Alligatorcon and the Autobots

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Alligatorcon and the Autobots
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dahpadre writes: Hey hey hey! Don't go sniffing me there… I'm a little swampy!
trailbreaker writes: Grimlock's goofy cousin Earl.
Rainmaker writes: Megalligator your in the wrong franchise
Rainmaker writes: Ratchet what did you do to Optimus?
Revenge of Bruticus writes: Mirage: Hey. I can make one of these on my Fall of Cybertron ps3 game.
Swoopscream writes: They **** with Optimus' parts and THIS is the best they can come up with?
Tripredacus writes: Now get spike so he can "feed" the alligators like we promised!
Black Hat writes: Hey, Mirage! Pat Lee drew your face, you're all floating, and that train has been coloured in with crayons!
dirtysock47 writes: Ithoght we were on cybertron not miami

pitbull party!!!!!!
Ratbat writes: Michael Bay turned Optimus Prime into an alligator??? How DARE Bay do such a thing!!!
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maroyasha writes: Mirage: Nice look Prime!
Badass Grimlock writes: "Feed me, Seymour."
Optimus Eddie writes: Explain "Gator Bait" to me one more time...
gema writes: Mirage : I'll tell Grimlock but i think the Dinobot Team are already full house
Zeedust writes: Grimlock's makeover was... less than successful.
Road Turtle writes: Alligator,"...and they didn't even notice the Matrix! It's a big glowing orb of radiant light with giant handles on either side taking up most of Prime's chest cavity, and those dumb 'Cons totally missed it! Blows your processors huh?"
BeastProwl writes: BB, Ratchet, & Hound: AHH! AN ALLIGATOR!
Mirage: You numb-nodes, That's not an alligator, that's a crocodile!
Others: ooohhh....
TulioDude writes: Mirage:Guys,i see a Alligator telling me to shoot things.
Ratchet:Yea yea Mirage,cool.*continues working*
deaduniverse writes: Ratchet: Hound i notice your missle. Hound: Not now Ratchet the kids are watching. Mirage: Uh, fellas? Bumblebee: Oh shit! Spike: Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Bumblebee? Bumblebee: Not really sure Spike. Mirage: Uh fellas, I know this akwa
NOBODY LOVES WHEELIE writes: Mirage, "Hey its Skullcruncher...oh wait thats still a few seasons away."

Bumblebee, "What?"

Mirage, "Nothing, nothing."
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kchant writes: Turn around Hound were going to have to put your pet gator down because he attacked that that train
phase writes: Mirage: Hey, Prime, wanna go cosplay as Pinkie Pie and Gummy? Hound: NO! I am anti-brony! Ratchet: We need to talk...
Unknown writes: MIRAGE: (stuttering) nice 'gatorbot...
BB: Um, Hound, Ratchet? we got a problem .
RATCHET: Can't you see we're busy?!?
caravaggio writes: Uh guys....what did you say that homosexual robot transformed into again???
transformatics writes: Mirage: What's that Alli,... little Timmy fell down a well, and needs our help!?? Good boy Alli,, take us there!
AdamPrime writes: "Snappy? But I thought you died when you were a little hatchling...!"
JetOptimus23 writes: Mirage: Oi, we got a big one over 'ere!
Ultimos writes: Mirage: Uh, guys?
Hound: What is it now?
Mirage: Are you sure there aren't any sewer gators down here?
Hound: For the love of Primus, there are no such things as sewer gators!
Bumblebee: Wanna bet?
BeastProwl writes: Hound: But Public urination always scares away aligators!
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Mirage: CRIKEY!!! Look at the size of that bloke!! Boy he's a real beauty! Spike,BB,fetch the tools while I wrassle the mighty beast!
Hound:The world isnt ready for Steve Irwin Jokes Mirage! (weeps)
Ratchet: Its okay Hound,Its Okay just let it out,let i
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Samurai Bludgeon writes: Mirage knew what he had to do. Ol' Yeller was the best friend he ever had, but the rabies had him.
Nickolai writes: Ratchet: Hound ol' pal, I understand that you really want to feel the authentic "New York City resident" experience, but this really isn't the time to write your name in *lubricant* on a wall.
Nickolai writes: Mirage: Damnit Toei, what's this godawful early draft of Grimlock doing here?
Superluminal writes: New on the history channel- "Swamp People: Year 3000"
Dynamax writes: Mirage: Umm guys, either we just found Prime's parts or Generation 2 Skullcruncher. Bumblebee: It's not brightly colored enough to be G2 Mirage, don't be silly.

Spike: Plus there's a distinct lack of tiger stripes.
King Slick writes: Razor Tooth want to munch metal! Razor Tooth think race car bot look tasty!
Delta Supreme writes: Mirage: Uh, guys, turn on that third rail NOW
Nemesis Fortress writes: Hound: "I can't let him see me Ratchet. I think I traded oil with his mecha-mother."
altramaxus writes: (mirage)Ok, were realy gonna need a bigger poo bag............(hound/ratchet)cant take you anywhere rex!
LordBludgeon writes: Mirage: "Everyone freeze! It's vision is based on movement! If we stay perfectly still it won't see us!"
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Baneblade writes: FEAR. Its what's keeping you alive because your casting mold is broken
happylock writes: Mirage-"I am not sure if it is possible but I think i just crapped my self"
Spike-"You sure did, light a match man"
Bee-"What did you eat uraniumtacos or methanebeans?"
happylock writes: Aligatorcon-"Mirage I am pregnant and its yours"
happylock writes: Not sure but the only part of optimus that is grey is his thighs and crotch so what part made the long cylinder shape head of this guy? ;) its a dickhead
Ultra Markus writes: mirage: time to get me some aligaticon boots
hound: i never catch one
ratchet: maybe next time hound
spike and bumblebee: ye haw
chugeta writes: Rachet: "Um Hound? You shouldn't be doing that with anyone around. Look Mirage can hear you."
AdamPrime writes: Snappy? You know that I didn't MEAN to flush you, right? RIGHT...?
Rodimus_NZ writes: Mirage: Ok Spike that's why noone likes hearing that stupid alligator sandwich joke anymore
Vitatech writes: Aligatorcon: What are you guys standing in front of a train colored with Crayon?
Mirage: "By Primus, a Talking Alligator!"
Side Swipe writes: Mirage: "Is that Optimus?"
Bumblebee (shaking fist): TRUKK NOT CROCKY!
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dirk2243 writes: Mirage clicks heals together 3 times.... there is no place like Cybertron, there is no place like Cybertron........
Dark Ops writes: Skullcruncher's attempt at Optimus Prime cosplay was largely unsuccessful.
SirSoundwaveIV writes: "I didn't know Optimus was a gators fan!" -Bumblebee
Swindle01 writes: Mirage: Gator Megatron!? oh no this must be another one of those wierd messed up Robot Master episodes we walked into
Ratbat writes: Autobots, it's ME--Optimus Prime!
Bumblevivisector writes: continued...

HOUND: "...That they're just as fake as the gator?"
Ratchet: "Just look away Hound; it's AKOM town."
Bumblevivisector writes: MIRAGE: "Hey, it's a new variant of that Skullcruncher KO!"
SPIKE: "Yeah...Poison Dragon!"
BEE: "But what's a TF KO doing in a legit episode?"
HOUND: "Should we tell them? That all 3 of them have KO or 3rd party toys? That they're just as fake as t
Bumbleblogn writes: Mirage is siting there going ...... Sun of a duck ! And bumblebee is all like crap Im going to be pounded ! As for ratchet and hound , there pretending the gater is real ! It's all a prank there pulling on mirage and bee !
Kung Fu Man writes: Mirage suddenly finds himself regretting taking guard duty while the others take a leak.
zodconvoy writes: Optimus: "Hey, guys! Am I too late for the Beast Wars?"
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redguyver writes: Bumblebee: don't move Mirage, they can smell fear!
Ratchet: screw Mirage, let's get the hell outta here!
rumbleman72 writes: Mirage: Hey Ratchet, is this a decepticon or one of Spike's Pokemons? Either way, I'm shooting it!!
Blurrz writes: Mirage: Tebowmania is crazy! What's next, a Bronco?
slip writes: Trains in the sewer your in the sewer Alligatocon's in the sewer.
Our Alligatocon.
Michael Alex Kawa writes: Mirage-Hey Ratchet ,have you and Wheeljack built anymore of those Dinobots ? Ratchet hmm No ,why ? Mirage -Well why don't you look over and you will know why i ask .
Ratbat writes: (Mirage) Guys, there's a gator in our midst!
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Ratchet: "Just ignore it, Mirage, and it will go away."
El Duque writes: Trukk not gaturr!!
Cobalt Prime writes: Crunch all you want. Hasbro'll make more.
Twitchythe3rd writes: Bumblebee suddenly wishes he had finished firearms training in the Academy.
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Sideswipe501 writes: "Can we keep him!?!?"
Blozor writes: "Prime, I think you ought to stick with being a truck."
Optimus1116 writes: Umm... Hound, this better not be one of your holograms...
#Sideways# writes: Spike, Bumblebee, Hound, Ratchet and Mirage completely ignore a giant Alligator-robot and stare at something off screen.
JazzMusic writes: It's ok Hound, Mirage is JUST going to take him to. . . a big farm. . . for alien robot alligators to. . . run free.
Marcus Rush writes: "Ratchet?"
"Yeah Mirage?"
"Remember that Geico Gecko we flushed?"
"I don't think it liked that."
Sustain writes: Mirage: I told you bringing a pet down here was a bad idea.
Avensis-Mahiya writes: Nobody told us that ther would be bot-eating alligators in this dump! I want my credits back!
Burn writes: i can has cheezburger?
bionic_radical writes: sn't until I hid behind the boy, that I knew I'd hit rock bottom.

-E! True Hollywood Stories: Flight of the Bumblebee
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bionic_radical writes: So there I was. Strung out on an electron binge from the night before. All of a sudden, this alligator looking thing comes at us! I wasn't sure if I was hallucinating or not, but the medic clearly didn't give a sh*t. Frantically, I sought sanctuary. It wa
dracostarcloud writes: Mirage: I'm sorry. Dinobot try-outs are down the hall.
Bumblevivisector writes: Ratchet: Dude! Don't cross the streams.
LordTwann writes: Look if he had died he wouldn't have bothered carving, ARRGH! He would have just said it!
Maestro Meister writes: Hound: Ratchet, hold my hair back, I'm gonna ***baaaaarf****
Mkall writes: Grimlock! That botox injections did not help one bit!
welcometothedarksyde writes: Optimus/Alligatorcon: Uhhh... woah man what happened last night
Godzillabot Primal writes: Oh scrap! We just walked into a crossover with Lake Placid!
Krapicon writes: Excuse me, I am looking for something soft and chewy! Currently I am out of gum at this time, OH, HEY, it looks like you guys have something soft and chewy with you, please can I have a bite of the little man in the yellow boots?
vectorA3 writes: Rachet: "Don't bogart that Hound. Pass it here!"
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Poyguimogul writes: Ratchet"I know it hard to look at hound" Hound*Sobs* Mirage "Optimus?" Spike "I don't know, I think he looks better." Bumblebee."Yeah!"
daimchoc writes: Is this the Male bot's room?
mightwork writes: Crikey!
009* writes: It was then that Mirage remembered he's supposed to cloak while behind the annoying ones.
WolfSpider1979 writes: Ratchet: "...And this goes here..."
Mirage: "Oh Baby! Where have you been all my life!"
Commander modesty writes: " Hey guys check out Optimus primes beast mode."
SPRINGER112 writes: uh.. guys you wanna finish your leaking bussness right now
jON3.0 writes: "Can you turn around too, Ratchet? I can't go when you're all watching!"
dedcat writes: Despite his reputation for strategic prowess, Hound's 'Pressed Ham' maneuver ultimately proved ineffective against the rampaging mechanical reptile.
Grneclipse9902 writes: "Uhhh guys? We're gonna need a bigger boat..."
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