Ratchet and Fanzone talk to Rattletrap

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Ratchet and Fanzone talk to Rattletrap
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Riptidemtmte writes: Ratchet- "Say, Rattle, didn't you go by the name 'Rattrap' while I was gone?"
Rattle- "Yup. Primus-damned copyright laws..."
omegasupreme69 writes: i told You we already have a bumblebee
Swoopscream writes: So Cybertronian drugs make you feel like sticking your... uh... THING in a light socket... right?
BenderCrosby1 writes: Dude...did you HAVE to bring your little brother?
snavej writes: Rattletrap: In G1, you used to be slimmer. What happened to you, Ratchet?

Ratchet: I don't know. I reached 5 million years old and just ballooned!
jordie5150 writes: I want a good clean fight. Now touch gloves and head back to your corners. When the bell sounds, come out fighting.
Mofo4life writes: Ratchet:He said you stole his wife.
Rattrap:He's a liar! I'm not interested in dating human women.
Mofo4life writes: Ratchet:You know what your doing with the human isn't allowed?
Rattrap:So! It's my Playstation 3.
Mofo4life writes: Ratchet: I know you. But I don't know you, though I do know you. So who are you?
Rattrap: I am your father, don't you know?
Ratchet:Really? Where's my allowance?
Road Turtle writes: Ratchet, "Wow, Wheelie! You've really let yourself go!"

Rattrap, "Who's Wheelie?"
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Bumblevivisector writes: FANZONE: "We're investigatin' a 918: Continuity-Rape. Seems back in '99, some jag-off tried ta' ret-con some sorta' "organic core" into the planet we're standin' on. Don't s'poze you'd happen to know anything about dat, ay rat-fink?
Bumblevivisector writes: RATTLETRAP: "Woah, woah, hey! That green guy with the tail-interface was someone else! Both my legs work just fine, and no one's guttin' MY character, see?
Marcus Rush writes: No wonder Rattletrap is the planet's greatest champion in the Stare Leagues. He doesn't even blink.
MarkNL writes: Rattletrap: Is this Beast Wars?
Ratchet: No, I guess you're in the wrong series.
PhelesDragon writes: Rhinox's new TransMetal form is less impressive than what I was expecting...
Road Turtle writes: "Beast Wars? Never heard of it."
#Sideways# writes: "This is madness!"

*Ratchet looks to Fanzone*

#Sideways# writes: "This is madness!"

*Ratchet looks to Fanzone*

Godzillabot Primal writes: ;
Look, we know you saw the "merchandise". So we're gonna give you a choice. Sleep with the Sharkticons or snap your Rattletrap
BeastProwl writes: So, are you sure you want to adopt?
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snavej writes: Ultimate Galactic Stare-Out Championship, week 83.
snavej writes: Ratchet: Cliffjumper is a ****.

Rattletrap: Yeah, Cliffjumper is a big ******* **** with bells on.

Fanzone: He shouldn't jump off so many ******* cliffs, then. Stupid ****.
rockman_fan writes: >cancelled after 3 seasons too?
Heckfire writes: Eeeyeah...20 creds, same as in town. 30 for both o'yas.
Ravage XK writes: I don't remember this episode at all
snavej writes: Ratchet: There's no light in his eyes. He could be dead.

Rattletrap: No, dummy! I need a new bulb!
snavej writes: Ratchet: My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

Rattletrap: He's gone nuts! Run, Fanzone, run!

Fanzone: My doctor told me not to run.

Rattletrap: Shuffle, then! [Flees]
snavej writes: Rattletrap: My chest plate was a 'donation' from some loser called Waspinator.

Fanzone: My chest plate is mostly made of burgers and fries.

Ratchet: Freaky!
snavej writes: Ratchet: ...so, I'm sorry to say that you have quasi-rust of the pendulum. You'll be dead in a week.

Rattletrap: No problem, just transfer my mind to a floppy disk and build me a new body!

Ratchet: I would if I could but floppy disks are so rare an
snavej writes: Ratchet: Heck, your shoulder's screwed on so crudely!

Rattletrap: We don't all come off the assembly line perfect. Xiao Fezhang was very tired that day.
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snavej writes: Fanzone: Yeah, this base is really great but I really need a dump.

Ratchet: I have some of those adult diapers...

Fanzone: Too late! This is why I wear brown trousers!
snavej writes: Fanzone: Do you guys know any hair growth tricks? I'm already half bald.

Rattletrap: Just give us another 17 episodes to save the world, then we'll try to solve that really pressing problem.
snavej writes: Ratchet: After I grab your counterweights, I want you to cough.

Rattletrap: I'm not doing it without my parents here!

Ratchet: I'm not paying to bring them all the way from Cybertron. Are you a warrior or a turborat anyway?!
snavej writes: Ratchet: You think you've had a rough day? A syringe of anaesthetic fell off a shelf inside me and now I can't feel my ass!
snavej writes: Fanzone: Who's this bozo? Looks like a giant bat slept with a Buick!

Rattletrap: Insolent human; it was an Oldsmobile!
snavej writes: Ratchet (whispers): I'm gonna stamp on him. Five energon cubes says I can sever all his limbs and his head in one go.

Rattletrap (whispers): You're on.
snavej writes: Ratchet: Hey kids, go pester your parents to buy more Transformers!

Rattletrap: Yeah, be as annoying as possible!

Fanzone: Can my name be any more incestuous?!
Mindmaster writes: "You got the goods?"
"Yeah, here's your stuff."
-passes to Ratchet the prototype G2 SG Optimus Prime toy-
turbomagnus writes: Alright, I want a good clean fight, a retirement cabin on one of Cybertron's moons and all the energon goodies I can eat... but I'm not getting any of that, so let's get it on!
xyl360 writes: Rattrap: Well Ratchet, at least you got picked up for a new series after yours got cancelled. Us Maximals and Predacons are headed for the unemployment line and Engergon Stamps don't buy as much as they used to...We're all gonna die!
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GCsamybliz writes: We know Arcee is your sister, just admit it
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