Scrapper wearing a straw hat

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Scrapper wearing a straw hat
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DeathReviews writes: "Right - which way to the Grand Line?"
Shuttershock writes: Based on the best selling book "Robotson Carustoe".
Sammythekat writes: It was at this momen when Scrapper realized his Farmer Jones cosplay wasn't going to work out on his little farm.
omegasupreme69 writes: ok seriously whats the deal with the friggin hat the joke has run its course....
Revenge of Bruticus writes: "With the thoughts I'd be thinkin, I could be another Lincoln, If I only had a brain."
Swoopscream writes: Hey, man. Chicks dig dudes who spend all day with big... plump... corn... cobs... okay, I see what you're saying.
Zeedust writes: Fallen on hard times after his series got cancelled, Scrapper auditions for the role of the Scarecrow in a local production of "The Wizard of Oz".
popo5 writes: Is this what Devastator does know, grow Decepticons? Now we know how the eggs got up on the walls of Cybertron.
Black Hat writes: Scrapper's attempts to attract Asian girls with traditional dress were not successful.
wardawnapocolypse writes: Man.... Why do feel like I'm in a scene from deliverance......
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jack270606 writes: After chugging his fifth barrel of the day, Scrapper develops a triple chin
Fenrir Prime writes: I see you like mah tweed'd armah platin'
d_sel1 writes: Boy, the Demo Derby at the Brown County Fair is really disappointing!
Road Turtle writes: Scrapper,"Whad'ya you mean we were cancelled three years ago? They just left me here?"
Rodimus Minor writes: Scrappers Hilbilly tribute
munkimus prime writes: And even after two years Scrapper still waits to do his lines for season 4.
Cyclonus43 writes: Mixmaster while holding a similar hat "Oh, this is the worst-looking hat I ever saw. What, when you buy a hat like this I bet you get a free bowl of soup, huh? Oh, it looks good on you though.
Hotrodimust writes: Hey maaa one of dem der pigs got a way uh gain
NTESHFT writes: "I like the way you talk....."
Zottoman writes: Kaizoku Ni Ore Wa Naru!
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SPRINGER112 writes: Since hasbro canceled TFA S5 I Had to do something to make a living
mightwork writes: WILSON!!!
Baneblade writes: quick paw! This is how we makin moonshine!
Red_Sun writes: Scrappper singing: "I'm a poor lonesome cowboy, and a long way from home..."
Jaw Crusher writes: The sum of the root of any two sides of an isoceles triangle is equal to the square root of the remaining side...oh, joy! Rapture! I've got a brain!
rockman_fan writes: still waiting for season 4...
Ryuki writes: Wanna trade sheep jokes ?
Trikeboy writes: What? I'm in disguise.
Ryuki writes: whoa, such a wild party yesterday...
Optimus1116 writes: I've been stranded here forever, and I lost my best friend Wuilson :C
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BeastProwl writes: Pass the Oxiclean! I need a shave!
stevescustoms writes: Back when I was a younger bot........
turbomagnus writes: Scrapper singing; Green Acres is the place to be, farm living is the life for me...
Psychout writes: #I am a brand new combine 'arvester, and I'll give you the key..# - The Wurzels newest member.
NinjaBotJazz writes: Hey look I am the dude for Avatar that water bends plants!!!
MightyMagnus78 writes: Scrapper: Hey guys, does my bum look big in this?
Road Turtle writes: Scrapper, "Uh, this doesn't look like Fire Island...."
Ryuki writes: I taking audition to became tinman, but strangely they put me into scarecrow role...
Optimum Supreme writes: Within 10 years there will be an exclusive BotCon homage figure of this.
Ultra Markus writes: Since Bay has been hire'in dem new fancy robots i haddent found me a job for mega cycles
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Wreck 'n Rule writes: Does this hat make my butt look big?
DaltiniansTFs writes: Scrapper: "Your fear will be your...uhhh...line?"
Director: "Cut...scrapper, your line is, 'your fear will be your downfall' "
Scrapper: "Oh, I get it, can i get a barrel of oil now?..."
MasterSoundBlaster writes: On the next episode of "Lost"...
paul053 writes: Tomorrow's weather forecast will be raining. I guess....
Shockwave7 writes: 'Git offa mah land.'
Hypershock writes: If i only had a brain.....
AnimeFreak505 writes: who stole mah shotgun?
Super Megatron writes: Miss Peggy and Kermit realized that they may need a little help with their genomic restrictions, so they figured a little technology would help.
MarkNL writes: Meanwhile, during the Vietnam war.
SKYWARPED_128 writes: I am Kwai-Chang Caine. I will help you.
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MightyMagnus78 writes: The All New Wizard Oz. Starring Scrapper as the Scarecrow with Megatron as the Tin Man and Starscream as Dorothy.
Wreck 'n Rule writes: I didn't get the part in Batman Begins or The Dark Knight, but I'm confident they'll take me for The Dark Knight Rises.
Ravage XK writes: Pass that angle grinder, I need a shave.
Ravage XK writes: "I woke up with this!! Ha ha, very funny but did you have to use so much glue? Also, whats up with my Con logo?"
starscream2222 writes: WILSON !!!!!!!
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Dude, you don't need the hat to keep crows away from your corn.
Wreck 'n Rule writes: What do you think of my Halloween costume? I'm the Scarecrow when he was in the Sinestro Corp during the Blackest Night event.
dabattousai writes: Scrapper: Yeeeeeep, still waiting for Hasbro to take recognition of me and release a figurine of me and my buds already...
Heckfire writes: Yew shore gawt a purdy mouth, Bumblebee.
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