Predacons dressed as Car Brothers

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Predacons dressed as Car Brothers
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Shuttershock writes: "What do you mean Auto Assembly is cancelled?!"
Nicorange writes: dark scream what are we again
slapper we are disgusise
Nicorange writes: gas skunk why are we dressing up again?
Bonerking writes: The Predacons watch the "Lost" finale.
Riptidemtmte writes: "Those Car Brothers are Spahs!"
Black Hat writes: Cosplay: tough to master.
Caleb.tron writes: awwww Why can't we dress up like G1 megs?
omegasupreme69 writes: ummm megatron and starscream are doing what??? umm i got nothing....
megatron1322 writes: ok who let the mental patients out?
Swoopscream writes: To this day, the Predacons had not addressed their vehicle envy. Not even when Steve went over the edge and was found by the police blitzed out of his mind and "Rolling Out".
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Zeedust writes: If you think they look ridiculous NOW, wait until you see them try to transform.
BenderCrosby1 writes: Guess which one of us is Lady Gaga!
Blazer136 writes: The Predacons trip to Comic-Con was met with much riducule
popo5 writes: Now we know there is such as robot mutants. We now also know how BotCon got its name
MarkNL writes: Transformers Carnival!
#Sideways# writes: Aw snap! Who forgot the Groucho-Glasses!? Our disguises are not complete without!
Ryuki writes: Slapper: I still don't get it, why we can't fool those autobots with all these disguise ?

Dark Scream: um, maybe it's b'cuz we should have a plastic surgery for our faces in the first place ?
njb902 writes: reaction to the newest justin beiber video.
Road Turtle writes: "Uh, we need jobs, our show got cancelled. .."
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BeastProwl writes: Uh, Slapper, the kids still dont like us. I think that fat one's still crying!
Scaleface writes: Mama Mai mama Mai... mama Mai let me go!
Heckfire writes: "IT'S MY LIIIIIFE..!"
Roxxstar writes: It's like a horrible train wreck, too gruesome to watch, but too shocking to turn away....
Optimum Supreme writes: The Predacons react to the 2 Growls 1 Kup video
King Slick writes: Trick or Treat.
Smell are feet.
SLUGSLINGER81 writes: Why is that giant robot climbing a pyramid & why does he testacles...who directed this CRAP?!!
snavej writes: You want to put us in the Ultimate Caption Competition? How dare you?! Gimme that camera!
snavej writes: What do you mean, we can't be ballerinas?! We're ideal candidates! What is your major malfunction?!
C - 310 writes: Dark Scream: Slapper! What does you scouter say about Omega Prime's power level?

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SwerveGears writes: Why do I get the feeling there was a platypus involved?
MasterSoundBlaster writes: I like the "Shattered Glass" series and everything,but THIS is ridiculous.
rockman_fan writes: we were in WHAT SERIES?!?
Mofo4life writes: How many times I got to tell you...It takes 2 to tango.
Mofo4life writes: Dude... Is that your mom in the bathrobe? Somebody's in trouble.
Mofo4life writes: OMG!!!...I forgot mt wallet!
snavej writes: No! The toilet paper should hang OVER the roll, not under it!
snavej writes: You disgust us, you toy collecting weirdos!
Mindmaster writes: Predacons Slapper, Dark Scream, and Gas Skunk won 2nd place in this year's Halloween Costume Contest. First place was claimed by the Autobot Car Brothers Side Burn, Prowl, and X-Brawn with their realistic costumes of the Predacons.
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snavej writes: Tetsuo wannabes: there are still some around.
snavej writes: Oh no; Garfield DOESN'T LIKE MONDAYS!

This is it! The end of the road!

I'm going to end it all with an energon cube and a sonic screwdriver!
snavej writes: Excuse me, we'd like to parade our dysfunction on The Ricki Lake Show.

What do you mean, 'too weird'?!
snavej writes: Why the frak do we all have vampire teeth? Are we blood suckers? I'm going to have a word with the script writer!
snavej writes: I was so dangerous, they had to put a red flashing warning sign on my head! Beat that!
snavej writes: The organisers soon learnt that no one gives Predacons last place in the fancy dress competition.
snavej writes: Oh, the chafing! The chafing!
snavej writes: Trick or treat? Neither: it's another glorious Decepticon offensive!
Xephon0930 writes: When the Predacons decided to show up for Optimus' opposite day themed birthday party,they suddenly realized that they weren't invited.
Ryuki writes: some example of car brothers knock-off toy...
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Ryuki writes: man..., last night party must be so wild, we even swapped our alt modes with those car brothers...
Mofo4life writes: Hey shut up...You smell that?
Mofo4life writes: We're gonna win the Cybertron Costume clown prize tonight.
Mofo4life writes: I ain't scared. I ain't sared of anything...But that 5000 mega pulse rifle there is making me uneasy.
Mofo4life writes: There goes our ride. Man, I still had my soda in the back seat.
WolfSpider1979 writes: "They're doing WHAT?!" "I can't believe they do that!" "Oh man! I'm gonna be sick."
-They're watching a hot dog eating contest.
dedcat writes: And the first pics from Michael Bay's "Ninja Turtles" hit the net...
Screamfleet writes: predacons reaction to watching "2 fembots 1 cup"
stevescustoms writes: I think it will work. We don't look that ridiculous.
MasterSoundBlaster writes: 3 Predacons dressed horribly in autobot costumes?...Seems legit
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paul053 writes: Trick or treat.
SoundwaveLVL14 writes: The three watched in horror as the fans choice for the Transformers Hall of Fame for 2012 was announced and it was not Erector.
Red_Sun writes: No, we are not predacons dressed as autobot brothers. We are the autobot brothers dressed as predacons!
Zottoman writes: WHAAAAT??!! How did we not win the cosplay competition?
Black Hat writes: How not to cosplay.
xyl360 writes: When they said 'Trukk not Munkee' I don't think this is what they had in mind.
Bumblevivisector writes: GUUSHAR: What? They cancelled the Mosaic Project?!

GASSKUNK: But we were just about to offer an in-canon explanation for cosplay: Reverse-Pretenders!

GUILDO: And explain how my TM2 Archeopteryx mode became a flying squirrel! I.P. violation my ass
jordie5150 writes: just some sweet transformer-vestites from trans-cybertronian trans-axel-vannia!

so many rocky horror picture show references, but so few are PG-13. lol
Dynamax writes: Botcon 2013: Shatterd Glass Predacon Brothers. (SG Sky-Byte coming soon)
Twitchythe3rd writes: When cosplay goes horribly wrong.
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