time, bearing the Decepticon colo
dar2ne writes: Starscream: That babebot Arcee gets my rocks off.
Megatron: ...
Starscream: ...
Megatron: ...
Starscream: ...Primus, I feel SO stoned-

*Megatron slaps him off the edge*
Windshift writes: Megatron: ASTROTRAIN! Stop being lazy and start moving!
Starscream: Megatron, we're standing on a rock.
ninjabot writes: Starscream:(thinking to himself) Why does Megatron trust me so much!!!

Megatron: (Thinking to himself) If Starscream pushes me, I'm taking him with me!!!!!
Minicle writes: Megatron: Whilst it may appear to you dear captioners, that we are standing on a large rock in midair. We are in fact, hanging upside down from it like Bats. Ahh, the wonders of camera trickery.

Starscream: But Megatron, we’re no...

Megatron: Shut
Minicle writes: Megatron: I hearby claim this rock in the name of the Decepticon Empire!

Starscream: Thinks: Just you wait, one day this rock shall belong to I! Emperor Starscream!
bumblybee47 writes: Megatron: Man, I'm tired of just standing here, how long has it been?
Starscream: I don't know. This rock is comfortable though.
Megatron: Yes, I have to bring it into my hybernation quarters.
snavej writes: Starscream: My idle searching through the internet has revealed that the humanoid known as Simon Furman is, in fact, a replicant serving Grimlock.

Megatron: Then he must die.

Starscream: Agreed.

Megatron: We will strike the next time he attends a
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snavej writes: Starscream: You have very pretty hands.

Megatron: I can't hear you; la la la la la la! No gays in my army, la la la la la la! Don't ask, don't tell, na na na na, na na na na, heyyy, goodbye!
snavej writes: Megatron: Why don't we swap roles for a change?

Starscream: Huh?

Megatron: I'll be the whining, scheming sidekick and you'll be the brutal, over-ambitious leader. It'll mess with everyone's heads: it'll be a great laug
Gigastorm writes: Still after 3 week of being here... Megatron and Starscream still stand on the friggen rock
mikespiegel writes: ...and as time passes by, Megatron and Starscream still stand on that frigginn' and boring rock!
Enigma Blackdragon writes: Megatron and Starscream was finally caught and sentenced for life on "the Rock"
moonie writes: STARSCREAM: great, well, at least we don't end it with a 'Furmanism'.

MEGATRON: that reminds me; urhurm!... "it is OVER--FINISHED!

STARSCREAM: i should really learn to shut up sometimes.

MEGATRON: your lack of initiative irri
moonie writes: starscream: mighty megatron, correct me if i'm wrong but, isn't the whole point of taking control of this planet is to not obliterate it BEFORE we drain it for what it's worth?

megatron: we have this rock, and it's good enough for m
munkimus prime writes: Megatron- With my new floating rock base we will be able to sneak up and destroy the autobots.
Starscream- Mighty megatron your pure genius overwhelms me.
Megatron- Thank you starscream.
Starscream-(mumbling) And he wonders why i want to take overbeing
drunkrobot writes: Starscream: "Do you ever stick your hand under a waterfall until it rusts, then pretend it's someone else's hand..."

Megatron: "Like Shockwave's hand."

Starscream: "What? No I don't think you get what I&#
starblackconvoy writes: Megatron: this was successful
Starscream: i didn''t think the humans were smart but this is ridiculous
Megatron: what is that thing?
Starscream: WHOA?????!!!!
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Dinobot13 writes: Starscream (Will Shatner impression):-The humans seem to have...trapped us on...some sort of....giant rock ship

Megatron:-You fail me yet AGAIN Starscream!!!!!! GET THEM!!!!

Starscream (Still pretending to be shatner):-Mr. Spock, FIRE photon torpedo
Dinobot13 writes: Megatron and Starscream return to Cybertron on a giant flying turd
Black Arachnis writes: Starscream:"Who put glue on this rock!"
Megatron:"Oh come on!how juvenile is this....waitaminute, RUMBLE, FRENZY!!!"
snavej writes: Megatron: Do they have Big Macs in Holland?

Starscream: Yeah, but they call them 'Royales'.

Samuel L. Jackson & John Travolta (out of shot): Our lawyers are listening, alien scuzzpucks!
snavej writes: Megatron: I just realised; the humans look like shaved monkeys!

Starscream: They basically are, in fact.

Megatron: Monkeys are funny. I like monkeys!

Starscream: They're funnier when you shoot at them.

Megatron: Yeah! Let's do that
snavej writes: Megatron: I'm King of the Waterfall!

Starscream: Call me 'My Queen' and I push you off this rock.
Autovolt127 writes: Starscream:Imagine me and you,so happy together!

Megatron:Oh go screw yourself
Road Turtle writes: Megatron, "Mm! Mmmmm!"

Dorthy, "What's did you say?"

Megatron, "Mmm. Mmmmm!"

Dorthy, "He said 'Oil Can'. "

Scarecrow, "Oil can what?"
Road Turtle writes: Megatron, "You bored yet?"

Starscream, "Yup."
LunarFormer writes: Starscream: I TOLD you we shouldn't have used plans for a trap we stole from that earth Coyote!

Megatron: Shut up, Starscream.
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Enigma Blackdragon writes: Screamer: I live to serve Lord Meg...

Megs: Where is the next Caption Contest, Starscream?

Screamer: The humans have taken it.

Megs: You fail me yet again Starscream... GET THEM!
toxinom writes: Megatron: your an idiot starscream
Stormrider writes: Megatron - Let's play king of the hill.
Starscream - Okay, but don't push so hard this time.
cybertronianjedi writes: Megatron: starscream, why did you build a flying boulder?

Starscream: To see the battle from a safe distance oh mighty megatron.

M: you do know were falling?
S: .......
M: you fail yet again starscream.
Malicron writes: Starscream: Megatron! If I stand here much longer I'm going to rust in place!

Megatron: I know, Starscream, but this is the only caption we have.
Tom_Servo writes: (David Letterman impression)
"I wouldn't give his troubles to a Megatron on a rock!"
snavej writes: Megatron: I'm going to transform and attack now, Starscream. Hold me and pull my trigger! Do it hard and do it quick!

Starscream (thinks): Sigh, his repressed gayness again.
Ramtough writes: Starscream: I can't see a thing from here!

Megatron: I'm sure it was right around here, I Mapquested it and everything.

Starscream: Well you must have put in the wrong address, because its not here.

Megatron: Shut the slag up Starsc
Angelbot writes: Megatron, if we hate each other, why do we hang around each other so much?

Would you prefer the company of Floptimus Prime, Starscream?

Only if Elita One were with him. Oops, did I say that out loud?
touch_of_Jazz writes: Starscream: Megatron, a real leader understands that the quality of his words is very important!

Megatron: Perhaps your're right Starscream. When I told Astrotrain, "Transform you 'piece of crap' and get us out of here" I neve
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Gascap writes: Starscream:So megatron what are going to do tonight?
Megatron:The same thing we do every night Starscream.
Megatron:Try to take over the world!
"They're starscream they're starscream and mega mega megatron...duh nuh nuh nuh nuh duh"
Gascap writes: Starscream:yup.
Starscream:so...uh...about last night?
Megatron:yeah, lets not talk about that, ok.
Starscream:im sorry. things got weird didnt they?
Megatron:yeah starscream, things got weird. too weird so dont tell any one about it
DeceptiGojira writes: Megatron: Did you find it?

Starscream: nope.

Megatron: Dammit Starscream, of all places, you had to loss the bases key door here.

Starscream: I said I was sorry.
Autobotic9 writes: Getting a little Energon: $55
Repairing your ship: $800
Standing on a rock, near a waterfall with your self absorbed leader mumbling on about killing Autobots: Priceless.

For everything else, there's Cybercard
Gigastorm writes: Megatron: Ok Starscream, we're on the rock what do we do now...

Starscream: I don't know I haven't thought of it yet


Gigastorm writes: Megatron: Ok Starscream, we're on the rock, what do we do now?

Starscream: Uhhh... Ummm... I haven't thought of that part yet...

Megatron: WHAT DO
snavej writes: Starscream: Have you farted?

Megatron: No, have you farted?

Starscream: No! Then what's that cloud just behind us?!
widdlersbrew writes: where are we megatron?
munkimus prime writes: Starscream- how long are we going to stand on this rock
Megatron- until the autobots arrive.
Starscream- but we've been standing here on this rock for two weeks and still no sign of them.
Megatron- then we will wait until they come.
Road Turtle writes: Megatron,"Starscream"

Starscream, "Yes Megatron?"

Meg, "Ever notice how we seem to be wearing nothing but the human equivalent of underwear, boots, and gloves?"

Star, "Yes, I'm all too aware of that Megatro
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Rept138 writes: Megatron: Ah, yes. ROCKLORDS are good for something after all besides transforming to rocks. They make great bases as well.
Rept138 writes: "It's raining robots, hallelujah, it's raining robots yeah yeah".
Mixshot writes: "We will, we will ROCK YOU!"
Siren Prime writes: Megatron: Hey, do you see Wheelie standing way over there?

Starscream: Yeah?

Megatron: 5 points if you shoot him in the back, 10 if you hit him in the rear, and 100 if you blast his head clean off.

Starscream: You're on!!
Warhead writes: Megatron was the first on Plymouth Rock!
silvershadow writes: Starscream: Why are we standing ontop of hanky the christmas poo?
Road Turtle writes: Starscream, "Lord Megatron, if we can fly; why are we on a falling rock?"
Angelbot writes: Starscream (singing):
Er war Superstar
Er war populär
Er war so exaltiert
Because er hatte Flair
Er war ein Virtuose
War ein Rockidol
Und alles rief:
Come on and rock me Amadeus

Megatron: When did you learn German?

Starscream: I don
snavej writes: Starscream: Whassup?

Megatron: I'm listening to music.

Starscream: Like what.

Megatron: Like this (switches on speakers):
'Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we still have each other
You can stand under my Umbrella
snavej writes: Megatron: I'm going to win the standing-on-a-rock contest and win a holiday in Colorado!

Starscream: We're already in Colorado, commander.

Megatron: Nnnnrrrgggghhhh; I ... can't ... take ... it ... any MORE! [Flies off, never to be s
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snavej writes: Note: the rock is not flying through the air; it is jutting out of the waterfall in the background.

Megatron: For spoiling the illusion, snavej will soon be incinerated!
Windshift writes: Megatron: I give you ONE CHANCE to lead the Decepticons and you choose to stand on top of a rock falling through the air?!
Starscream: Hey, we're safe aren't we?
Sunstar writes: Megatron: Next we hop to the tower and collect all the energon cubes as we travel.

Starscream: Your ultimate plan is a side scrolling game?
Archanubis writes: Megatron: This is the last time we buy a product from that ACME company.
Starscream: I told you not to take advice from a coyote!
Angelbot writes: How many Decepticons does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Three. Two stand on a rock while the third throws the rock up to the lightbulb.
moonie writes: starscream: well, it's monday, and still no new UCC pics.

megatron: this is because we are AWESOME!!!!!

starscream: right.
munkimus prime writes: Starscream- mighty megatron we should really get trypticons bladder problem looked at he hasn't stopped since this compitition began and might not stop until a new picture is put up.
Megatron- agreed.
munkimus prime writes: Starscream- mighty megatron we should really get trypticons bladder problem looked at he hasn't stopped since this compition began and might not stop until a new picture is put up.
Megatron- agreed.
snavej writes: Starscream: All this cold water is making my nipples stand out. It's embarassing!

Megatron: Do what I do and weld a metal plate over them.

Starscream: Can't do that - my engines would explode.

Megatron: We'll have to redesign you.
snavej writes: Megatron: You know, I find it quite difficult to scratch my ass without blowing my legs off.

Starscream: And that's why you started this insane war?

Megatron: I couldn't think of any other solution at the time.

Starscream: By the way, o
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snavej writes: Megatron: Behold: the largest shower ever built!

Starscream: And this will help us to take over the world how?

Megatron: Umm, through the sheer power of rushing water, that's how!

Starscream: I want a divorce.
Angelbot writes: Why is it called the "Ultimate Caption Contest" if no one ever wins a prize, Mighty Megatron?

Because flesh-creatures don't have logic circuits! And to think you were a scientist before the war, Starscram.
slaanesh80 writes: Megatron: Starscream, do you ever think sometimes its just not worth it. Should i just jump and end it all?
moonie writes: starscream: well we conquered earth.
megatron: meh.
Dreamchylde writes: Starscream: Did you hear Rumble talking about the human saying 'over-compensating for something'?
Megatron: No. Why would I care for some bizarre human terminology?
Starscream: -looks at Megatron's fusion cannon and smirks- No reason -heh
Unknown writes: Starscream: Alright Mighty Megatron. Your first part of the plan to stand on this random rock as it hurtles towards the Earth is complete! Now ehat's the second part?
Megatron: We die.
Starscream: I hate this plan.
Hatch writes: "...And you said turn left at Albuquerque. You fail me yet again, Starscream!"
Justicity writes: -So, conquering planet Earth didn't turn out so well then did it Megs?
-Shut up Starscream....
Rave Raze writes: Megatron: When we get in to the Batcave you have to wear the Robin costume.

Starscream: Wait I thought I got to scan the BATPLANE?!!?!?!
SoundMaster1 writes: starscream:where are we?
megatron:i don't know.
starscream:megatron, im scared!
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nexus_rayne writes: Megs: do you ever feel like the world if falling from under your feet
Starscream: it would be falling faster if I were leader mighty megatron
Megs: your an idiot starscream
Enigma Blackdragon writes: Megatron fianlly discovers the Falling-rock-of-doom that was rumored to have killed the dinosaurs, and uses it in an attempt to destroy the Dinobots once and for all!
1337W422102 writes: Transformers hits Rock Bottom.
TenaciousMC writes: Megatron decides to rebuild Cybertron using organic materials, starting with a rock. This will ultimately lead to the storyline's downfall in Beast Machines.
moonie writes: megatron: i told you the energon cannon trigger is colored RED, and the self destruct button MAGENTA, starscream! now look what you did!

starscream: MAYBE if SOME DECEPTICON LEADER didn't approve soundwave's plan to make the important buttons
trailbreaker writes: Starscream - "I'm bored!!"

Megatron - "Shut up! Now I spy something red...."
snavej writes: Megatron: Want to hear about my latest plan?

Starscream: [Sighs] I can hardly refuse.

Megatron: I call it the internet. As it grows, it will enslave more and more humans. They will be trapped by their own insatiable appetite for trivial knowledge.
snavej writes: Starscream (sings): Never-Ending Story! Na na na na na na na na! Never-Ending Story! Na na na na na na na na!

Megatron: Quiet, fool! You're only still here because the fans love you! All hail the fans; peace be upon them!
snavej writes: Megatron: I'm very wet right now.

Starscream: Me too.

Megatron: It's the splash from the waterfall behind us.

Starscream: I know.

Megatron: Enough of this awkward conversation; let's do something evil!
mikespiegel writes: After fighting for decades aganist the Autobots, finally Megatron managed to conquer a piece of the Earth.
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Thanatos Prime writes: SS: Megatron, this piece of Earth is moving all by itself!!

Megs: You're an idiot Starscream, it's a disgrace that I have to die with you....
starfish writes: "You idiot Starscream! I said come up with a BOLDER plan, not BOULDER!!!"
TenaciousMC writes: Screw this falling rock, Prudential. I'm switching to Geico!
Cyros writes: Megatron: We built this city! We built this city on rock AND roll!
Starscream: Actually, it's just rock.
Megatron: Starscream! How dare you ruin my solo! *shove*
Starscream: *falls* AHH!!!
slagfan writes: "Lord Megatron, is that a coyote below us?"
Psyro_Kameato writes: Megatron: what is the meaning of this?! is it an autobot trick?!

Starscream: no, Might Megatron, look! it's a...

Megatron: a mutated turtle monster with spikes coming out of its shell?

Starscream: ...I think that's Bowser, Master Megatr
Road Turtle writes: Starscream, "So, you, and Sideswipe. What happened out in that field?"

Megatron, "Shut up Starscream..."

Starscream, "...a little pully, pully, tuggy, tuggy?"

Megatron, "SHUT UP!"

Starscream, "It�
Angelbot writes: I hope those white lines aren't Cosmic Rust, oh mighty Megatron. I left my umbrella at headquarters.

Megatron (thinking), "That fool had to say 'white lines' didn't he? Now I have the Duran Duran cover of that song stuck in my
dabattousai writes: Megatron: Starscream, everything the light touches is our kingdom.
TenaciousMC writes: The rock is shrinking and we are the only two left. What do we do now? This Survivor game show sucks!
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ssjgoku72000 writes: Megatron: Why must we pose for that slaggin' fleshing tv show "Robot Chicken"?

Starscream: Because, ALL MIGHTY MEGATRON, in Episode #700-06 "Fire on the Mountain", that rusted piece of Scrapmetal Ironhide had to say the line &
Crystal Rodimus writes: Megatron: "I do hope our animation gets better soon."
Starscream: "The flesh creatures still had to draw everything by hand in 1984, oh mighty Megatron."
Megatron: "I didn't ask for your blathering, Starscream. Next thing
Spiritimus Prime writes: Megatron: WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Starscream: Er?
megatron11 writes: why are we standing on mr. hanky the x-mas poo?
*Silverblade writes: MEGATRON: Strascream you Have NO chance at immunity! You are such chicken sh*t you will jump off first and I'll be the one at tribal council laughing my aft off when your voted off the show......... and theres no coming back for you so dont try any o
1337W422102 writes: Why does it say "45%" on the front of the rock, under Starscream's foot??
TenaciousMC writes: Behold, Starscream, we are standing on a Rock Lord!
Road Turtle writes: Starscream, "Lord Megatron?"

Megatron, "Yes, Starscream?"

Starscream, "...I...I love you."

(awkward silence)
TenaciousMC writes: Why are we standing on Trypticon's pile of crap, oh mighty Megatron?
Unknown writes: starscream thinking to himself-nows my chance. pushes megatron off the cliff
starscream: yes i did it i finaly killed megatron those flesh creatures psyciotry classes actualy work
ya hooo
preceeds to dance on the cliff
seconds latter megatron flies up
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Liege Evilmus writes: This is always the worst part of any game! wait for that rock to get 2 thirds of the way here than jump.

UH, you know we can fly right?
Angelbot writes: Starscream, you unenlightened mechanoid, when I said, "Get a piece of the rock," I was talking about insurance!
Angelbot writes: Starscream: Ele-lator go up!
Megatron: This is no time for cross-over jokes!
CleverUsername writes: Megatron: And THIS Starscream! Is why we don't push the yellow button!
Thanatos Prime writes: Fear my newest weapon Autobots! It's a...uh...the big rock of doom! What? Quit snickering!!
Cesium_Salami writes: Starscream: "Nobody sits like this rock sits."

Megatron: "What are you blathering about, Starscream?"

Starscream: "You rock, rock."

Megatron: "Be quiet, you fool."

Starscream: "Somewhere there is so
Thyunda writes: Starscream: Umm...Megatron..? Why are there floating white lines around us?

Megatron: I told you the cannabis was addicted to me.
darth_paul writes: Starscream: So, what are we going to do tonight Megatron?
Megatron: The same thing we do every night, Starscream...TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!
Angelbot writes: Curse you, Megatron, for relegating, I, Starscream, pride of the Seibertron War Academy, to the background of this weeks's caption contest shot!

Blast you, Starscream, for being so long-winded!
Deadpool. writes: Megatron: Darn that Yoda and Luke. Imagine, using us to practice his Force-levitation!
Starscream: Indeed! I'm afraid of heights!
Megatron: Incompetent fool....
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Swerve writes: Starscream: Megatron, it appears that this was the last of the remaining Rocklords. They are now all dead.

Megatron: How convenient that they were made up of rock. Their lifeless bodies become their own tombstone.

Starscream: Power of living rock, i
Dreamchylde writes: Starscream: This -can't- be the only hydroelectrical plant on this stinking mudball. The humans here have the Autobots on speed dial because we raid here once a week! Primus! We even stand on this stupid rock every time we come here!
Megatron: But i
megatrina writes: Starscream gasps and wakes up.

Megatron, I just had the craziest dream.

Megatron: Was I in it?

Starscream: You and me were on this asteroid that exploded, and we were falling through space on this chunk of rock, and then this dragon flew by and
Unknown writes: starscream-so um you and spike huh
megatron-shut up you fool
Tusko writes: The Masterpiece Army.
Fearsome in articulation.
Few in numbers.
Angelbot writes: Winners of Seibertron Idol pose for their publicity shot.
Saberspark model H. writes: Starscream: Lord Megatron the waterfall is making your back all shinny
Megatron: You like
Starscream: Fag
Dreamchylde writes: Megatron: You know, Starscream...this cascading waterfall leaves a beautiful, dewy sheen to your wings
Starscream: ... (backs away slowly)
smiggy3000 writes: Many believe the rock killer the dinasours
NuclearConvoy writes: Nintendo unveils its newest additions to Smash bros. Brawl: Megatron and Starscream of Transformers fame. The release date, however, is pushed back to 2010...
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Trale Strife writes: Megatron: Hey, i can see my house from here!
Starscream: Oh hey yeah...look at that...
Starscream:.....i hate you.
Q_Silverbolt writes: Megatron: "So, uh, do you have any plans for tonight?"
pietrestan writes: megatron to starscream: i hate this level of mario bros!
Zeedust writes: Megatron: "After weeks of tinkering, our flying rock platform is complete!"

Starscream: "Forgotten we can fly under our own power?"

Megatron: "D'OH!"
silvershadow writes: Behold the magical floting rock!
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