Spike and the Headmaster's heads

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Spike and the Headmaster's heads
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Road Turtle writes: Spike, "I like your idea of a Talking Heads tribute band, but how you gonna play the instruments?"
Rainmaker writes: Spike: Y'know, I thought I'd lose your heads first not your bodies.
Ravage XK writes: Arcee: Oh crap, Spike is telling another story! Screw this, I can roll away but you lot can't! HA!
Ravage XK writes: Ok, you are the first floating head beatboxing group. Who is good with the hihats?
Ravage XK writes: You all kind of look like you are floating.
Ravage XK writes: Budget cutbacks means we can no longer animate your bodies ( the true reason for Headmasters )
Ravage XK writes: Now that you are buried, I smear your heads with Jam and the Ants will KILL YOU ALL!!!!!!
Nicorange writes: You all are aHEAD of the crowd. get it? no? okay...
trailbreaker writes: "I'm selling you all on EBAY !!"
Black Hat writes: "Very funny. Now can you dig us back out?"
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omegasupreme69 writes: ok ok nobody panic its not worth loseing our heads over....ok bad joke but still you know...
trouvadour62 writes: Oh yea, by the way, bad news: We're out of shampoo.
trouvadour62 writes: OK, guys . . .and Arcee . . . from the top. This time, Highbrow, A flat in the third bar. A-one-two-three-four---IIII ain't got no booooody . . .
Revenge of Bruticus writes: Spike: Sory guys but I warned ya. If season 3 was a disappointment, heads were gonna roll.
Swoopscream writes: This is the worst talking heads concert I have ever been to!
EXSkywarp writes: Man, this is the LAST time I let Carly make special brownies.
TreyTable writes: One of these things is not like the others.
SentinelA writes: OK,who's giving me head?
VioMeTriX writes: i dont know which one of you the ball is under, watching you all moved around kinda creeped me out
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KingEmperor writes: Arcee's thinking, "Aw just because I hang out with him doesn't mean I wanna be his partner forever!!!"
Black Hat writes: Hooray! My limited edition Headmaster money boxes have finally arrived!
wardawnapocolypse writes: "Sorry guys, but I need a pot to piss in. So, who's it gonna be?
RoboTopia writes: Spike: "Wow, These New Life-Sized 'Junkion-Blacksmith Releases' WERE REALY WORTH ALL THAT MONEY!!"
RoboTopia writes: Spike: " Ok, Let's Try It Once More-- From The Top... 'I Have A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts...' "
jack270606 writes: NBA Jam has loaded, I take it you guys want 'big heads on' mode?
Road Turtle writes: Cromedome, "Where's our bodies Spike?"

Spike, "Heh, funny thing is...uh...they shrank."

Cromedome, "What do you mean, 'Shrank'?!"
Me Grimlock King writes: Spike: Autobots lend me your ears I have somethin....I SAID EARS NOT HEADS
Road Turtle writes: Spike, "So Wheeljack says your heads are interchangeable; that includes you too Arcee!"

Arcee,"Oh dear Primus no..."
Road Turtle writes: Spike, "Hey! Pixies anyone? 'With your feet in the air and your head on the ground....'"
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Road Turtle writes: Spike, "I've heard of going head over heels, but not heels over head! Ha-cha-cha-cha!"
Road Turtle writes: Spike, "Hey! Did you guys hear the one about the female autobot who contracted scraplets from her boyfriend? She went to pieces! HA!"

Cromedome, "You Suck!"
bririshan writes: "Hey I'm sure the dinobots were just playing around when they buried you in the sand!"
bririshan writes: "LOOK!!!" "I'm sure if we put all our heads together, we can take this thing head on!!!"
Shockwave7 writes: 'Come on guys - even though Optimus is back I bet we can STILL make this series suck!'
crystalwidow writes: Soo, This is what they meant when they wrote the song "Stuck in your head"?!?!
MightyMagnus78 writes: ...its the return of the body snatchers.
camp1977 writes: Okay guys that was to fast now which one of you is sitting on the peanut.
Aluus writes: Spike: THE VOICES!! MAKE THEM STOP!!!!
orionpax2000 writes: What the hell kind of soccer team is this suppose to be? Ugg Alpha Trion said there be days like this...
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Optimum Supreme writes: Finally, an audience that can't run away from Spike's stand up act.
einhazard writes: Spike looked at the remnants of his grim business and began to cackle madly. The words 'unimportant character', once loud at the back of his head, were now drowned out by screaming.
Powermaster Prime writes: Let's all stop the staring contest, shall we? Stylor gives me the creeps
Powermaster Prime writes: Frankly I didn't see this coming when I say "two heads are better than one"..but now of course there are 5 of you..okay I'll stop talking
Va'al writes: ...and another thing: you cannot re-enact Monty Python jokes.
SKYWARPED_128 writes: Guys, "hiding in plain sight" doesn't work when your alt mode's a giant robot head.
funklizard writes: NOW you will listen to my story...
Godzillabot Primal writes: .
Spike: Looks like you can't run away now Arcee...

Arcee: Ugh! Gross!
PaxCybertron82 writes: "hello!"....."Winston...."
Tg4prime writes: " The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem"!
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VectaSigma writes: Sixth Sense boy: "I see Metal floating heads."
GetRightRobot writes: Alright David Blaine, now bring 'em back. Seriously.
Blackstreak writes: "I said you have to be sitting Indian-style while in robot mode to play Duck, Duck, Goose."
Hypershock writes: Spike.....You will go to the Dagobah system......
Okay, i will.....why did all of you need to tell me this?
Scud writes: Let this be a lesson to you guys: Don't fall asleep on the beach during high tide...
MightyMagnus78 writes: Spike goes mental with his bucket and spade!
xyl360 writes: Joe Pesci never imagined that the Michael Bay remake of "8 Heads in a Duffel Bag" would be like THIS.
snavej writes: For Transformers, suicide is pretty difficult. Some need extra coaching.
snavej writes: Damned fraternity pranks!!!!
snavej writes: No, Spike, we don't want to see your elephant impression!
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snavej writes: To add insult to injury, Brainstorm's perspective was screwed.
Road Turtle writes: Spike, "Ha-ha, so get this, an Autobot, and a Decepticon walk into a bar.... leveling the place...."

Chromedome, "Booo!"

Hardhead,"You Suck!"

Brainstorm, "No wonder he took our bodies!"
Road Turtle writes: Spike, "Got good news and bad news. Good news, my annoying son, Daniel, just got eaten by a Decepticon. Bad news, his quadriplegic butt survived and now requires an exo-suit for mobility. Even worse news, one of you gets to carry him around in your hea
anindrew writes: "No, seriously, the Quintessons will NEVER see this coming. I mean...look, there's five of you. Just...just trust me here."
Xephon0930 writes: One of these heads don't belong,guess which head is not like the others.
Tripredacus writes: Hello Sam,

I overheard you telling Carly that she never gives you head. Hope this helps!

Sincerely, Optimus
Tripredacus writes: To this day, Witwicky won't discuss what he saw in Optimus's room!
ProwlDC2 writes: Lets not get ahead of ourselves...
bionic_radical writes: COME AT ME, BRAH!
cadenheadr04 writes: SPIKE: "Guys, somehow you ended up in the Futurama Head Museum. Nixon's head is working on some robotic bodies, maybe we can take several."
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Bumblevivisector writes: KURAN: "No, no, no, that's just Keith's line! If all 5 of you say 'And I'll form the head!', then NOBODY forms Voltron, see?"
Bumblevivisector writes: ARCEE: "But when we get those show-accurate toys, they WILL be from one of the two official companies, right?"
Bumblevivisector writes: SPIKE: "Okay, bad news from the toy company: Hardhead, you're going to get a resculpted forehead and mouthplate for the next 24 years, and Arcee, you're going to be remolded into a pink repaint of the head on your right, then cancelled for 23 years..."
Bumblevivisector writes: SPIKE: "These aren't the heads I ordered from KOTOYS! What the hell happened?"

HIGHBROW: "It was horrible! No one survived except Poison Dragon"
Bumblevivisector writes: CHROMEDOME: "Of all the times for my nose to start itching..."
Bumblevivisector writes: FLOATING HEADS: "RE-TURN-THE-MA-TRIX"

SPIKE: "But that wasn't me! My kid brother had the matrix in his brain...in a different continuity even!"
Bumblevivisector writes: SPIKE: Didn't we already caption this on WWFF?
JustPlainME writes: Alright. From the top!

Old MacDonald had a farm.
E I E I O...
Insane Galvatron writes: Spike: "When I wished for lots of head, this isn't exactly what I had in mind..."
davimusprime writes: so spike which one of us is replacing unicron as the new cybertron moon
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Alpha Weltall writes: What does everybody want? HEAD!
What does everybody need? HEAD!
What does everybody love? HEAD!
Red_Sun writes: I know some G1 episodes had bad animation, but this is really bad!
MarkNL writes: Looks like the new TF toys had loose balljoints. Their heads just popped off.
Spike is mad at Hasbro here, 'cause this were his actionfigures.
SKYWARPED_128 writes: How many times have I told you?! Bending over serves as your transformation sequence! You can't MOON anyone when you're a Headmaster!
transfan93 writes: Spike:What the... did I take drugs last night?
Arcee: No, we are heads.
Spike: Bad trip man.
BiggietronPrime writes: Anyone want some head?
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Only Spike Witwicky would be stupid enough to get mugged by a group of decapitated heads.
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Follow the coin, follow the coin, under one of these heads is a coin! Win big, anyone can play for just a dollar!
griftimus prime writes: a head ache THIS BIG!
Maestro Meister writes: Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages, step right up and witness the Amazing Spike juggle not three, not four, but FIVE Headmaster heads!!
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stk writes: Nobody is getting out of Spin the Bottle this time.
Scottimus Prime writes: Yes, yes, I lost your bodies playing poker last night. BUT, if you just lend me $200,000.00, I'm pretty sure I can get your bodies back during tonights poker game!
paul053 writes: Okay, now raise your hand if you don't want to volunteer for this mission.
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Well I can see you're all mad about losing your bodies,but let's just not lose your heads.
DaftFan writes: And then, the monster jumped out and ate the little girl!
morphobots writes: Spike: "Ok, take it easy. We can fix this if we just put our heads together -"
Hardhead: "If I could reach you, I would hurt you."
sky_fire12 writes: Spike: "ok guys just to be clear, we'r not just gonna ride you in veichle mode anymore, we'r gonna ride you in robot mode too. Also, this idea might be so bad that it could kill all Transformers in the US"
vwpbl writes: Four of these things belong together
Four of these things are kind of the same...
necr0blivion writes: Spike: "Yeah, we're going to put organic bodies inside your heads. Sure, these bodies can contort properly during transformation."
Spleenzorio writes: Now now, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
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njb902 writes: is this disembodied head month?
Towline writes: My friends "Nobody is disabled as long as they have Courage."
Swindle01 writes: Its time to give head! HEAD ON
Thanatron writes: Easter Island in Cybertron...
azreal18 writes: 4 out of the 5 voices in my head are telling me to go for it!!!!
paul053 writes: I said, give me a hand. H-A-N-D.
#Sideways# writes: Spike tries to calm down the angered transformers by saying that burying them up to their necks was a bad practical joke on Danial's part.
Unknown writes: "... and the bartender says 'Of course you're on clearance at BBTS; you're a NO-BODY.' ... ... tough room ..."
King Slick writes: Your crazied! You blew em' up! GALVATRON!
Ryuki writes: they said a few heads is better than one head..., but why I have a feeling that we are getting nowhere ?
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Slick_Prime writes: Wait, I just parked you guys on the street corner an hour ago. Man, crime in this neighborhood is out of control.
Wreck 'n Rule writes: What happens when a hapless man is stuck with 5 decapitated heads? HILARITY!
Wreck 'n Rule writes: And when he opened the door, there were FIVE BLOODY HEADS!!!!
Wreck 'n Rule writes: Seriously, how did ALL of you get stuck in quicksand?
Baneblade writes: The council of five listened to the pleas of the accused.
zodconvoy writes: Friends, Cybertonians, Autobots... I only asked for your ears!
Thanatron writes: Predacon strikes again!!!
turbomagnus writes: When somebody tells you 'Don't lose your head', the idea that you don't lose your body either is kind of a given...
Tripredacus writes: Sorry did I come "ahead of schedule?" I've got a bit of a "headache", but I don't want any "body" to "worry" about me. You guys have been wonderful, I'll be here all week!
Tripredacus writes: I loaned your bodies out for money, but they'll come back like new....except for Arcee, who might be walking funny for a few days!
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bionic_radical writes: You know what? F*** Ninja Turtles! You think MY son plays with those things? Listen, we're gonna get you guys some sweet car bodies, Prime's agent was on the phone and signed on for a few cameos! Come on! This is our year people!
bionic_radical writes: Alright, I know Pretenders were failure piles, but raise of hands... Who thinks we still have a shot in the United States?
Ultra Markus writes: okay guys here is my idea for our band name
crazyray writes: This is not what I meant when I asked you guys to get me head...
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