Megatron's decapitated head

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Megatron's decapitated head
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Rainmaker writes: I had so many chances to kill Starscream...but did I? No.
omegasupreme69 writes: to be continued same bat time same bat channel.....
Swoopscream writes: I still strike fear in human hearts, right? RIGHT? BOO! HAHA! I bet you fear me now... hello? Are you still back there? DAMN! Turn my head then cower! PLEASE... I need you to fear meeeeee!!!
Zeedust writes: "That's the LAST time I take a vacation on Nebulos..."
Black Hat writes: I'm pretty sure something's gone missing...
wardawnapocolypse writes: " Can someone give me a hand?"
Octocon writes: Hay I still have my health! ... wait
Octocon writes: I don't see why this is so great? Being a Headmaster Sucks!
Octocon writes: I lost a lot of weight recently, Can you tell?
MightyMagnus78 writes: I spy with my little eye...
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Red vs Blue fan writes: Proof that we're running out of pictures for these contests.
hXcpunk23 writes: "Come with me, if you want to live".....says the bot who couldn't keep his head about things.
stevescustoms writes: I see you.
Tripredacus writes: Oh,mommy said you're beautiful? That's why were taking your birthday gift money and giving your mommy the gift of prescription glasses!
Tripredacus writes: Uh Uh, shoulda got Maaco!
Editor writes: It's dare.
auto-dec minor writes: So this is what prime felt in the marvel comics
takobakatron writes: ugh not again!
Zordon writes: ok who has the laser pen, stop shining it in my eye
Optimutt writes: Megatron is dead. Long live Straxus!!
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Road Turtle writes: Brush and floss regularly to prevent Scraplet-Gingivitis
rockman_fan writes: lugnut: how am i supposed to kiss your ass when you dont have one?
Cobalt Prime writes: Towards the end, "The King of Cons" had undergone numerous cosmetic surgeries, relied heavily on dark energon and Jaam just to enter stasis lock, and had been accused of the molestation of several protoforms...
MasterSoundBlaster writes: Talk about a Revenge of the Fallen yuck yuck yuck
Sentinel Maximus writes: Guy knocks on the door outside "Hey buddy, you got a dead cat in there or what?" Megs sez "F**k you a**hole"
youngku writes: I'll be back!
Tripredacus writes: You walk in on Oprah during one of her night feedings and tell me what your face looks like in the morning!
paul053 writes: Hey! My left eye still functions.
RoboTopia writes: -I can still fight you, it's only a flesh wound...
Wait, What are you laughing at?!
I am serious, just a minor scratch, i can still beat you... You coward, come back and fight me!
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combiner711 writes: Inside my mask is the T600 model, mission terminate John Connor....
Xephon0930 writes: I swear to Primus,if Siri tells me to,"stick it up my tailpipe"one more time!!!!
popo5 writes: It's Mega-time for the Mega-head for the Mega-mighty Megatron. He's a Mega-beast!
popo5 writes: It's Mega-time for the Mega-head for the Mega-mighty Megatron. He's a Mega-beast!
popo5 writes: It's Mega-time for the Mega-head.
popo5 writes: The Black Eyed Peas sang the song "Boom, Boom, Pow" because they saw Megatron really get that "Boom, Boom, Pow"!
Optimum Supreme writes: !EM PLEH
Shadowstream writes: Oh, for spark's sake, not again...
#Sideways# writes: "I still function!!"

"Wanna bet?"
Mindmaster writes: Looks like the Terminator has arrived to the Transformers!
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popo5 writes: In TF DOTM, when Bumblebee shot that Mercedes's head off, that was Megatron! Bumblebee had to be Mega-mad.
popo5 writes: Optimus Prime would never forgive that scientist! If Megatron's on Earth, the Decepticons could revive him. How crazy!
njb902 writes: fry was flabbergasted that megs head was benders uncle
Ryuki writes: well, when optimus said "give me your head" and "Megatron must be destroyed", he really mean it!!.
Screamfleet writes: Megatron was recovering well throughout the years, till windows was installed on him.
mightwork writes: Alright Megs, don't get A-HEAD of your self
Varia31 writes: Where is Sarah Connor?
mecham writes: I'm sorry, Sumdac. I'm afraid I can't let you do that...
MarkNL writes: I still function!
welcometothedarksyde writes: Whoa! What happened last night
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starscream2222 writes: "Well, f*ck!"
Hiboman writes: I SEE you...
WolfSpider1979 writes: "My nose itches."
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